Building Controls XML/Web Administrations Rule Hierarchical Meeting April 23, 2003.

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2. Motivation. IntroductionsWhat are Web Services and XML?How does this apply to assembling controls?Are benchmarks needed?How ought to this gathering proceed?Assignment of activity itemsAdjourn. 3. Presentations. Paul Ehrlich - Acting ChairBusiness Development pioneer for Trane\'s Global Controls groupActive in numerous gauges bunches over the yearsSee heaps of weight for controls to be a piece of the IT infrastruct
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Building Controls XML/Web Services Guideline Organizational Meeting April 23, 2003 Sponsored by: CABA Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council

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Agenda Introductions What are Web Services and XML? How does this apply to building controls? Are principles required? By what means ought to this gathering continue? Task of activity things Adjourn

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Introductions Paul Ehrlich - Acting Chair Business Development pioneer for Trane\'s Global Controls assemble Active in numerous norms gathers throughout the years See loads of weight for controls to be a piece of the IT foundation Believe that principles are required for this to be industrially practical

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What is XML? E x tensible M arkup L anguage An information representation arrange for externalizing data (objects, values) Looks like HTML - point section labels Unlike HTML, shutting labels are required XML must be very much framed: every component must be totally encased by a parent component Can be approved against a construction Describes legitimate organization of XML archive

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What is XML? Some buddy W3C proposals XPATH: dialect for tending to parts of a XML report - utilized by XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) a dialect for changing XML archives a XML vocabulary for determining organizing semantics XSLT: dialect for changing XML records into other XML records XSL without the designing

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What are Web Services? An application intended for machine utilization Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Web benefit registry Describes administrations accessible from a specific business or other substance

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What are Web Services? Web Service Description Language (WSDL) Describes web benefit as far as the messages and the convention After finding an administration through UDDI, get WSDL record to figure out how to utilize the administration SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) XML based convention for trading data Commonly utilized for web administrations

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Application to Building Control? In all likelihood used at system interchanges - not at little controllers Not a trade for BACnet, LonTalk, DALI and other industry particular conventions Functions: trade information alert/off ordinary data planning data slant logs arrangement/organize administration

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Application to Building Control? Different capacities? How is it being utilized today?

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Are norms required? XML and web administrations are now norms - do we have to characterize use for building control? What do our clients anticipate? What are the points of interest and disservices of gauges?

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How would it be a good idea for us to continue? Proposition is to make a rule Need to decide: who will join to do work what are our deliverables what is the timetable how we will contact with different associations

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Assignment of activity things Proposed errands Volunteers to fill parts Date and time for next meeting (Real Conn?) Others as decided

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Conclusion Questions and remarks

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