Brilliant White Diversion's Objective.

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Three-dimensional, music-based activity amusement where the player keeps running down foyers ... Essential diversion idea is straightforward, and we have officially set the majority of it ...
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Bright White Entertainment\'s GOAL… .

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Production Team Juan Cardarelli Project Manager Pat Kemp Technology Director Seth Kendall Lead Designer Phil Doran Art Director

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INTRODUCTION Concept: Three-dimensional, music-based activity amusement where the player keeps running down hallways crushing up influxes of foe robots to the beat of the music… Style: Futuristic Cartoonized Vibrant Colors Fast-Paced Simple

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MARKETING Similar Products: Amplitude Released: March 24, 2003 for Playstation 2 Ratings: IGN 9.3 IGN Readers 9.2 GameSpot 8.8 GameSpot Readers 8.7 (All scores are out of 10)

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MARKETING Similar Products: Viewtiful Joe Released : October 7, 2003 Ratings : IGN 9.5 IGN Readers 9.2 GameSpot 9.2 GameSpot Readers 9.0 (All scores are out of 10)

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FEATURES General Features: Addictive music-based diversion play Vivid 3D levels Customizable super moves and combos Replay levels to impeccable high scores and unique difficulties Immersive electronica soundtrack completely incorporated with gameplay Countless shrouded "Easter Eggs" and levels 100 level crusade

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FEATURES Gameplay Features: Completely novel experience Music based hit framework Increasing embellishments Color framework Point/experience framework Mini-objectives

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Game Characters

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Blip – The Hero

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Movement Left/Right Dash Wall Slide Wall Jump Rocket Jump

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Blip Upgrades can be "bought" between levels with focuses. These redesigns will for all time impact things like assault velocity/extent and mobility for whatever is left of the amusement.

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Blip Weapon Attacks The player can prepare an extraordinary weapon that will open up another unique move while prepared. These unique moves will be exceedingly visual and in addition capable. You might have the capacity to set one uncommon move for every level so the player will must be astute about his decision .

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User Interface

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HUD Breakdown Color Meter: Shows the level of Blip\'s accomplished color. Affected by items. Point Meter: Shows Blip\'s score for this level. Used to buy updates in between levels. Divider Jump Meter: Shows what number of more divider bounced Blip has cleared out. Upgradeable Special Attack Meter: Shows which unique assault is currently prepared, and its cool down

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Color Effect Normal Color Mode: All the hues are mid-level. Uncommon particle impacts for assaults, typical speed. Full Color Mode: Super immersion, molecule impacts for all assaults. "Shot time" for jumps .

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Color Effect No Color Mode: Game plays in grayscale with hard differentiation. Commotion and following lines, outline skips like old TV set

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The Cast of Baddies

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Enemies Flybot Air assault robot Ballbot Ground assault robot Clawbot Ground assault robot

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Boss Fights Example: Level 10 – Color Shifter Color Shifter is the principal supervisor the player experiences. The robot positions himself before Blip coordinating his pace. The supervisor produces 6 littler foe robots, every one of an alternate shading. These bots fly towards blip, and he should pick one to assault effectively. One of the 6 robots will share the shade of the fundamental manager. This is the robot that Blip must assault. The primary supervisor robot will then switch hues, and discharges another cluster of foes for Blip to assault. After 10 effective assault, Blip will have crushed this manager.

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Setting and Story Setting: Futuristic city with areas that develop miles underground, where all difficult work is performed by robots. Plot: Blip is an aide director of waste transfer operations. One day, Blip sees a disposed of photo of a rich wild scene which flashes something in him. Spurred by an inclination that even he doesn\'t comprehend, Blip sets out on an excited getaway to the city surface.

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The World

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The World Sector 5: Waste Disposal Sector 4: Mining & Refinery Sector 3: Manufacturing Sector 2: Sub-City Sector 1: Surface City

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Engine Features: World Editor (WED) Model Editor (MED) Script Editor (SED) Lots of documentation

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Demo: what it needs… . No immersion modes No differing nature of hits All HUD parts (i.e. colorbar,score) are discretionary Limited menu framework 99 levels missing No overhauls or unique assaults Limited level outline No delaying, sparing, passing screen, or end level details No Attack liveliness

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Demo: what it has… . Simple hit discovery Semi-operational HUD (gives player criticism) Player development Player activitys Particle impacts Music track laid over (adversaries come around to the beat) Basic Main Menu Simple gameplay in light of high score obtaining

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Why making our amusement is conceivable… All essential script components are set up (i.e. controls, assaults, development) Player model and activitys are about finished Established work process for level creation, adversary demonstrating, and foe movement Demo worked starting with no outside help so we have an exhaustive comprehension of how the amusement motor functions Basic diversion idea is straightforward, and we have officially cemented the greater part of it

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Questions ?

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Lets Have Some Fun !

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