Broadening Access to Advanced education and 2012: How would we gauge it?.

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Extending Access to Advanced education and 2012: How would we quantify it? Dr. Graeme Atherton Aimhigher Focal London Organization Supervisor, College of Westminster Synopsis Access to HE – foundation and approach Drivers of Access to HE Confirmation of effect of past Olympics here
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Enlarging Access to Higher Education and 2012: How would we gauge it? Dr. Graeme Atherton Aimhigher Central London Partnership Manager, University of Westminster

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Summary Access to HE – foundation and approach Drivers of Access to HE Evidence of effect of past Olympics here Potential effect of Olympics Conclusions and inquiries

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Access to HE: Background and Policy Gap by social class critical yet narrowing somewhat – Young ft contestants from IV – III 27.9% 02/03 to 29.8% 06/07 (1) Several measures & definitions Numbers/populace/geology/youth companion review (2) Significant venture by present govt £450m + 2006-07 National Audit Office report (3) Different speculation streams Aimhigher/Lifelong Learning Networks/Postcode Premium/OFFA & Access Agreements (4)

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Drivers of Access to HE Attainment – expansive crevice at GCSE by social class – 35% hole at 5 A-C most noteworthy & least quartiles (10) Aspirations – 60% 11-16 yr olds in non-work families need to go to HE versus 74% in where 2 folks work (11) Information, Advice and Guidance - 70% of HE understudies needed more & better exhortation pre HE (12) Progression courses - 89% 2 A-levels+ go to HE versus 40% Level 3 professional capabilities (13) Above variables collaborate together

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Evidence of Impact of Previous Olympics Not huge confirmation Sydney – increment in general cooperation post 2000 yet could be because of renaming( (14) Individual tasks based around Beijing – highlighted today e.g. London Beijing Vocational Education Project Focus been on potential development in worldwide understudies (15)

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Potential Impact of Olympics Attainment Learning materials with Olympic topic (16) Integration of Olympic subjects to main subjects Achievements in games supporting more extensive subject accomplishment Evaluation of School Sports Partnership (SSP) Program proposes physical training can have positive effect on fulfillment (!&)

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Potential Impact of Olympics Aspirations Olympic themed effort activities concentrated on: subjects e.g. Designing, Languages (18) bunches e.g. young men/those with handicaps HE contribution in volunteering permitting HE to reach new youngsters/grown-ups (19)

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Potential Impact of Olympics Information, Advice and Guidance Probable relationship less here Need for viable IAG however specifically subjects to bolster: Raising of yearnings (above) Creation of new movement courses (beneath

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Potential Impact of Olympics Progression Routes New procurement of Level 1/2/3 courses in Olympics related zones – 60,000 man yrs of vocation (20) New/Adjusted/Expanded existing Level 4 procurement to permit movement (21) New courses co-financed with/conveyed for superintendents – low maintenance/adaptable/measured

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Discussion As with other Olympic: societal effect situations vital combination with current activities required – Games/Education/Access Could hypotheses e.g. Olympic Tourism & ‘leveraging’ be connected to get to setting? Augmenting Access advantages won\'t simply ‘happen’

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Discussion To catch sway – simultaneous mapping of any access:Olympics undertakings required Tracking of members Identification of where effect expected & measure of access Further research could advantage both: Event Legacy Theory Widening Access Theory

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Contact Thank You Full paper accessible as draft If you need to talk about any of the issues in the paper please get in touch with me: Dr. Graeme Atherton a

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References 1) Higher Education Statistical Agency (2008) Performance Indicators Cheltenham: HESA (2) Atherton, G. (2008) ‘ Who is augmenting investment for? The lost instance of Aimhigher Central London Partnership’ Paper to the Exploring learning trajectories” Conference to dispatch the Widening Participation Research Center Edge Hill University 20/21st May 2008 (3) National Audit Office (2008) ‘ Widening support in higher education’ London: NAO (4) National Audit Office (2008) as above (5) Atherton, G. & Hall, J. (2007) ‘ Application to Higher Education amongst Different Ethnic Groups in Greater London: Is there no spot like home?’ (6) Atherton, G. & Hall, J. (2007) as above (7) HEFCE (2005) Young investment in Higher Education Bristol:HEFCE (8) HEFCE (2005) as above (9) HESA (2006) Student Tables 2005/06 Chetenham: HESA (10) Department of Education and Skills (2006) Social Mobility: Narrowing Social Class Educational Gaps – supporting materials to a discourse by the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP Secretary of State for Education and Skills to the Institute for Public Policy Research London:Dfes (11) The Sutton Trust (2008) Ipsos MORI Young People Omnibus Survey – 2008 (12) Purcell, K., Elias, P., Ellison, R., Atfield, G. , Adam, D., & Livanos, I. (2008) Applying for Higher Education – the differing qualities of profession decisions, arrangements and desires – Findings from the First Futuretrack Survey of the ‘Class of 2006’ candidates for Higher Education Warwick: Warwick Institute of Employment Research

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References (13) Department of Education and Skills (2003) Widening Participation to Higher Education London: Dfes (14) Price Waterhouse Coopers (2008) Impact of the Olympic Games on HE in the host city London: London Higher (15) Price Waterhouse Coopers (2008) (16) For instance of materials being created with Olympic topic go to: (17) Loughborough organization (2008) The Impact of School Sport Partnerships on student accomplishment Loughborough University: Institute of Youth Sport (18) For data on the HEFCE subsidized Routes into Languages task go to: (19) HEFCE (2007) The HE segment and the Olympic Games Bristol : HEFCE (20) Experian (2006) Employment and Skills for the 2012 Games: research and proof London: Learning and Skills Council & London Development Agency (21) HEFCE (2007) (as above) (22) Higher Education Policy Institute Demand for Higher Education in 2020 and past (23 ) HEFCE (2008) ‘HEFCE to give £105m to grow business engagement courses ’ 21st February 2008 (24) Thorne, D. & Atherton, G. (2008) Behind the Lines: Exploring models of

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