by Wear L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen.

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ETHNIC Silliness See additionally "African American English" "Social Assorted qualities" "Indian-American Diversion" "Jewish Amusingness" and "Spanish-American Contrasts" by Wear L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen ETHNIC Funniness AS SWORD OR SHIELD
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ETHNIC HUMOR See additionally “African American English” “Cultural Diversity” “Indian-American Humor” “Jewish Humor” and “Spanish-American Contrasts” by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen 29

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ETHNIC HUMOR AS SWORD OR SHIELD Depending on its setting, cleverness can be hostile (gone for criticism of an ethnic gathering), Or it can be guarded (gone for shielding a gathering from disparagement), Or it can be both in the meantime. (Rappoport 2) 29

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ETHNIC STEREOTYPES HEAVEN is the spot where the cooks are French, the police are English, the mechanics are German, the partners are Italian, and everything is sorted out by the Swiss. Hellfire is the place the cooks are English, the police are German, the mechanics are French, the sweethearts are Swiss, and everything is sorted out by the Italians. (Nilsen & Nilsen 162) 29

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Many jokes contain ethnic generalizations. Christie Davies says, “To get to be furious about such jokes and to try to blue pencil them on the grounds that they encroach on delicate issues speaks the truth as sensible as crushing a thermometer on the grounds that it uncovers how hot it is.” (Nilsen & Nilsen 116) 29

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ETHNIC VS. POLITICAL JOKES Alan Dundes says that Americans have more ethnic than political jokes on the grounds that America has a free press where legislators and governmental issues are thrashed once a day. Americans along these lines have minimal requirement for oral political jokes. But since individuals are frequently uncomfortable examining such subjects as sexuality or bigotry, these have a tendency to turn into the shrouded subjects of joke cycles. (Nilsen & Nilsen) 29

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INSIDERS VS. Untouchables “Why aren’t Jews worried about the fetus removal contention? Since they don’t consider a hatchling suitable until after it moves on from restorative school.” 29

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If the tellers or audience members of this joke are gentiles, it might be hostile to semitic, scrutinizing Jews as being excessively yearning and haughty. Be that as it may, if the tellers or audience members are Jews, it might be a declaration of Jewish pride and the uncommonly exclusive expectations of youngster raising. (Rappoport 2) 29

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When a gathering part tells an ethnic or religious joke, it opens the entryway for inward gathering correspondence and welcomes bunch individuals to look at their states of mind and conduct. In any case, if outcasts tell the same joke, the impact is the inverse, in light of the fact that the pariah concentrates on the group’s most evident qualities and infers that these attributes have a place with everybody in the gathering. Since untouchables have little energy to achieve inner change, the impact is to generalization the gathering, and this diminishes the chances for change. (Nilsen & Nilsen 117) 29

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JOKE TARGETS Americans consider Poles, Italians, and Portuguese doltish, and Jews, Scots, New Englanders and Iowans as watchful. Canadians consider Newfies as moronic and Jews, Scots and Nova Scotians as shrewd. Mexicans consider individuals from Yucatan as idiotic and individuals from Monterey as vigilant. Nigerians consider Hausas as idiotic and the Ibos as shrewd. The English, Welsh and French consider the Irish, Belgians and Swiss as dumb, and the Scots and Jews as shrewd. (Davies 8) 29

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M.I.C.H. Robert Priest, an analyst at West Point Military Academy, has proposed what he calls the MICH Theory of Moderate Intergroup Conflict Humor. He says that individuals won\'t utilize amusingness with one another unless there is some sort of strain or solid feeling. On the other hand, when sentiments go past the moderate level then cleverness worsens, instead of assists a with negativing circumstance. Along these lines, the most entertaining jokes are typically found in the center extents, on the grounds that this is the place the antagonistic vibe does not overwhelm the amusingness. (Nilsen & Nilsen 116, 293) 29

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LARRY MINTZ’S STAGES OF ETHNIC HUMOR Critical Humor Targeting the Ethnic Group (e.g. Harpo Marx) Self-Deprecatory Humor about the Ethnic Group (e.g. Chico Marx) Realistic Humor Accepting Integration (e.g. Groucho Marx) Critical Humor Targeting Mainstream Culture (e.g. Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, Mel Brooks) (Boskin and Dorinson 167) (Nilsen & Nilsen 116) 29

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RADIO ETHNICITY During the “golden age” of radio, ethnic voices were enjoyable to listen. One radio which kept running amid the 1940s was entitled “Allen’s Alley,” and included Fred Allen. There was a windbag Irishman named Ajax Cassidy, an agriculturist named Titus Moody, and a vainglorious Southerner named Senator Beauregard Claghorn, whose mark line was “that’s a joke, son!” 29

