Business Trucks.

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Business Trucks Part of the Car Family Stable Recognizable? Supplier Combination Channel Solidification Constrained Item Separation Worldwide Contenders Government Regulation Divided Reseller's exchange Nonstop Innovation Push Key Profile – The Business Vehicle Segment
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Business Trucks Part of the Automotive Family

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Sound Familiar? Supplier Consolidation Channel Consolidation Limited Product Differentiation Global Competitors Government Regulation Fragmented Aftermarket Continual Technology Push

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Strategic Profile – The Commercial Vehicle Sector Key Issues Industry Complexity Relationship to Other Auto Sectors Industry Drivers Strategic Profile Industry Outlook

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Industry Complexity

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Relationship to Auto Sector

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Industry Drivers General Economics Productivity Differentiation From different modes Fleet to Fleet Cost Structure Driver Skills/Availability

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Porter’s Model For Industry Analysis The Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Supplier Power Rivalry Barriers to Entry Substitutes Buyer Power

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Supplier Power North America Five suppliers Cat, Cummins, DDC, Eaton & ArvinMeritor give 30% of the quality Worldwide Supply base is more assorted Trend OE’s attempting to diminish supplier power

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Buyer Power North America Large armadas [3000+] manage details and purchase half of vehicles Worldwide Similar to U.S. pre dereg – divided – low purchaser power

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Substitutes Modal dangers Rail for separation is turning out to be better Infrastructure Highway development is a down as far as possible

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Barriers to Entry Increasing regulation Emissions Safety Distribution & Support North America – Independent Global - Captive

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Commercial Vehicles A Balance to the Auto Industry Complementary Technologies Different Economic Cycles Different Drivers Different Customers .:tslides

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