Building Windows Applications with HTML and CFML.

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Building Windows Applications with HTML and CFML By Steve Nelson Review Band Outline SashScript Diagram Fabricating a Scarf Application Program versus Windows Programs = Widespread Windows = Adaptability and Control Band Weblications Incorporate with the Windows Desktop
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Building Windows Apps with HTML and CFML By Steve Nelson

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Overview Sash Overview SashScript Overview Building a Sash Application

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Browser versus Windows Browsers = Universal Windows = Flexibility & Control

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Sash Weblications Integrate with the Windows Desktop Use HTML for the client interface Use SashScript to make them dynamic

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Standard Windows Application Screen Saver Desktop Toolbar Desktop Bands Windows Explorer Bars Windows Find Internet Explorer Applications Shell Namespace Control Panel Components Property Sheets Sash “Locations”

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Build SDI or MDI Applications Easily control menus Use HTML for presentation Standard Windows Application

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Create intuitive screen savers Connect your screen saver to a ColdFusion server! Screen Saver

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Just like the Start Menu Can be docked in distinctive territories Desktop Toolbar

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Useful for applications that don\'t oblige a ton of screen land Desktop Bands

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Interact with the Windows Explorer or IE Can be made unmistakable or shrouded Similar to the “Favorites” bar Windows Explorer Bars

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Use the “Search” catch in the Start menu to open a Sash application Windows Find

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Sash Weblication Manager Allows for simple introduce/unistall Automatic overhauls Adjust security settings for every Weblication

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Sash WDE Sash Development Environment Project Based Manages both advancement and distributed

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Setting up a Sash Project Sash is Project Based Similar to an undertaking in CF Studio Manages Actions and Files

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Sash Actions Implement the conduct of a Weblication Weblications have one or more Actions Each Action is alloted a “Location”

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Sash Location Where the Weblication runs Determines what code is accessible Examples: Desktop Toolbar, Explorer Extension, Screen Saver

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Introduction to SashScript Superset of Javascript Hundreds of extra strategies, properties and occasions Called with the <script> Tag

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<script language="sashscript"> var categorylist=new Sash.Core.Net.URLConnection(); categorylist.Url="”; categorylist.Execute(); </script> Connecting Sash to a CF server is genuinely basic. Interfacing with a CF Server

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Displaying the Output Display the yield in HTML Or…. Download a WDDX parcel and work with the information in Sash!

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The Disconnected App Sash permits you to manufacture refined applications, disengaged from the web See what you can assemble!

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Other Resources

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Questions? Steve Nelson m@secretagents.c

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