BSP Preparing to Carrier.

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Flight Coupon, Agent Coupon, Pax Receipt, Credit Card Charge Form ... limit & ticket number (structure code: 191, 192) Exchange Coupon, Agent Coupon, Pax Receipt, Credit Card Charge ...
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BSP Training to Airline IATA HK 30 May 2006

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IATA HK IDFS: AAS, BSP, CASS, DPC Address: 1203 Harcourt House, 39 Gloucester Road, Wanchai Contact: 2528-9321 (Tel) 2520-0329 (Fax) Web webpage & email address: Office hours: 0830-1230 & 1330-1730 (Monday - Friday) Regional offfice: North Asia provincial office in BJS

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IATA HK - Contacts

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Agent (225) Airline (73) CRS (6) IATA HK DPC BJS ACCA ITS BJS Clearing Bank Citibank Acquiring Bank (6) BSP HK BSPlink

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Ticketing System Providers

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Airline Charges (I) BSP joining expenses USD 10,000 - HK & MO one-off installment at the season of cooperation Standard Traffic Document (STD) charges USD 0.062 (HKD 0.484) per coupon month to month accumulation by means of worldwide charging structure Data Processing (DP) charges USD 0.013 (HKD 0.101) per exchange month to month gathering through worldwide charging structure

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Airline Charges (II) Local Management Fee (LMF) half similarly shared by all aircrafts, half in star rata to UTP & settlement $ yearly sum prompted by IATA HQ & re-cut at year-end quarterly nearby gathering by ACM BSPlink login expenses USD30 per login (non-IATA carriers just) month to month neighborhood accumulation by ACM Charges for discretionary item month to month nearby gathering by ACM

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Agent - Monitor/Control Assessment before endorsement Annual money related/staff/STD survey Bank ensure from operators who fall flat evaluation Ad hoc on location STD/staff review Ticket limit Working supply of ticket stock Industry Trust Fund

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Industry Trust Fund Protection of 30% to aircrafts Disbursement after all endeavors of recuperation Fund oversaw by TIC Agents contribute $3 per legitimate ticket Reimburse specialists when store > $10 million Reimburse operators when operators give up New Terms & Conditions concluded in July 2005

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3 Airline Working Group Local Customer Advisory Group (LCAG) CX , CI, KA, JL, MH, LH, LX, NX, OZ, QF, SQ, TG, UA, IATA encourage to ISS administration on nearby client administration issues Executive Council (EC) CX , JL, KA, MH, SQ, TG, UA, IATA & 7 operator delegates consider all parts of organization project ISS Operation Working Group (IOWG) BA, CI, CX , GF, JL, KA, KL, LX, MH, NH, QF, SQ, UA, IATA follow up LCAG issues & make proposals  m eeting minutes to all aircrafts by email 

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BSP Operations Please allude to BSP logbook (P. 1-2)

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Resolution 832 Section 1  4 inconsistencies inside 12 back to back months ��  DEFAULT  administrator charge ��  HKD/MOP 500.00 for every exchange 

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Void Ticket Charges Total recompense of 15%: 7% for specialized voids 8% for different voids 3-level void ticket charges 20% > no of void > 15% ($15 @) half > no of void > 20% ($30 @) > 50% ($150 @)

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Unreported Transaction first occasion $500 per exchange second example 1 abnormality + punishment of half of gross toll to aircraft third case & ahead 1 anomaly + punishment of half of gross passage to carrier + $500 administrator charge to BSP  punishment to carrier - least $1000 & most extreme $5000 

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Documents ISS Service Provisions-Passenger BSP Calendar operator deals synopsis (P 3-4) BSP insights (P 5) IATA Agency List Q (P 6-11) ticket limit list Q (P 12-13) ticket dispersion list M (P 14-15) IDFS HK Updates (P.16) carrier contact (P 17-26) Document for Airline Forms ECCB investment (P 27) carrier contact (P 28) discount network (P 29) discount qualification time allotment (P 30) BSP Quick Reference (P 31) email address (P 32) D  Daily M  Monthly P  Bi-monthly Q  Quarterly

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Document for Agent BSP Calendar Travel Agents Handbook Resolution 810 BSP Manual for Agents BSP Quick Reference (P 33-35) Refund Grid (P 36) Refund Eligibility Time Frame (P 37) BSP Newsletter (P 38)

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S tandard A dmin F orms Refund Notice (P 39) Universal Credit Card Charge Form

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S tandard T raffic D ocument Auto Ticket on OPATB2 coupon Flight Coupon, Agent Coupon, Pax Receipt, Credit Card Charge Form E-Ticket on plain paper offer same pool of ticket number & same ticket limit with ATB2 Flight Coupon, Agent Coupon, Pax Receipt, Credit Card Charge Form Auto MCO on OPATB2 coupon separate ticket limit & ticket number (structure code: 191, 192 ) Exchange Coupon, Agent Coupon, Pax Receipt, Credit Card Charge Form

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OPATB2 Net Payable = 952-[(952+20618)*9%]+118 = - 871.30

