Canadian Oil Sands Standpoint.

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what's more, climbing the rundown rapidly with oil sands creation expanding ... Synenco Northern Lights. Stages 1 & 2. Suncor Firebag. mining & extraction. Albian Sands ...
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Canadian Oil Sands Outlook EIA 2007 Annual Energy Outlook March 2007

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Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers 150 maker part organizations Explore for, create and deliver regular gas, normal gas fluids, unrefined petroleum, engineered raw petroleum, bitumen and sulfur all through Canada Members deliver more than 95 for every penny of Canada\'s common gas and raw petroleum 130 partner individuals give an extensive variety of administrations that backing the upstream raw petroleum and characteristic gas industry

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Canada\'s Oil and Gas Industry in the North American Energy Economy Canada is the world\'s third biggest regular gas maker Canada is the world\'s eighth biggest raw petroleum maker and climbing the rundown rapidly with oil sands generation expanding Canada is the biggest supplier of vitality to the United States #1

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U.S. Imports of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products by Country of Origin Petroleum Products #1 Crude Oil Canada, is the biggest (#1) supplier of raw petroleum and of unrefined petroleum and petroleum items to the US. Source: EIA, Jan-Nov 2006

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Oil & Gas Investment in Western Canada (Cdn $ billion)

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Comparative light, substantial and bitumen unrefined petroleum value Light raw petroleum cost cited in media (West Texas Intermediate) Heavy raw petroleum cost at Hardisty Estimated bitumen cost netback

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Includes 175 billion barrels of oil sands saves Global Crude Oil Reserves by Country Canada, with 175 billion barrels in oil sands holds, positions 2 nd just to Saudi Arabia in worldwide oil saves Source: Oil & Gas Journal Dec. 2006

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Mining & Upgrading In-situ Recoverable stores = 35 billion barrels Recoverable stores = 140 billion barrels Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Oil Production Steam Injection Steam Chamber Steam Injection Oil Production Reservoir Oil Sands Production Technologies 20% under 50 m profound Source: Shell Canada Source: Syncrude Cyclic Steam Process 80% more than 50 m profound Source: Petro-Canada Source: Imperial Oil

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Oil sands Mining and Upgrading Process 1.2 barrels bitumen 1 barrel engineered (overhauled) unrefined petroleum 2 tons of oil sands through separator 2 tons of oil sands 4 tons material 0.5 - 0.7 mcf/barrel Photos obligingness of Syncrude Canada

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Cold Lake Hilda Lake (Orion) Athabasca Wolf Lake/Primrose Cold Lake Ft. McMurray Peace River Tucker Lake Edmonton Cold Lake Calgary Oil Sands Projects in Three Deposits Fort Hills Kearl Lake Northern Lights Horizon Joslyn Creek Muskeg River Albian Sunrise Syncrude Firebag MacKay River Peace River Jackpine Suncor Seal (Blackrock) Fort McMurray Surmont Hangingstone Peace River Christina Lake Long Lake Whitesands Jackfish Foster Creek In Situ Projects Mining Projects

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Bitumen Upgraders in Alberta Capacity by 2015

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Actual Forecast Canadian Oil Production Conventional, Oil Sands and Offshore Oil Sands Production: 2006 = 1.1 million b/d 2015 = 2.9-3.5 mm b/d 2020 = 3.3-4.0 mm b/d Offshore Constrained Case Oil Sands Western Canadian Conventional Oil Source: CAPP

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Oil sands development will move Canada from #8 to #4 on the planet by 2015 Top 10 World Crude Oil Producers in 2005 Source: EIA & CAPP

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Oil Sands Capital Costs Increases Global Cost Increases Not Just Local Capital Cost of 100,000 bbl/day venture $3.3 billion $10 billion Production Start Date 2001 2003 2006 2007 2008 2010 *Syncrude incorporates base plant quality changes and power

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Construction Workforce Outlook – Nov 2005 Synenco Northern Lights Phases 1 & 2 IOL – Mackenzie Gas Project EnCana Foster Creek Syncrude SERP Suncor Firebag mining & extraction OPTI Canada/Nexen Upgrader North West Upgrader Syncrude S3dbn CNRL Horizon Phase 3 Husky Tucker Thermal CNRL – Horizon Phases 1 &2 Albian Sands Downstream Exp IOL Oilsands Mine Syncrude UE1 & SERP Suncor Firebag & Voyageur Albian Sands Jackpine Mine Petro Canada PC/UTS Forth Hill IOL Conoco Surmont Source: Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) Nov 2005

