Building STUDY Abroad 2006 IAESTE and UNL.

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10 days of go to Manaus (heart of the Amazon), Rio de Janeiro and ... Populace of Brazil: 181,5 million (2004) Engineering in Brazil. Might 27 June 25 ...
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Building STUDY Abroad 2006 IAESTE & UNL what you require know…

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Engineering in France July 2 – August 2

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Engineering in France Month long designing background in France Live in a French University town for three weeks (Rouen) Take designing classes from an UNL staff in English Interaction with French understudies and workforce

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Tentative Classes : All understudies are required to take this class: ENGR 490 – Global Experiences in French Culture and Engineering - Faculty: Dr. David Allen, Dean of Engineering History of Science and Technology, Introduction to French History, Culture and Language. Field treks to designing destinations, for example, ruins, characteristic marvels, houses of God, historical centers, and so on. Understudies must pick ONE of the accompanying specialized classes: ENGM 223 – Engineering Statics (3 cr) ENGM 325 – Mechanics of Elastic Bodies (3 cr) ENGM 451 – Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (3 cr) ENGM 480 – Numerical Methods in Engineering Analysis (3 cr)

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Field trek to south France and visit: Loire Valley Castles, Chambord and Chenonceau stay overnight at a Château de Rochecotte Gallo-Roman urban communities of Lyon and Arles The site of the Battle of Alesia where Julius Cesar vanquished the Gauls and their lord Vercingetorix Greek-roman vestiges of the city of Glanum and the best Roman structure of all times, the Aqueduct of Pont du Gard In Arles, stay in a lodging over the road from a coffeehouse that Vincent van Gogh painted his acclaimed Café de Nuit End the field trip in Paris, where understudies will have an accident voyage through the Cité Lumière

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Loire Valley Castles - Chambord

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Loire Valley Castles - Chenonceau

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Loire Valley Castles Overnight at a Château de Rochecotte

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Gallo-Roman urban areas - Lyon

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Gallo-Roman urban areas - Arles

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Arles Cafe La Nuit from Vincent van Gogh

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Battle of Alesia

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Engineering in France

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Engineering in Brazil May 27 – June 25

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Engineering in Brazil May 27 – June 25 3 weeks of class in Fortaleza 10 days of go to Manaus (heart of the Amazon), Rio de Janeiro and Iguacu Falls going by building and social pertinent locales ENGR 490 - Global Experiences in Engineering, 3 credits, Essential Studies Areas C, D, E or H MODL 198 - Brazilian Culture and Portuguese Language, 3 credits, Essential Studies Areas C or H Faculty: Dr. David H. Allen

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Engineering in Brazil May 27 – June 25 Fortaleza Population: 2,3 million (2004) Area: 313 km² Population of Brazil: 181,5 million (2004)

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Engineering in Brazil May 27 – June 25

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Engineering in Brazil May 27 – June 25 Manaus 2 hours up-stream Negro Ariau Hotel Anaconda

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Engineering in Brazil

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Engineering in Brazil May 27 – June 25 Rio de Janeiro

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Engineering in Brazil May 27 – June 25 Iguassu Falls

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Apply for a system First come - first serve Space is constrained (15 - 20 understudies) Apply online (EASY!!!) Fill out structures An and B Send an email to Marilena

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How much does it cost? Program Fees include: in nation transportation (air, mentor) Hotels and quarters facilities Tickets and admissions to attractions 10 Group Meals Group medical coverage International Student ID Cards Tuition: If you are assuming this class for praise we will work it out with your home foundation so you can pay instate educational cost, or if UNL\'s out of state is less expensive for you, you can likewise enlist as a meeting understudy… as such: we will do what\'s wagers for you, we simply need you to run with us… Pocket cash: UNPREDICTABLE, relies on upon you ways of managing money. Brazil $2,500 France $3,000 Airfare ~ $1,000 Tuition Pocket Money

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How would I be able to concoct 5K? Guardians & Family (Holidays) Student Loans Scholarships (College of Engineering, International Affairs, Departments) Work 1,000 hours !!! Land an understudy position in grounds Dump you sweetheart, offer your auto…

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Do your Research Talk to your Faculty (Dr. Allen) Talk to Marilena (I want to do that!!!) Talk to previous understudies Read, Browse, Search EVERYTHING conceivable about the spot you wanna go Watch motion pictures Try to take in the dialect (CD\'s)

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THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS? If you don\'t mind contact Marilena Carvalho 402-472-4528 402-304-8960

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