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Kenny Delmar demonstrated the Claghorn character after a Texas farmer who had given Delmar a ride in his Model-T passage. Indeed, even today there is a Warner Brothers’ toon character by the name of Foghorn Leghorn who is designed according to Beauregard Claghorn. (Nilsen & Nilsen 102) 29

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TARGETS OF ETHNIC HUMOR The most well-known focuses of ethnic amusingness, “live on the geological, financial, or phonetic edge of the general public or society where the jokes are told, live in little groups, or rustic territories on the fringe of a country, are foreigners moved in industrial occupations. There is no confirmation that the objectives are dumb, however they involve idiotic locations.” (Davies 10) 29

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AFRICAN-AMERICAN ETHNICITY See PowerPoint on “African-American Humor.” 29

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CHINESE ETHNICITY Chinese author Frank Chin has reprimanded Maxine Hong Kingston for Woman Warrior , Amy Tan for The Joy Luck Club , and David Henry Hwang for his plays F.O.B. , and M. Butterfly . He blames these journalists for “boldly faking” Chinese fables and youth writing. 29

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Kingston reacted, “Sociologists have censured me for not knowing myths and for misshaping them.” In China, privateers unlawfully interpret her books for distribution in Taiwan and China. These privateers “correct” her myths, and change them to make them fit in with customary Chinese adaptations. “They don’t comprehend that myths need to change, be valuable or be forgotten.” “Like the general population who convey them crosswise over seas, the myths get to be American.” (Nilsen & Nilsen 117) 29

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GERMAN ETHNICITY Between 1931 and 1936 The Jack Pearl Show was on radio. Noble von Munchausen was the focal figure in a running drama. The Baron talked with an in number German pronunciation that stood out from the normal dialect of Charlie. 29

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BARON: Und dere in frundt off me wuz a green elephant. SHARLIE: Now hold up a moment, Baron; do you intend to let me know you actuallyl saw a green elephant? Noble: (with incredible resentment) Vas you dere, Sharlie? (Nilsen & Nilsen 102) 29

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INDIAN ETHNICITY See PowerPoint on “Indian Humor.” 29

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IRISH ETHNICITY “Since Irish silliness created out of the oral convention (the recounting jokes and stories in Irish bars), it is extremely epiphenal in nature.” “Like Jewish amusingness, Irish diversion created out of agony and disaster that brought about a diaspora.” 29

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“Irish cleverness, as Jewish funniness, contains much wit, and like Jewish funniness, a lot of Irish pleasantry is bilingual and/or bicultural, identifying with both the Gaelic/Celtic and to the English dialect and culture.” Many Irish, in the same way as other Jews, “are attempting to restore their roots, and it is the amusingness in Irish composed and oral writing that is helping them to do so.” (Nilsen Humor in Irish Literature xv) 29

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ITALIAN ETHNICITY In the late 1970s, entertainer Don Novello talked with an Italian emphasize and wearing administrative attire while doing satire dramas about Father Guido Sarducci. He was a hit on Saturday Night Live and on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour , yet when he went to the Vatican to posture for exposure photographs he was captured for mimicking a minister. (Nilsen & Nilsen 115) 29

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JEWISH ETHNICITY See PowerPoint on “Jewish Humor.” 29

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RUSSIAN ETHNICITY Russian migrant Yakov Smirnoff entertained Americans through the icy war and past with so much jokes as, “I have a Russian Express Card. It says, `Don’t Leave Home!’” and “One of the greatest contrasts in the middle of America and Russia is that in America you can simply discover a gathering, yet in Russia, the gathering dependably finds you.” (Nilsen & Nilsen 115) 29

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SCANDINAVIAN ETHNICITY Garrison Keillor abuses Scandinavian generalizations in his “Lake Wobegon.” “Swedish influenza is the typical influenza with chills, fever, looseness of the bowels, regurgitating, achiness, however it’s joined by an overwhelming inclination to place things in order.” (Nilsen & Nilsen 116) 29

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SCOTTISH HUMOR What’s the distinction between a poor Scotsman, a rich Scotsman and an old Scotsman? A poor Scotsman has a can o’ pee under the bed. A rich scotsman has a shade over the bed. Furthermore, an old Scotsman can na’ pee by any means. 29

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SPANISH-AMERICAN ETHNICITY See PowerPoint on “Spanish-American Humor.” 29

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CONCLUSION We must remember some fundamental standards as we take a gander at ethnic funniness: Someone else’s ethnic recognizable proof does not appear as imperative as does our own. The valuation for ethnic cleverness relates with the amount we think about, and relate to, the joke target. 29

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! Silliness is a device that can be utilized either to build up or tearing down connections. A joke told by an individual from the focused on gathering is entirely not the same as the same joke when it is told by a pariah. (Nilsen & Nilsen 118) 29

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!! We should likewise be mindful that ethnic diversion now has an edge it didn’t used to

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