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A Presentation to Metadata Special Interest Group 9 April 2003. CA’s Advantage Repository . Ronald Allard, Sr. Consultant Technology Services. Overview. Repository Products. There are 2 Repository Products: Advantage Repository DS (CAARDS) Client/Server Based
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A Presentation to Metadata Special Interest Group 9 April 2003 CA\'s Advantage Repository Ronald Allard, Sr. Advisor Technology Services

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Repository Products There are 2 Repository Products: Advantage Repository DS (CAARDS) Client/Server Based Integrated with Advantage Transformer Suite Data Shopper for Web - > Active Server Pages Advantage Repository z/OS and os/390 (AR/ZOS) Mainframe Based Integration with Endevor Data Shopper for Web - > JAVA

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Repository for Distributed Systems Architecture

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Repository for Distributed Systems Interfaces (otherwise known as: Metadata Exchanges) Languages/Development Tools Modeling Interfaces User Clients COOL:DBA ERwin Oracle Designer Component Modeler Oracle PowerBuilder Visual BASIC Visual C/C++ Win 95 Win NT Win 98 Win 2000 ActiveX C/C++ COBOL Java JCL ERP Systems Data Warehouse Advantage Repository For Distributed Systems PeopleSoft SAP R/3 Data Transformer Report Writers/Other DBMS Support Document Flat Files SQL Scanner Metadata Reporting DB2 IDMS Informix MS SQL ODBC Oracle Sybase Standard Reports CleverPath Reporter Data Shopper WEB

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Repository Key Capabilities Viewing Metadata Adding and Updating Metadata Repository Administration

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Capabilities – Viewing Metadata Repository Client Read/Write access to metadata Desktop establishment Customizable for various client bunches Data Shopper for Intranets Read-just access to metadata Web based- - no desktop establishment required User-accommodating

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Capabilities – Adding & Updating Metadata Population Center Automated checking/stacking of various source frameworks Client Manual overhauls of data (definitions, notes, and so on.)

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Capabilities – Administration Client Customize interfaces for both Client and Data Shopper Security Manager Manage archive clients and parts Extend Tool Modify the storehouse display Reuse Rules Administer change administration

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Repository Cases

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Source System Restructuring Mappings Target Design Normalize Oracle Calculations DB2 Homogeneous Data Warehouse Reformat Translate Sybase Balance Flat Files Repository Data Warehouse Support Advantage Transformer

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Application Development SlsSum TL_SLS nTotalSales SALES_TOT VendTotale = Total Sales!

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Reports Warehouse Tables Transformation Rules Table Change JCL Program Informix Element Oracle Sybase IMS DB2 Impact Analysis

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Customer Success Stories

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Customer Base Advantage Repository has more than 400 client worldwide The Repository keeps up a dynamic and vocal User Group A late autonomous study of Fortune 1000 organizations utilizing a storehouse found that more than half were utilizing CA\'s Advantage Repository Solution

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Success Stories Read more on the web: Royal Bank of Canada Winner of Prestigious Wilshire Award for Best Practices in Metadata Management CA\'s Advantage & AllFusion Help RBC Earn Award

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Reference Sites CA has fruitful clients in a wide assortment of enterprises and topographical ranges including: Banking: Citibank, Metavante, Standard Chartered Bank, State Street, Svenska Handelsbanken, Wachovia, and so forth. Protection: New York Life, Prudential, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Old Mutual Life Assurance (South Africa) and so forth. Government: US. Government managed savings Admin, US National Security Admin, Florida Dept. of Transportation, Wuhan Public Security Bureau, and so forth

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Repository Future

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CA\'s Roadmap and ISO9002 – What We Can Say Generally accessible (GA) Beta Information gathering or under thought for incorporation in a future discharge

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Under Consideration for Future Release Closer Integration with CA\'s BI and Modeling Tools Integration with External Tools New Exchanges Informatica Business Objects Certify Exchanges on most recent variants Support of Industry Standards XML DTD and XML Schemas CWM bolster Visualization Enhanced representation and altering by means of Web

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Repository Partners

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Implementing a Repository Costs & ROI

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Phased Approach Our Best Practices say:

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Fundamental Principles Incremental Approach Tangible Benefits Fixed Scope Clear Objectives Marketing Methodology versus Innovation Metadata Planning goes before the execution A Repository is an endeavor arrangement (versus a point-item)

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