Calamitous Disaster and Emergency Planning: Revitalizing FEMA after Hurricane Katrina .

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Calamitous Debacle and Crisis Arranging: Reviving FEMA after Sea tempest Katrina. R. Steven Daniels, California State College, Bakersfield. Sea tempest Katrina Reports. White House, The Government Reaction to Katrina: Lessons Learned. U.S. House: A Disappointment of Activity.
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Disastrous Disaster and Emergency Planning: Revitalizing FEMA after Hurricane Katrina R. Steven Daniels, California State University, Bakersfield

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Hurricane Katrina Reports White House, The Federal Response to Katrina: Lessons Learned. U.S. House: A Failure of Initiative. U.S. Senate: Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared .

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Hurricane Katrina Reports U.S. Government Accountability Office, Catastrophic Disasters: Enhanced Leadership, Capabilities, and Accountability Controls Will Improve the Effectiveness of the Nation\'s Preparedness, Response and Recovery System. Representative\'s Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding, and Renewal [Mississippi], After Katrina: Building Back Better than at any other time.

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Common Themes Accurate climate conjectures spared lives. All levels of government comprehended the potential results of an extensive scale tropical storm on the Gulf Coast. All levels of government were ill-equipped. State and nearby foundation was insufficient.

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Common Themes Response arranges at all levels were lacking. All levels neglected to execute existing arrangements. Enormous correspondence disappointments undermined coordination. Absence of preparing, correspondence, and situational mindfulness undermined order and control. Military help was priceless, however awkward.

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Survey Design: Topic Catastrophic fiasco: An occasion having phenomenal levels of harm, losses, disengagement, and interruption that would have across the nation results and risk national security.

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Survey Design: Sample Frame: IAEM and NEMA individuals (3,654). Test: 111 (3%). 100% of FEMA locales, 65% of states and domains, 3% of districts, 26% of U.S. populace.

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Survey Design: Four Themes Catastrophic debacles. Nearby and state crisis arranges. Reasons for Katrina disappointments. Proposals for enhancing FEMA.

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Catastrophic Disasters

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Catastrophic Disasters

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State and Local Emergency Plans

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Effectiveness of Katrina Response

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Effectiveness of Katrina Response

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Revitalization of FEMA

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Revitalization of FEMA

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Survey Recommendations Focus on no doubt calamities. Perceive local varieties. EOPs with satisfactory assets for fiascoes and mass clearing arranges. Assess EOCs for weakness to disaster.

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Survey Recommendations Foster extensive defenselessness administration. Develop political support. Enhance arranging, correspondence, coordination, and execution. Rebuild FEMA and contract the best.

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Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 Restructured and fortified FEMA. Refocused FEMA on CEM. Reinforced local overseers and operations. Made consultative chambers. Changed Stafford Act to guarantee more noteworthy adaptability.

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