Brian Kerschbaum.

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Paintball would be the game that I am as of now most dynamic in. ... Paintball is an exceptionally energizing and adrenalin filled game despite the fact that it is extremely ...
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Brian Kerschbaum 4:00-4:50 Dan Miller My Life

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Outline - Introduction - Interests - Interests cont. - Timeline - Elementary/Junior High - High School - College - Random Pictures

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Introduction Hello, my name is Brian Kerschbaum. I am at present a green bean at Western Michigan University. I was brought up in Ann Arbor and still as of now live there. My statement of purpose is to be fruitful. By fruitful I mean traversing school fine, landing a well paying position that I appreciate doing. Likewise to raise a family while keeping up great companions and carry on with an upbeat life.

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Interests Paintball would be the game that I am as of now most dynamic in. When I first got into paintball I was in 9 th grade, played for two or three years, then dropped it since it was excessively costly. As of this current year, I am playing again and adore it. I now play significantly all the more intensely then I used to; I play in numerous competitions now. Paintball is an exceptionally energizing and adrenalin filled game despite the fact that it is extremely costly to play.

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Interests cont. The sentiment simply going out on the slants with the flexibility of going so quick anyplace on the mountain with just a couple of centimeters in the middle of the ground and the rider, there is in no way like it; snowboarding. I have been snowboarding now for a long time and completely adore it. Another interest that I have is wakeboarding. Since I began, 3 years prior, I have gone out innumerable times in the late spring to enhance and appreciate the game.

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Elementary/Junior High I was extremely dynamic in primary school and middle school. Break was my most loved time of day where I would appreciate simply being outside with my companions. Amid primary school and middle school, I played football, soccer, lacrosse, and ran track. As I expected, towards the end of middle school, I would get exceptionally anxious to feel that I would be in secondary school the fallowing year generally in light of the fact that there would have been children there a ton more established then me and I realized that I would have been scared by them.

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High School High school was a major stride in my life and despite the fact that it appears like it passed by quick, so tremendously happened. I will always remember any of the immense times that I had in High School. I went to secondary school in Saline where I played football every one of the four years. I would go to whatever number brandishing occasions as could be expected under the circumstances to bolster the school too. After the school year would be over, I would work finishing and despite the fact that I am presently finished with secondary school, I will proceed with arranging in the late spring.

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College Since I\'ve been here at Western Michigan, I have been having a great time. I was anxious just before moving in for welcome week yet that immediately transformed into energy. I have met such a large number of companions here and in view of coming here, I have a sweetheart my identity especially infatuated with. It is pleasant being all alone also. I sense that I have a great deal more duty to accomplish scholastic objectives.

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