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Life Power Global Business Manufacturer Preparing Welcome! Reason Prepare Business Manufacturers for Development in 4 Ways: Figure out how to begin your business right. Achievement standards to keep your business developing. Perceive headways and accomplishments.
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Life Force INTERNATIONAL Business Builder Training Welcome!

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Purpose Equip Business Builders for Growth in 4 Ways: Learn how to begin your business right. Achievement standards to keep your business developing. Perceive headways and accomplishments. Assemble a neighborhood group with a typical vision.

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My Business Story

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Introduction to the Profession Key Benefits of Network Marketing No Boss Unlimited Income Potential Work with People You Like Flexibility No Commuting No Conventional Business Overheard Security! No Downsizing.

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Key Benefits of Network Marketing (cont) Tax Deductions Better Retirement Plans (SEP IRA’s) Low Start-up Cost = Low Risk No Glass Ceiling No Discrimination No Experience Required No Special Education or Background Required

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Key Benefits of Network Marketing (cont) No Administration Hassles No Employees Keep Your Day Job (for the present) Create More Free Time Spend More Time with Your Family Travel the World Donate Time and Money to a Worthy Cause Impact Thousands of Lives to improve things

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#1 Benefit of Network Marketing? Lingering Income! L residu ( um ) what is left over —Synonyms 1 . keeping, enduring, continuing, waiting.

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How is a Network Marketing Company Different than a Traditional Company? System Marketing Company Traditional Company Large Office Building SAME

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How is a Network Marketing Company Different than a Traditional Company? System Marketing Company Traditional Company Presidents, VP’s, Middle Management, and Staff SAME

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How is a Network Marketing Company Different than a Traditional Company? System Marketing Company Traditional Company Who get’s the $10 Million Dollar Advertising Budget? A system showcasing organization pays individuals like you and me to advertise their items, rather than paying famous people.

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How Does It Work? You are a self employed entity speaking to the Life Force items and business opportunity. You have no domain confinements (inside of the nations where LF works together) There are no restrictions on the quantity of individuals you can include. Along these lines, your pay potential is hypothetically boundless.

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How Does it Work? (cont) Your essential occupation is to demonstrate this to individuals in an energized way. They either: 1. Turned into a part Big business alternative Small business choice 2. Turned into a client 3. Demand more data 4. Say no (which frequently implies “not yet”)

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How Does it Work? (cont) You make 3 sorts of pay from your clients and individuals: 1. Direct 2. Utilized 3. Leftover

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Business is BOOMING $100 Billion in Worldwide Sales $30 Billion in US Sales 20% of US Sales are in the Wellness Industry 14 million US members 87% are low maintenance 12% are full-time (30+ hours for every week) 1.7million individuals

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Business is BOOMING (cont) Independent investigation of Network Marketing: The normal low maintenance wholesaler works 34 hours for each month, procures a normal of $418/month, or $12/hour. The normal mid-level merchant works 76 hours for each month, acquires a normal of $2523/month, or $33/hour. The normal full-time merchant who lives up to expectations 169 hours for each month, gains a normal of $12,217/month, or $72/hour

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Business is BOOMING (cont) FTC Study of 2500 individuals at arbitrary: 19 individuals (under 1%) said they got included in a NM business that was NOT a pyramid. 7 of the 19 said they were guaranteed a particular wage level. 5 of those 7 really hit the level they were guaranteed. 7 of the 19 said they were guaranteed help, 6 of the 7 said they got it. 2 out of 2500 individuals said they had not profited as they had been persuaded.  

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Wellness is Booming: Baby boomers are maturing (hitting 60). For a long time (between 1946 - 1964) a normal of 50,000 infants were conceived every day around the world. A movement at the top of the priority list set from recommended pharmaceuticals to regular ways to deal with accomplish great healthâ  Sales development from $200 Billion to $1 Trillion in overall deals by 2010

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Network Marketing is getting significant supports from exceptionally respected business specialists, financial experts, speculators, and lawmakers. Donald Trump Robert Kiyosaki Warren Buffet David Bach George Bush Bill Clinton Success Magazine Paul Zane Pilzer Zig Ziglar Oren Hatch Tom Peters Stephen Covey Fortune Magazine Tony Blair

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The advantages of picking Life Force: You get dependability & backbone You get money related quality You get a demonstrated administration group You get a demonstrated item You get a high payout pay arrangement You get proficient bolster You get a demonstrated business framework

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10 Core Commitments Get Started Right Consistent Daily Action – 2 exposures for every day (low maintenance) Follow-up Attend Conference Calls and Local Events Attend International Convention Build Your Core Team Recognize Advancements Continuous Learning Write a Vision Be Here In One Year

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5 Minute BREAK!

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The Life Force System A progression of occasions gave by the organization and the pioneers. A structure to develop your business. An occasion is when two or more individuals are examining Life Force. Every one of the year\'s occasions come full circle yearly at the International Convention.

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Examples of Events: Invitations Appointments Follow-up calls 3-way assembles Conference brings In-home conferences Hotel occasions Regional Events Training Seminars (Silver, Platinum, and so on)

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How to utilize the framework: You focus on the occasions in the framework yourself and show others how its done. You educate your new individuals to do likewise. You make a society in your association that pioneers go to everything.

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It’s a STORY business! “I don’t think about that, yet what I do know is…..” stories (yours and others). Figure out how to recount your story! Uncover your clients and individuals to your upline’s stories (utilize 3-way calling). Originate from your heart No wellbeing or salary cases Keep it short Don’t offer it

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New Business Stories

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Recognition .:tsli

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