Breakout Sessions.

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Breakout Sessions Destinations of breakout sessions Characterize working gatherings Topics of working gathering European and Indian Champions Associations intrigued by taking part Associations that ought to be included Goals of breakout sessions Characterize future potential exercises
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Breakout Sessions

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Objectives of breakout sessions Define working gatherings Themes of working gathering European and Indian Champions Organizations intrigued by partaking Organizations that ought to be included

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Objectives of breakout sessions Define future potential exercises Short portrayal of action Priorities/needs it locations Tasks of movement Organizations inspired by taking an interest Organizations that ought to be included

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Breakout Session Themes

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Intelligent Transport Systems Presentations: Traffic data and administration and tolling Public Transport Systems CALM, Continuous Air Interface, Long and medium Range Emergency vehicle applications ITS for Environment

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Intelligent Transport Systems Proposal with European Commission subsidizing: Large occasion versatility administration Demonstrations to be held in conjunction with Commonwealth Games Activities to include: Dynamic activity frameworks & constant activity data Public transport Tools to improve operations transport arrangements Web-based frameworks to incorporate open transport and activity administration operations Traveler administrations in view of portable interchanges

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Infrastructure Presentations: Pedestrian contact as to transports and trucks The green driving arrangement of Renault Technocentre Toll Collection Lifecycle cost investigation of bond cement vis adaptable asphalt

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Infrastructure Proposal with European Commission financing: Road Safety of Vulnerable Road Users in Emerging Economies Build imaginative philosophy of considering and keeping up street base ready to guarantee abnormal state of passerby security

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Automotive Presentations: Hydrogen Storage and Test offices Hybrid Vehicles Study on E10 mixed gas on Automobiles Study on utilization of biodiesel in Automotive applications Systems, regulations and procedures for Recycling

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Automotive Proposal with European Commission financing: Cross-preparation of option powers research over all vehicle modes Activities include: Organizing meetings, classes or workshops on local, national and worldwide levels. Subjects include: Fuel production network, mixing systems Operational limitations Adaptation of existing motors, Development of new motors

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