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Up to 95% of occupying for outbound explorers experience travel specialists ... named travel specialists as key influencer of travel choices in. Russia, India, Brazil, China ...
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BRIC Panel Discussion Garry White, Regional Director APMEA 13 th September 2010

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The Growing Power of BRIC 42% of the worldwide populace 1/4 of the worldwide economy 8 megacities 55mil outbound excursions in a year 2mil High Net Worth Individuals Fastest growing inbound markets to the UK

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BRAZIL 6.5% development rate (f) one year from now versus 0.5% in created markets (IMF) $1.3 trillion GDP – eighth biggest economy Young populace High total assets 198 mil populace – fifth biggest on the planet 80% of reserving for outbound explorers experience travel operators

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RUSSIA Russians are high-spenders: Russians spend by and large $1,000 per head on their occasions. twelfth biggest economy and seventh biggest by buying influence equality The wealthiest of the BRICS The quantity of Russian travelers voyaging abroad took off by 38% in the initial 4 months of 2010 – ascending to roughly 1.5 million individuals.

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Population of 1.1 billion and GDP expanding by more than 8% consistently India accomplished 6.4% GDP development in 2009, in spite of the worldwide financial emergency. Could be a million guest business sector to the UK by 2020 India\'s white collar class anticipated to develop from 5% today to more than 40% of the country throughout the following 20 years. Outbound business sector size of 7.8 million Up to 95% of reserving for outbound voyagers experience travel operators INDIA DEBI BANGALORE MAY 2011

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CHINA 2 nd greatest economy on the planet 1.3 billion – home to the world\'s biggest populace 89% expansion in guests to the UK by 2014 Urban Chinese working class will spend near $2.3 trillion a year by 2025 Young Singles are the new element buyers 45 million outbound visits anticipated somewhere around 2010 and 2020 425 air terminals in China

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7 Reasons to think BRIC at this moment!

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49% 22% 52% 93% Total Visits to UK in 1999 and 2009 1. Its event now - not later on! Development in India and China 2009 – 2010

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2. BRIC Megacities

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3. UK Government Policy Foreign Policy Speech, July 2010 "We will strengthen our engagement with the rising economies… financial force and monetary open door are moving to the nations of the East and South; to the rising forces of Brazil, India, China, Russia and different parts of Asia… it is evaluated that by 2050 developing economies will be up to half bigger than those of the current G7" Grants for Sales Mission and Exhibitions

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4. Abroad Students Market 400,000 abroad understudies for every year in the UK In India 250 million school and college matured understudies learning English - that is four times the whole pop of the UK! 85,000 Chinese understudies at present contemplating in UK or at UK grounds in China

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5. Exchange is Key - VisitBritain can help 14,000 number of outbound travel operators in BRIC 78% named travel specialists as key influencer of travel choices in Russia, India, Brazil, China 85% of travel appointments in BRIC are reserved through travel operators

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6. Brics +++ Taiwan Ukraine SEA South Korea Singapore Mexico Indonesia

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VisitBritain is in the business sector and can offer assistance! Paramjit Bawa Manager India Travis Qian Manager China Robin Johnson Manager Latin America Tatiana Khoreshok Manager Russia

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