Bunch Proportions Upgrade DSCP Client Gathering Operational Apportions Workshop June 2010.

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Almond Cupcakes. Yellow Cake with Strawberry Topping. Chocolate Cake with Cherry Topping ... Confetti Cupcakes. Almond Cupcakes. Pecan Pie. Sweet Potato Pie. Italian ...
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Bunch Rations Update DSCP Customer Conference Operational Rations Workshop June 2010

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Unitized Group Rations (UGRs)™ Family of Unitized Group Rations (UGRs): UGR – Heat and Serve (H&S) ™ : rack stable segments; 18-month Shelf-Life @ 80 o F UGR – A ™ : business solidified parts in addition to rack stable segments; 1-year Shelf-Life UGR – B ™ : USMC particular; rack stable fixings; 18-month Shelf-Life @ 80 o F Each UGR contains: 50 complete suppers (3 boxes) Dining plate, utensils, and so forth. Up to 7 breakfast & 14 lunch/supper menus Approximately 1450 calories for each feast Each UGR is ceaselessly enhanced under the Fielded Group Ration Improvement Project (FGRIP) and affirmed by the Office of The Surgeon General (OTSG)

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UGR-E™ Characteristics Capability: Provides Hot Meals for Remote Site Field Feeding Features: Feeds up to 18 for every case Safe and simple to utilize Four six-pound polymeric plate: dish, vegetable, starch, dessert Completely independent Polymeric plate coupled to radiator and activator Pull tab, hot dinner in 45 minutes Meals warmed when/where required

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UGR-E™ Menus Current UGR-E ™ Menus: OTSG Approved 2 Breakfast 6 Lunch/Dinner 1 Turkey Dinner Holiday Menu Expanded Menus: 2 Additional Breakfast 2 Additional Dinner

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UGR-E ™ Menus (OTSG Approved – Apr 06) 1300 Calories (Avg.) 12% protein, 38% fat, half sugars Lunch/Dinner Modules acquired at first UGR-E™ Nutritional Intake

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Current UGR-E ™ Breakfast Menus: Two breakfast menus were endorsed by OTSG for incorporation in FY08 Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) generation contracts to increase current lunch/supper menus UGR-E™ Menu Improvements Developing self-warming bubble in-sack egg get together Focus gathering and client field assessments directed FY08/09 High quality egg item exhibited Approved by Joint Services (Jan 09) for consideration in future UGR-E ™ breakfast menus

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UGR-E™ Menu Improvements Expanded UGR-E ™ Breakfast Menus: Breakfast menu upgrades in addition to two extra breakfast menus were endorsed by OTSG for incorporation in FY09 DSCP creation contracts to enlarge current menus B R E A K F A S T

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UGR-E™ Menu Improvements Expanded UGR-E ™ Lunch/Dinner Menus: Two extra menus were affirmed by OTSG for incorporation in FY09 DSCP creation contracts to expand current menus

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FY08 Field Evaluations Heat & Serve Polymeric Tray Institutional-Sized Pouch Containerized Kitchen

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UGR-H&S™ FY09 Field Evaluation 368th Engineer Battalion Ft. McCoy, WI 11-18 Aug 09 400 Soldiers 4 Groups 8 Days UGR-H&S™ or UGR-A™ for breakfast and supper Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE)™ for lunch FT. McCoy Field Evaluation Photos

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UGR-H&S™ FY09 Field Evaluation JSORF Approved UGR-H&S™/E™ Breakfast Items:

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UGR-H&S™ FY09 Field Evaluation 2011 Dinner Entrees* Soldier finishing overview. Evacuate JSORF Approved expelling two lower scoring things Remove * aggregation of late field test comes about

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UGR-H&S™ FY09 Field Evaluation JSORF Approved UGR-H&S™/E™ Dinner Entrées: Proposed UGR-H&S™, 12 Menu Distribution

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UGR-H&S™ FY09 Field Evaluation JSORF Approved UGR-H&S™/E™ Dinner Bakery Items: 7

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UGR-A™ FY09 Field Evaluation UGR-A ™ Field Evaluation Fully enhanced UGR-A™, FY09 menus utilized as standard control menus Thanks to industry more than 100 hopeful UGR™ things were submitted and assessed by Natick and the Joint Culinary Center of Excellence ( JCCoE ), with more than 60 new UGR-A ™ segments down chose for field testing UGR-A ™ results were displayed to the UGR-A™ Integrated Product Team (IPT) on 4 Nov 09 for choice to incorporate into the FY11 menus Updated UGR-A ™ Tables I & II inspected by industry Mar/Apr 2010 and last tables will move to DSCP in May 10 DSCP will execute UGR-A™,11 menus NLT 1 Oct 10

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UGR-A™ FY09 Field Evaluation UGR-A™ IPT Approved Breakfast Items:

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UGR-A™ FY09 Field Evaluation

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UGR-A™ FY09 Field Evaluation Pigs truly do fly and make truly heavenly hot pork wings!

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UGR-A™ FY09 Field Evaluation UGR-A™ IPT Approved Dinner Dessert Items:

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FY10 UGR™ Field Test Plans Based on Warfighter input: UGR-A™ FY10 field test results will be exhibited to the UGR-An IPT for choice to incorporate into FY12 menus UGR-H&S™ results will be introduced to the JSORF, Feb 11 for choice to incorporate into FY13 menus

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FY10 UGR™ Field Test Plans UGR-H&S™ Potential New Retort Entrées (13) Pork Steaks with Chorizo & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Ravioli Peppers and Onions in Marinara Sauce Mini Meatballs with Noodles & Brown Gravy (NDI)* Beef Cannellini in Roasted Pepper Sauce (NDI) Pork Shoulder with Apple Butter Sauce (NDI) Thai Red Curry Chicken (NDI) Mac & Cheese with Ham (NDI) Mac & Cheese with Chorizo (NDI) Potatoes with Bacon (NDI) Potatoes with Turkey Bacon (NDI) Ham Slices with Sweet and Sour Sauce (NDI) Asian BBQ Chicken Sausage with Peppers in a Cream Sauce (NDI) Fajita Chicken Strips with Peppers (NDI) *NDI – Non Developmental Item

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FY10 UGR™ Field Test Plans UGR-H&S™/A™ Potential New Pouched Sauces for Vegetable (all NDIs) Garlic Butter Sauce Mexican Style Sauce Cream Sauce Maple Brown Sugar Glaze Southern Style Sauce Italian Style Cheese Sauce

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FY10 UGR™ Field Test Plans UGR-H&S™ (proceeded with) Potential New Shelf Stable Bakery (all NDIs) Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Cornbread Sweet Potato Praline Coffee Cake Gingerbread Cake Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake Almond Shortbread Cookies Lemon Shortbread Cookies

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Future UGR™ Field Testing Focus for Potential New Items: Nutrition Reduced Sodium Increased Fiber – Legumes, Whole Grains, and so forth. Lessened Fat Trans-Fat Free Omega-3 Fatty Acid\'s Decrease Overall Cube/Weight

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