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Description guide < Watchword look > CiNii top page CiNii トップページ
Slide 1 guide < Keyword look > CiNii top page CiNii トップページ CiNii is an administration that gives data on academic articles, with an accentuation on Japanese papers. It permits clients to discover articles they fancy by exploring a huge volume of data including periodicals distributed by Japanese academic social orders, examination notices distributed by Japanese colleges, and the National Diet Library periodicals file database. ● Features ● Desired articles can be effortlessly found from among a substantial volume of article data. Periodicals distributed by educational social orders and in addition examination notices issued by colleges, and so on are accessible for review. Through joint coordinated efforts, we likewise give connections to explore to full content reports, and so on different administrations . ◆Search technique◆ No qualification is made between numbers, capital or lower case letters or Japanese full-width or English half-width characters. Hunts utilizing OR nor NOT between classes can\'t be performed . 【Search utilizing “ AND ” 】 Search for records containing all entered catchphrases. Indicate utilizing spaces (English half-width spaces and Japanese full-width spaces) or “ __&__ ” (where __ is a space, as in the illustration beneath). Illustration: Inputting "information digital" or "information & digital" returns indexed lists for records containing both "information" and "digital" 【Search utilizing “ OR ” 】 Search for records containing any of the entered watchwords. Determine utilizing “ __OR__ ” (OR is composed in English half-width characters capitalized letters) or “ __|__ ” (where __ is a space, as in the case underneath.) Example: Inputting "information OR digital" or "information | digital" returns list items for records containing either "information" or "digital" or both. 【Search utilizing “ NOT ” 】 Search for records containing the entered keyword(s) yet barring the essential word after NOT. Indicate utilizing “ __NOT__ ” (NOT is composed in English half-width characters capitalized letters) or include “ __-“ (where __ is a space and – is an English half-width hyphen) after the primary keyword(s) yet before the term to be prohibited. Case: Inputting "information NOT digital" or "information - digital" returns query items for records containing "information", barring those records that contain "digital". ! Hint ! Ideas of CiNii ~ The three components ~ Simple hunt < Article > <Author> <Publication> 【A-1】 【P.3 へ 】 Advanced inquiry 【B-1】 【P.3 へ 】 Searches can be performed effectively by inputting pivotal words. Pursuits can be focused to enlisted article data like article name, writer name, writer connection, production name, ISSN, volume, issue, page, distributer, unique and article watchword. 【A-1】 Searches can be refined. "All. " ⇒ all articles are sought. "CiNii full content documents" ⇒searches for full content reports from educational society diaries and examination releases facilitated by CiNii. "CiNii full content record/CiNii accomplice link" ⇒ hunt down full content reports facilitated by CiNii and additionally those with connections on accomplice administrations, (for example, Ichushi Web, and so on.) Clicking “ ▼Advanced ” shows the propelled inquiry info field. With cutting edge inquiry, craved sought classes can be indicated. 【B-1】 There are info fields for article name, writer name, writer alliance, production name, ISSN, volume, issue, page, distributer, works refered to, and year of production. Furthermore, different pursuit condition connections (rationale administrators) can be utilized.

Slide 2 guide < Keyword seek > Article list items list 【C-1】 When a decisive word is included, it is conceivable to further refine the inquiry. 【C-2】 You can decide to yield the indexed lists in “ presentation subtle elements all together ” or “ Refer/BibIX group ” . 【C-3】 The quantity of articles showed per page can be indicated at "20/50/100/200 hits". Also, the sorting request can be set for new request, old request, article name (climbing/plunging), distribution name (rising/diving), works refered to (diving). 【C-4】 Clicking the article name takes you to the points of interest page . 【C-5】 Author name, scrap (just for articles with digests), production name, volume, issue, and works refered to (number) are shown. ******* or ******** is shown when the article is facilitated by CiNii while the name (case ***** ) is shown when there is a connection to an accomplice administration. Also, hit essential words are highlighted . 【C-6】 Author and production name are recorded in the list items. In the wake of clicking, the propelled quest classifications for creator and production name are looked for once more. 【C-1】 【C-2】 【C-3】 Details Display Page 【C-4】 【C-6】 【C-5】 【D-1】 Author name and connection are shown. 【D-2】  ******* or ******** showed when the article is facilitated by CiNii. Likewise, the accomplice\'s symbol administration (illustration ******** ) is shown. 【D-3】 The full content of the unique is shown when accessible. 【D-4】 Publication name, distributer, volume, and page are shown. 【D-5】 Works refered to are shown in a rundown. 【D-6】 Citing works are shown in a rundown. 【D-7】 A first\'s review page of an article is shown when the full content report is accessible. 【D-8】 Keywords relegated to the article are shown. 【D-9】 The article ’ s different codes are shown. 【D-10】 Bibliography data for the article is composed in "Refer/BibIX", "BibTex", and "Tab Separated Values (TSV)" positions .

Slide 3 guide < Keyword look > CiNii consolidated articles distribution index ! Hint ! Click the symbol ! To the educational affiliation production and research and announcement full content report To Webcat Plus To the exploration and release full content record To Journal@rchive catalog data and full content archive To J-STAGE book reference data and full content report To vault list of sources data and full content record 【E-1】 To 医中誌 Web list of sources data To distributer ’ s, and so on list of sources data and full content report 【E-2】 【E-3】 Browse Publications List of production volume Publication chapter by chapter list 【E-5】 【E-4】 It is conceivable to scan for distributions by perusing the registry for distribution name, distributer name, the rundown of volumes and issues and the list. Note: The inquiry targets are educational society productions and examination releases. 【E-1】 It is conceivable to seek the joined educational society distributions and college distributed examination announcements registry. 【E-2】 It is conceivable to scan the registry for academic productions by association name, field and distribution name. 【E-3】 It is conceivable to scan the registry for examination releases by association name, association sort and distribution name. 【E-4】 The review cost of a full content archive can be affirmed from the production volume and issue list. Tapping the states of procurement (settled cost confined/community paid/free) for every issue shows more data on the conditions and cost for that issue. 【E-5】 The distribution chapter by chapter guide are shown.

Slide 4 guide < Keyword seek > Outside supporter interfaces ※ For particular subtle elements please see the CiNii help page OpenSearch The comprehensive view/Inquiries 【F-2】 RDF 【F-4】 Works with OpenSearch 【F-1】 It is conceivable to perform the same pursuit by using so as to make an OpenSearch question as it is the inquiry page on the CiNii site. 【F-2】 Entering an essential word into the hunt bar shows the indexed lists page. The points of interest\'s substance page can be yield with RDF. With RDF, CiNii ’ s information can be used in different routes subsequent to every information thing, similar to article name or writer name, is organized in an institutionalized manner utilizing metadata descriptors, for example, Dublin Core, and so forth and is yield with XML. 【F-3】 "/rdf" is added to the URL (PermaLink) of the article ’ s subtle elements page.***********/rdf 【F-4】 The points of interest\'s substance page are yield with RDF. CiNii distinguishes and coordinates substantial volumes of different information, participates with outside associations, and so forth., and gives administrations. We plan to keep on enhancing our administration so that our clients can serenely explore our site and

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