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NCASFAA - Spring 2008. 2. Motivation. What is Leadership?Personal Leadership TraitsFinancial Aid LeadershipOfficeCampusFA AssociationsMaslow\'s HierarchyWhat\'s Next?. NCASFAA - Spring 2008. 3. Administration. Definition
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Monetary Aid Leadership Lisanne Masterson SASFAA President Director, Financial Aid Brevard College lisanne@brevard.edu NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Agenda What is Leadership? Individual Leadership Traits Financial Aid Leadership Office Campus FA Associations Maslow\'s Hierarchy What\'s Next? NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Leadership Definition – "The workplace or position of a pioneer"; "The nature of a pioneer (i.e. the ability to lead)" Qualities Knowledge/How To Responsibilities Communication Delegation Parliamentary Procedure NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Principles Marking a Leader of Integrity E. Grady Bogue Curiosity Candor Courtesy Courage Compassion NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Knowledge of Self Seek to distinguish individual objectives, intentions, uncertainties, qualities and shortcomings. You should have a promise to the calling and/or association, not yourself NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Leadership - Basic Skills Attitude Sensitivity Enthusiasm Understanding Passion Good Listener Knowledge Humor Ability to Teach Rapport Tolerance Flexibility Patience Evaluation Skills Appearance Voice & Speech NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Leadership Qualities Personality Organizational Skills Type of Authority Persuasiveness Knowledge Creativity Vision NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Financial Aid Leadership In The Office Increase particular system learning Expand FA information to different zones Take on exceptional undertakings Oversee work study understudies Offer answers for issues Find chances to share, advise & instruct NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Financial Aid Leadership On Your Campus Be a dynamic promoter for FA issues (particularly as it identifies with different workplaces – Registrar, Finance Office, Admissions, Advancement, and so forth.) Open Campus Days, Summer Orientation Academia – Financial Literacy (credit, ID burglary) Sponsor/Host Financial Workshops (Tax Returns, Budgeting, Basic Finances) Serve on school wide boards of trustees NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Financial Aid Leadership In Your Community Financial Aid Nights Be the FA asset Host a neighborhood direction advisor Participate in FAFSA Day Write an article for the nearby daily paper Do a radio/TV spot amid FA Awareness Week NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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FA Leadership In Your Professional Association Make associations Find a guide, Be a tutor Start little and increment obligation Work at meeting (moderate, pkt stuffing, and so forth.) Be a simultaneous session speaker Serve on an advisory group Become a council seat Run for office NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Maslow\'s Hierarchy Basic Human Needs Survival (Free from Hunger, Thirst, Cold) Security (Shelter from Weather/Predators) Belonging (Social Opportunities; Friends) Prestige (Confirmation of Self-Worth) Self Fulfillment (Peace Within; Contributions to Betterment of Society) NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Maslow\'s Hierarchy Adapted for FAAs Stable Office Staff/Necessary Equipment Good Processes/Adequate Funding Friends/Support Network Professional Development/Career Advancement Legislative Advocacy NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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Where Do You Go From Here? Share your insight/skill Continually assess frameworks with a specific end goal to enhance productivity and viability Be sure, cheery Be interested in new conceivable outcomes – don\'t say "that won\'t work" or "we\'ve attempted that before" Make an individual duty to keep up your solid morals and polished skill NCASFAA - Spring 2008

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