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Construction Workforce Outlook – Oct 2006 IOL – Mackenzie Gas Project Synenco Northern Lights Phases 1 & 2 Syncrude Northwest OPTI Canada/Nexen Upgrader North American Joslyn Syncrude UE1 & SERP Albian Sands – Jackpine & Upgrader Expansion Petro Canada Suncor Firebag & Voyageur IOL Cold Lake CNRL – Horizon Phases 1 &2 PC/UTS Fort Hill Conoco Surmont Source: Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) Oct 2006

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Need for Infrastructure Moving a Suncor Coker at 10-15 km for every hour the distance from Edmonton

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Crude Oil Supply and Pipeline Expansions Existing/Planned Expansions New Pipelines/Expansions Constrained Case Enbridge Clipper TransCanada Keystone Thousand Barrels Per Day TransMountain TMX 1 Enbridge Southern Access

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existing proposed possible Canadian & U.S. Raw petroleum Pipelines Enbridge Gateway Capacity 400 kbpd In service 2012-14 Kinder Morgan TMX Northern Leg Capacity 400 kbpd In service 2012 TMX2 Expansion Capacity 100 kbpd In service 2011 TMX3 Expansion Capacity 300 kbpd In service 2011 TransCanada Keystone Capacity 435 kbpd In administration late 2009 Cushing Extension Capacity 155 kbpd In service late 2010 Heartland Extension Capacity 600 kbpd In service 2009-10 Enbridge North Alberta Clipper Capacity 450+ kbpd In service mid-2010 Southern Access Capacity 400 kbpd In service 2009 Southern Lights Capacity 185 kbpd In service 4Q 2008 Line 5 Expansion Capacity 50 kbpd In service 2008 Line 6B Expansion Capacity 44 kbpd In service 2009 Line 6C New Line Capacity 350 kbpd In service 2011 Line 9 Reversal Capacity 180 kbpd In service 2009 Edmonton Trans Mountain Hardisty Sunoco New Line Capacity 200 kbpd In service 2012 Burnaby Anacortes TransCanada AB-California Capacity 400 kbpd In service 2012 AB-USGC Capacity 400-600 kbpd In service 2012 Express Montreal Portland Enbridge Sarnia BP Light line ex-Chicago Capacity 180 kbpd In service 2009 Guernsey Salt Lake City Chicago Enbridge South New Line Capacity 450 kbpd In service 2010 New Line Capacity na In service 2012-14 Spearhead Expansion (N/S) Inc. Capacity 65 kbpd In service 2009 North Loop to Chicago In service 2009 Enbridge New Line Capacity 400 kbpd In service 2010 Platte Altex Capacity 250+ kbpd In service 2011 Lima BP Patoka Wood River Kinder Morgan Express Option 1 Capacity 160 kbpd In service 2010 Express Option 2 Capacity 55 kbpd In service 2010 Express Bullet Capacity 400+ kbpd In service 2010 Express Routing Patoka South Cushing ExxonMobil Mustang Expansion Capacity 38 kbpd In service late 2008 Pegasus Expansion Capacity 31 kbpd In service late 2008 Clydesdale New Line Capacity 280+ kbpd In service 2010 Houston St. James

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WASTE WATER OXYGEN PETROLEUM COKE GASIFIER CO 2 CAPTURE & SEQUESTER SYNTHETIC GAS (CO, H 2 , CO 2 ) HYDROGEN FUEL BOILERS HYDROTREATORS STEAM & ELECTRICITY Oil Sands Production Technologies Alternatives to Natural Gas THAI TM (Toe-to-Heel Air Injection) Petrobank Whitesands Project OrCrude Process - Nexen/OPTI Longlake Multiphase Superfine Atomized Residue - DeerCreek Suncor 3 rd Upgrader - Coke Gasification

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Environmental Stewardship Air Monitoring programs Reducing outflows CO2 catch and EOR Water Reduce, reuse and reuse Insitu utilizing "saline" aquifers More effective, 90+% reuse Land Reclamation and remediation Directional boring from single site to diminish sway

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100 th Caterpillar 797 Truck sold to the oil sands March 14, 2007 Photo: Shell Canada

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