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ET on Plain Paper ABACUS TRAVEL ETKT **AGENT COUPON** 99999992 **ITINERARY** CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS 1 OF 1 CGHDLR/1B CX 504B HKGNRT 10APR CHAN/TAI MAN MR BEE17 12MAR03 OCX 509B NRTHKG 15APR BEE17 SUBJECT TO REFUND CHARGES HKG CX TYO Q4.23 446.22CX HKG446.22NUC896.67END R OE7.798680SITI HKD 7000 80HK FP/VI4100000000000001 M00880009/06 134SW FCI04 40YR HKD 7254 160 9698127788 2 PRI FFVV 7766/HKD 7000 0700254

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ET in HK Implemented in 1998 Certified ET framework suppliers Abacus, Saber, Amadeus, Worldspan, Galileo, TravelSky test not required if dispatched in other BSP through same GDS IATA ET target 40% by 2005 ! 72% by 2006 !! 100% by 2007 !!! ET execution Stat (P.40) Reissuing Paper Ticket into ET (P.40)

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Auto MCO

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Auto Ticket & AMCO in Billing Analysis  Comments: Tour code  Credit Card subtle elements  RFIC 

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Ticket Limit Controlled by CRS Limit regarding number of ticket per period Airline choose complete ticket confine A gent chooses designation among CRS (P 41) New approval or perpetual change must be facilitated by IATA office advise IATA 1 working day ahead of time compelling from first day of next BSP period Temporary change carrier liaise with GDS straightforwardly

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Remit Schemes Normal & 3 Net Remit plans:

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Credit Card Sales By default, for typical tickets just Net toll on charge card at individual aircraft\'s tact NR2A carriers retain all dealer expenses usage without association of IATA NRCC carriers assimilate vendor expenses on net-passage specialists ingest trader expenses on imprint up Inform IATA no less than 1 month ahead of time before usage Refund with aircraft specifically Daily ECCB preparing

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C redit C ard C harge F orm 2 sorts of CCCF mechanized ATB CCCF coupon manual CCCF (accommodation of CCCF required just) Submission first 3 cps of CCCF + duplicate of operator coupon (accommodation of CCCF required just) Reporting due date 2 working days after ticket issue punishment at HKD 500.00 for each exchange Reconciliation DPC follow up unreported cases compromise report to carrier toward the end of offers period

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Output for Airlines 2 day by day yield: CSI for aircrafts report (receipt report-RPAICCDT) Daily Visa outline (RPAIDCSM) Zipped into 1 record HKafXXXX CCCF sent to carriers by DHL each Monday

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Invoice Report & Summary Invoice report (RPAICCDT) (P. 42-44) subtle elements of each credit exchange filename: HKafXXXX_yyyymmdd_adhi00.pdf Invoice rundown (RPAIDCSM) (P. 45) complete deals per card all out offers of all specialists filename: HKafXXXX_yyyymmdd_dcsmhi00.pdf

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Refund Procedures Refund with BSP or Airline? Check against BSP Quick Reference No( in-Direct Refund) Yes (Direct Refund) BSPlink Refund Application Auto Refund Notice Printout Refund Notice + Supporting Documents Supporting Documents Separate envelopes Sort in rising for various Airlines request Send to BSP as a major aspect of report accommodation Send to BSP as a major aspect of report accommodation

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Auto Refund For tickets refundable with BSP Refund Notice not for compromise purposes Exceptions net discount sum with decimals commission rate has decimals late MCO from carrier no ticketing approval rules for specialists

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Auto Refund - Refund Notice Calculation of net discount sum: 1. Net Refund = (6990*.93)+120+93+234-125=6822.70 2. Net Refund = (6990+120+93+234-125)- (6990*0.07)=6822.70

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Auto Refund - BSP Report (Cash)

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Auto Refund – BSP Report (Credit Card) Balance Payable (CC deals just) = - 357.70 (review commission) Balance Payable (Cash+CC) = - 18.00 (Transaction Cash – Taxes – Commission)

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Auto Refund – (Credit Card) 954

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Refund Notice

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BSPLink Refund Application work process Agent issue RA in BSPlink Agent submit RA printout + supporting docs to carrier Airline check if docs are finished & discount is substantial Yes No Airline compute or check ref sum Airline reject RA in BSPlink Airline check if discount is Visa (accommodation of CCCF required) Agent follow up RA Yes No Airline enter & auth ref sum in RA Airline send discount to their HO Airline reject RA in BSPlink Ref sum auto consideration in report

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Refund Application (I) Use BSPlink Refund Application structure (P 46) paper discount application not acknowledged (aside from fundamental operators just) Refund Application number prefix "5400" + 6-digit serial number Submission to aircraft specifically: Printout + Flight Coupons + Passenger Coupon Printout + Electronic Ticket record (E-ticket) "Discount to Passenger" is horrible discount sum Net Refund = Refund to Pax - Commission

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Refund Application (II) Authorize or dismiss carrier begin endless supply of archives auto incorporation in current charging once approved Operations carrier can just adjust the stub territory specialist can erase or alter if not approved aircraft can\'t erase w

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