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The Quran. Business stuff. ID’s & Test format? New Reading for Tues: Herodotus Error!: Last class I messed up a Quranic verse: Read in the name of thy Lord who created Created man from a clot of blood Read for thy Lord is most bountiful Who taught by the pen
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The Quran

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Business stuff ID\'s & Test design? New Reading for Tues: Herodotus Error!: Last class I botched up a Quranic verse: Read for the sake of thy Lord who made Created man from a coagulation of blood Read for thy Lord is most abundant Who instructed by the pen Who showed man what he didn\'t have a clue.

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The History of the Text A History told by Muslims Revealed Piecemeal from 610-632 Compilation Written down or retained by Muslims amid the lifetime of Muhammad 632 Abu Bakr orders a far reaching duplicate made, held by Hafsa, girl of \'Umar \'Uthmanic content: contradictions lead \'Uthman to request one consonantal content in 650 (on camel material). Most established full trial of Quran originates from the mid 900\'s An Oral Text/the Arabic Script: Consonants not dabbed case Consonants not vowelled case At slightest 10 surely understood "readings" of the Quran

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Other Theories? Ancient Material, Later Compilation: the Quran addresses Near Eastern gathering of people, so is it from the post-success period… how could it have been able to it get away from the common wars?

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Page from a Quran from the 1 st Islamic century/7 th Century CE

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Quran as a Book Types of material: Hortatory/educational: accept , do great deeds, fear God, be careful the Day of Judgment, obey God and his Prophet Narrative : stories of Moses, Abraham , Noah, Salih Predictive/Eschatological: destiny of adherents and unbelievers, creation and apocalypse Polemical : cases of Muhammad\'s rivals, the failings of the \'General population of the Book\' Doctrinal : the way of God Legal : under 500 verses manage law and custom Structure of Quran: Not a ceaseless account Contextual  " azbab al-nuzul = events of disclosure\' Ellipticalism: expect gathering of people learning Person: God as past dialect… \'He\', "I" "We" and "God" Good for record-breaking?

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Themes Tawhid : love of God alone Vs. Avoid : doling out accomplices to God ex. Learning (\' ilm ) versus Hypothesis ex. History and Nature vouch for the Message ex.

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Quran as Source The Quran is the "primary source ( al-asl al-awwal )" of Islamic law and authoritative opinion. A Genre of Quranic Exegesis: Tafseer

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Quran as Sacred Object \'The Book/Kitab \': the "Saved Tablet" with God, the Quran as natural sign Ijaz of the Quran: supremacy c. 850 Sacred Art: calligraphic custom Recitation and Reading: the Holy word enlivened Talisman

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Quran in Kufic script from the 700\'s CE

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Quran dated 641 AH/1243 CE

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Quran dated 1341 CE

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Quran from Andalusia (Spain) From the 1100\'s CE back

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Quran shirt from Mughal India (1500\'s - 1800\'s) For the rich as it were!

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Quranic Recitation Saudi Style Shaykh al-Husary (Egypt) Woman reciter South Asian reciter Recitation session in Pakistan back

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Friday Question What is the way of the Prophet\'s power amid his life, and how do individuals see it after his demise?

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Undotted Consonants بيت house بنت little girl ثبت solid back

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Unvowelled Consonants M-L-K Mulk – territory Milk – property Malik – King Malak – Angel Malaka – he claimed Mulika – it was possessed back

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Tawhid versus Avoid "Have you not seen those individuals who make their fancies and goals their god… " "Say \'Surely my Lord had guided me to a straight way, the right religion and method for Abraham the Hanif , he was not one of the individuals who related accomplices with God.\' Say, \'For sure my petitions, commitments, living and biting the dust are for God, Lord of the every one of the universes. He has no accomplice. This is the thing that has been appointed for me, and I am the first of the individuals who submit to God (muslim)." (6:161-62) back

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Knowledge (\'Ilm) versus Theory "They say, \'All there is the life of this world, we kick the bucket and we live, and all that devastates us is time ( dahr ).\' But they don\'t have any information (\' ilm ) of that, in fact they do however guess." (46:24) back

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History and Reality Bear Witness "Have you not seen the ship going through the waters by the gift of God to give you prove from his hints, without a doubt in that there are signs for every one of the individuals who drive forward and are appreciative." 31:31-32 "Will they not voyage over the earth and see the destiny of the individuals who preceded?" (12:109) The Star back

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By Time By time, to be sure humankind is clearly in misfortune… Except the individuals who accept and do great deeds… And order upon each other reality… And charge each other to continue on. back

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Chapter of Purity Say He is the One God. The God ever looked for after. He doesn\'t sire, nor is he generated. What\'s more, there is nothing similar to Him. back

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Abraham\'s Discovery And so We demonstrated Abraham the territory of the Heavens and the Earth so he may be one of those had of conviction. What\'s more, when night fell, he saw a sublime body and said, "This is my Lord," however when it set he said, "Verily I don\'t love things that vanish." So when he saw the moon rising he said, "This is my Lord," yet when it set he said, "Verily, if my Lord does not direct me then I might be one of those off track." When the sun rose he said, "This is my Lord, this is most awesome," and when it set he said, "O my kin, in fact I am free of that which you relate as a band together with God, I have turned my face to Him that made the Heavens and the Earth in unadulterated love (hanifan), and I am not one of the individuals who credits accomplices to God." 6:75-79 back

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Dealing With Enemies "God has not illegal you from being goodly towards or managing fairly with the individuals who have not driven you from your homes or battled you in your religion. Surely God cherishes the individuals who bargain legitimately. Or maybe, God has just banned you from taking as companions the individuals who have driven you from your homes, helped with this, or battled you in your religion. Furthermore, whoever takes them as companions, they most likely are among the wrongdoers." 60:8-9 back

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Heaven and Hell Indeed the individuals who don\'t look towards meeting Us and are content with the natural life, beyond any doubt of it, the individuals who are lax of Our signs, their habitation Hellfire, reward for what they earned. Be that as it may, the individuals who accepted and did great deeds, God guides them by their confidence. Waterways will keep running underneath them in patio nurseries of gift. Their call there will be \'Most superb is God,\' and they will be welcomed with \'Peace!\', and they will at last get out \'In fact, acclaim be to God, Lord of the considerable number of universes." 10:7-10 back

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