Building Groups Through Group Tourism Jamaica Group Tourism Symposium and IIPT Caribbean Group Tourism Meeting May 23 .

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Learning and advancement travel alludes to relaxes with real, hands-on or ... voyagers and the travel exchange are set online to research and buy travel ...
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Promoting Community Tourism Online: The LETA Ripple Building Communities Through Community Tourism Jamaica Community Tourism Symposium & IIPT Caribbean Community Tourism Conference May 23 – 26, 2003 Judy Karwacki iWorldSolutions Inc.

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Creating a progressively outstretching influence that will upgrade and improve Canada\'s travel industry

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What is Experiential and Learning Travel? What is LETA? LETA\'s innovation LETA\'s administrations to Travel Trade and Media Newsletters and the Ripple Benefits to Members How to discover LETA

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What is Learning & Enrichment Travel?

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Learning and enhancement go alludes to excursions with bona fide, hands-on or intuitive learning encounters including subjects, for example, native, horticulture, human studies, prehistoric studies, expressions, society, cooking, instruction, ranger service, planting, legacy, dialect, sea, nature, science, most profound sense of being, and untamed life. These are the travel encounters that widen the brain and advance the spirit.

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What is LETA?

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The Learning & Enrichment Travel Alliance (LETA) Founded Spring 2002 with backing of 40 Founding Members associations Grew out of Canadian Tourism Commission study on Learning Travel

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Vision The Learning & Enrichment Travel Alliance is committed to driving the advancement and development of value learning and improvement excursion encounters and economical business open doors in Canada.

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Mission The Learning & Enrichment Travel Alliance will encourage the improvement and extension of economical year-round business open doors for associations focused on creating, promoting and conveying great learning and advancement excursions in Canada. All exercises are guided by the estimations of greatness, comprehensiveness and appreciation.

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The Learning & Enrichment Travel Alliance (LETA) The main enrollment based association taking a national methodology for advertising knowledge based topics in Canada An interchanges & business advancement administration and online asset for Canada\'s learning & enhancement travel group

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The Learning & Enrichment Travel Alliance (LETA) A national online catalog of travel items and administrations that are elevated locally and broadly to the exchange, media and the purchaser A one-stop-asset for systems administration and looking into travel data for the travel exchange and media

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Who are LETA individuals? Government tourism offices Destination Management Organizations Attractions e.g., historical centers, interpretive focuses Festivals and extraordinary occasions Tour administrators Membership-based associations Educational establishments Resource Members e.g., experts, coaches

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Why LETA? Shoppers requesting more than only an "excursion." LETA positions Canada as a main goal for learning and improvement travel "encounters"

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Why LETA? Taught and perceiving explorers and the travel exchange are going online to research and buy travel LETA gives a one-stop online asset for B2C and B2B learning and experiential travel arranging, examination and news

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Why LETA? Sagacious tourism organizations are performing interchanges, systems administration and exploration online LETA serves as a one-stop-asset for gathering and spreading profitable exchange and media data to individuals and the other way around

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Why LETA? Organizations and associations need savvy promoting LETA association offers costs making a minimal effort, viable e-advertising answer for little and medium organizations or associations

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LETA\'s innovation

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LETA\'s TECHNOLOGY - Custom planned easy to understand content administration framework - Four element sites Web-page layouts for individuals to showcase themselves - Search motor abilities permit purchaser and travel exchange seek by area , season , name , topic , action , or business sort

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MEMBER INTRANET WEBSITE = SEGMENTATION = SEGMENTATION How are LETA individuals profiled online? Individuals make and deal with their own particular exceptional profiles at both a corporate and items & administrations level. They control the data saw by every business sector.

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SEARCH ENGINE How do LETA\'s Search Filters work? Seek channels chose permit guests to look by area , season , name , topic , movement , or business sort .

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Home Page Logo Photos, Description Product, Contact

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An item or administration page highlights: - The real topic - Start and end area - Duration and dates - Description & highlights - Rates and store subtle elements - Trade points of interest - Meals, transportation - What\'s incorporated

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LETA\'s administrations to travel exchange and media

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Media Intranet Benefits for media Free media enrollment gives: Information on Canada Pre-composed articles Story thoughts Hyperlinks to DMO picture libraries - Key Canadian media contact data - Newsfeeds from LETA

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Trade Intranet Travel Trade Benefits Free Travel Trade Membership gives: - Travel exchange data on Canada - Pre-composed articles and story thoughts - Hyperlinks to DMO picture libraries - Key Canadian exchange contact data - Trade newsfeeds from LETA

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How can this profit Members? As a one-stop-asset to exchange and media, LETA gets "qualified" movement to the site LETA\'s newsfeeds compliment part situating with the Media and the Trade LETA gathers and spreads significant news and open doors from their system of media and exchange accomplices and after that imparts this to individuals

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Newsletters & The Ripple

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Quarterly Members Newsletters - A vehicle for conveying Media & Trade open doors through LETA\'s system - A device for part surveying - A way to stay in contact with LETA individuals and keep them educated on industry news and showcasing open doors LETA keeps individuals educated on industry news & open doors

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Monthly e-pamphlet - A consent based advertising apparatus for exchange, media and the purchaser - A correspondence vehicle for focusing on specialty markets - A stage for advancing new individuals - A standard news nourish for industry and LETA news Using the most recent e-promoting methodologies LETA is addressing a responsive group of onlookers

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How do individuals profit?

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Members get • B randed web presentation • Home Page in four online registries • Products & administrations sub-pages • Permission & web search tool advertising administrations • Access to profitable item advancement assets • Networking with learning & improvement travel accomplices • Press and article notice

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How individuals advantage Promotion through four online catalogs coordinated at the exchange, media, individuals and the purchaser Promotion through newswires and pamphlets to media, exchange and the customer Business or association LETA Niche showcasing website streamlining Products or administrations Leading edge market situating Networking open doors and access to assets for organizations and business advancement

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what\'s to come... " Pay-to-Play\' Optional Marketing Programs Opportunities to buy tile advertisements on the LETA customer site, connections to themed sprinkle pages from significant web indexes, media relations bolster administrations, and extra website streamlining with catchphrases particular to their own particular business.

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what\'s to come... Workshops & Marketplaces LETA will offer online and disconnected workshops and showcasing places for learning & improvement travel.

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what\'s to come... Community e-Marketing Ventures LETA will seek after advertising wanders with online retailers and visit administrators with an e-business ability to give an on-line booking administration for LETA individuals wishing to offer on-line

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what\'s to come... Quality Assurance LETA will build up a quality certification system to meet commercial center requests for quality guidelines

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How to discover LETA: Consumer site: Corporate site:

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