Butt-centric Issues.

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Butt-centric Canal. UpperSuperior rectal a
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Butt-centric Problems First 15cm on unbending sigmoidoscopy Levator ani Internal sphincter (autonomic) External sphincter (deliberate) Vascular pads

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Anal Canal Upper Superior rectal a&v (inf. mesenteric) Inf. mesenteric lymph. autonomic Lower Inferior rectal a&v (inward iliac) Superf. inguinal lymph. substantial

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Ano-rectal agony and dying

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Hemorrhoids Symptoms and Signs Bright red rectal dying, prolapse, bodily fluid, pruritis ani, torment on thrombosis, frailty Management Exclude different reasons for draining Conservative, Sclerotherapy, Banding, Haemorrhoidectomy

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Fistula in Ano Symptoms and Signs Initial boil with release intermittent perianal disease and constant release Management Examination under soporific Superficial and low-level fistulae exposed High fistulae – low part exposed, upper part tied with seton

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Perianal Haematoma Symptoms and Sign Tense, smooth, dull blue, cherry-sized knot at butt-centric edge Acute onset, sudden torment Management Drainage under nearby analgesic Hot showers

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Perianal Abscess Symptoms and Signs Painful, delicate perianal swelling with release Management Examination under sedative, MRI, US Surgical cut and waste Antibiotics

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Perianal Warts Symptoms and Signs Cornified epithelial injuries regularly in groups Discomfort, torment, pruritis ani Management Most resolve suddenly (2 years) Silver nitrate/podophyllin Curettage

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Anal Carcinoma Symptoms and Signs Anal edge – unmistakable mass, torment, dying, release, pruritis ani Anal sphincter – incontinence Management EUA, sigmoidoscopy, biopsy Early – radiotherapy (inc. inguinal lymphatics) Late – surgery, colostomy

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Rectal Prolapse Symptoms and Signs Discomfort, draining and bodily fluid on poop, tenesmus, incontinence, projection Management Conservative Surgical

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Problems in Childhood Imperforate rear-end (with fistulation) 1/5000 new-conceived newborn children, particularly guys Partial rectal prolapse Confined to the mucosa, self-curing Congenital megacolon/Hirschprung malady Absent distal autonomic ganglion cells in myenteric plexus

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