Business 100.

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This is a marketable strategy. It doesn't suggest and offering of securities. ... Inside of the first year of business, Natural Perfumes extends the shipment of more than 250,000 ...
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Business 100 Introduction to Business Dr. Kathy Broneck

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Review Entrepreneurship Small organizations Economic effect Operations Start up

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Preview Handout of Business Plans Business Plans Sections Don\'t\'s of Business Plans

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Purpose of a Business Plan Defines the Business Identifies Business Goals Communication Management Planning

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Sections for Today Cover Page Confidentiality Agreement Executive Summary Table of Contents Company Background

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Cover Page Title of Report Date Prepared By Lists colleagues Contact Information For more data, or if there are any inquiries, please contact XXXXX at XXXXXXXX.

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Cover Page Natural Perfumes May 1, 2006 Prepared by: Names Contact Information

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Confidentiality Agreement Informs the peruser that the substance are CONFIDENTIAL Aids the business people Legally tying 3 rd gathering may not talk about thoughts Ideas are more averse to be "stolen"

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Confidentiality Clause Confidentiality Agreement The undersigned peruser recognizes that the data gave by (writer\'s name here ) in this strategy for success is secret; thusly, peruser concurs not to uncover it without the composed authorization of (writer\'s name here) . It is recognized by peruser that data to be outfitted in this strategy for success is in all regards secret in nature, other than data which is in the general population space through different means and that any revelation or utilization of same by peruser, may bring about genuine mischief or harm to (creator\'s name here) . Upon solicitation, this archive is to be quickly come back to (creator\'s name here) . ___________________________ Signature ____________________________ Name (wrote or printed) ___________________________ Date This is a marketable strategy. It doesn\'t infer and offering of securities.

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Executive Summary Intro sentence about business Summary of proposed thought Major Business objectives and targets Bottom Line COST PROFITS MAKE IT SHORT AND SWEET! Can\'t keep in touch with this until ALL of the report is finished!!!

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Executive Summary Natural Perfumes Within the most recent 2 years there has been a 150% expansion in offers of scents that utilization characteristic fixings. Presently, just 2 organizations create these aromas and are remote worked. Normal Perfumes needs to offer actually made scents to shoppers. So as to do as such, Natural Perfumes must form an assembling plant that will deliver scents utilizing vital oils that are created from naturally developed materials. Regular Perfumes endeavors to keep up a notoriety of managing just actually developed items. Inside the principal year of business, Natural Perfumes extends the shipment of more than 250,000 containers of aroma at a benefit of over $250,000. The upstart expense of Natural Perfumes is anticipated to be $150,000. Financial specialist\'s underlying venture will be utilized for assembling, wages, and rental space. The principal year\'s benefits will be utilized to pay back beginning venture obligations. Financial specialists in the organization can expect an arrival on their underlying ventures before the end of the 2 nd year of operation .

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Table of Contents Make beyond any doubt in your report you number EVERY PAGE Cover Page, Confidentiality Agreements and Executive Summary are regularly NOT numbered in Business Plans. Rather, Exec Sums have "i" or "ii" contingent upon position Each Section Heading ought to seem Table of Contents page is numbered "1"

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Table of Contents Table of Contents Executive Summary… … i 1.0 Company Background… … .2 1.1 Objectives… … 3 1.2 Mission Statement… … .… .3 1.3 Business Goals… … .… ..4 2.0 Management Team Summary… … 5 2.1 Organizational Structure… … 5 2.1.1 Flowchart… … ..… … 6 2.2 Management Team… … ..… … 7

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Company Background For new businesses, this segment talks about the center estimations of the organization. Targets Mission Statement Business Goals Ownership/Legalities

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Company Background Objectives/Business Goals Answers what your organization is attempting to do What are the money related objectives of the business? Does the business plan to extend or develop? Statement of purpose Ethics of your organization; what your organization values and is endeavoring to accomplish

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Company Background Ownership/Legalities Is the organization a sole proprietor, association, partnership? Who "gets stuck in an unfortunate situation" if the organization can\'t pay the obligations? Does the organization circulate stocks, profits, and so on?

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Dos Factual Boring—don\'t attempt to zest things up! Refer to all examination and measurements Written in third individual Don\'ts No conversational discourse, no language, and so on Spell out everything (no withdrawals) Dos for a Business Plan

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Formatting a Business Proposal 1" edges Single space 1 space b/n passages No spaces unless records Section and sub-heading rubrics Footnotes of references

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Example 1.0 Management Plan ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 1 ss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 1.1 Employees xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Task for Today Form bunches between 5-7 individuals Choose A business your gathering can begin An organization name Start composing the Company Background Section Objectives/Business Goals Mission Statement Ownership/Liabilities

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