By: Austin Dalmolin.

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1. School shooting connected to rap music. C. Propelled youth to convey what needs be. D. ... music. 1. Christian rap. 2. Measurements. C. The Future of rap music. Rap ...
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By: Austin Dalmolin

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I. History A. Meaning of rap music B. Rap Music\'s Roots 1. Beat verse C. Pick up in ubiquity 1. Sugar Hill Gang\'s "Rappers Delight" 2. Run DMC

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II. Rap\'s impact on the music industry A. Increment in free record names 1. Def Jam Records 2. No Restriction records B. Dark business people 1. Russel Simmons 2. Puff Daddy C. More open doors for African-Americans

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III. Rap\'s impact on youth A. Desensitization to brutality, drug use, and so on 1. Stunning verses B. Can make audience members against social or brutal 1. School shooting connected to rap music. C. Roused youth to convey what needs be D. Guardians duty 1. Adolescent and Slick Rick\'s sentiment E. Oversight

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IV. Rap music\'s negative impacts on society A. Some rap advances sexism, drug use, and so forth 1. Gangsta rap B. Strengthens supremacist, sexist generalizations C. Desensitization of youth D. Awful good examples for internal city youth

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` V. Positive impacts on society A. Makes individuals mindful of the issues in urban America 1. Rocks utilize 2. Pack brutality B. Rap is an instructive apparatus C. Dark society expression 1. Coordinated dark society into our general public

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VI. Rap Music movement 2002 1998

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VII. Diverse types of rap A. Standard rap 1. Underground rap B. Positive rap music 1. Christian rap 2. Insights C. The Future of rap music

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Conclusion Is rap music a positive impact on society? Should rap music be edited? Does rap music depict a valid picture of urban America? Is rap music turning out to be more positive?

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