Business Training Minimal DRESS FOR Achievement!.

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No noticeable body piercings past moderate ear piercings for ladies ... On the off chance that you have any noticeable body parts penetrated or tattooed: Remove all piercings and cover all tattoos if ...
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Business Education Compact DRESS FOR SUCCESS!

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What\'s So Important about DRESS? Early introductions are CRITICAL! You are advertising an item – YOURSELF! Dress is the primary thing a business sees when welcoming you! Will dressing appropriately land you the position? NO, yet it will: Give you a focused edge Provide a positive early introduction!

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The Reality Should you be judged by what you wear? Maybe NOT THE REALITY: You ARE judged With the prospective employee meet-up, it\'s HOW YOU ARE DRESSED that sets the tone of the meeting.

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How Should I Dress? Moderate is ALWAYS the most secure course BUT – do some examination of the business What you wear ought to make you look as if you FIT IN with the association If you overdress or under dress, the business may feel that you couldn\'t care sufficiently less about the employment! Approaches to discover the correct dress: Call the Human Resources workplaces and ask Visit the organization\'s office and watch the clothing current representatives are wearing Make beyond any doubt you are not there on an "easygoing day"!

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Hints for Dress Success Make beyond any doubt you have: Clean and cleaned moderate dress shoes Well-prepared haircut Cleaned and trimmed fingernails Minimal cologne or aroma No unmistakable body piercings past traditionalist ear piercings for ladies Well-brushed teeth and crisp breath No gum, treat, or different items in your mouth Minimal adornments No personal stench

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Dress for Success-Women Wear preservationist hues Matching overcoat and skirt or jeans – dim hues with light shaded pullover – nothing low profile OR Dress/khaki slacks (squeezed) and long-sleeve conservative shirt Skirt length ought to be a little underneath the knee and NEVER shorter than over the knee Avoid wearing tight apparel Shoes ought to be low-heeled Make-up ought to be insignificant Lipstick and nail shine in preservationist tones Bring a folder case as opposed to a handbag

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Dress for Success - Men Wear moderate hues Conservative suit or games coat and squeezed dress/khaki slacks White since quite a while ago sleeved conservative shirt Conservative silk tie (discretionary) Polished dress shoes Belt that matches shoes If you have a facial hair or mustache: Make beyond any doubt it is flawlessly trimmed If you have any noticeable body parts pierced or inked: Remove all piercings and cover all tattoos if conceivable

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Dressing ON THE JOB Once you\'ve found the employment… Consult your boss in the matter of what is worthy dress for his/her area of expertise Ask about any "easygoing days" and what sort of dress is permitted on those days When in uncertainty, DRESS CONSERVATIVELY!

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BEC Contacts: Leslie Ewen Student Services Program Specialist 503-646-0242 ext. 29 l Questions?

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