Capable Gaming Day Brussels 17 th February 2009.

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To set up lines of correspondence between all games books. ... Safeguarding the uprightness, trust and notoriety of all games to guarantee a safe and ...
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´╗┐Dependable Gaming Day Brussels 17 th February 2009 Khalid Ali Secretary General E uropean S ports S ecurity A ssociation

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The requirement for ESSA Robert Hoyzer an official in the lower German divisions was discovered to have controlled the consequence of 6 matches in Germany. The German state restraining infrastructure ODDSET lost a large number of Euros because they did not have the way to screen wagering designs. The online business was not affected

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To set up lines of communication between all games books. To start an Early Warning System. Offer support of the Sports Regulators free of charge. To make ESSA as a legally settled non benefit making association. To set up an office to monitor all bizarre betting designs or insider wagering. The part of ESSA

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ESSA Early Warning System & Advance Security Platform (ASP)

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ESSA in real life The capacity to recognize unpredictable wagering designs inside an hour of an alarm being issued by an ESSA member. Notice to games organizations instantly. Help with retro examinations. Counsel to games organizations and controllers on security implementation. Propelled Security Platform to identify conceivable insider betting utilizing substantial scale databases.

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Preserving Sports Integrity Match-altering and illicit wagering is scourge for both the game federations and the web gaming industry . Notoriety and validity are in question for both areas. Keeping hoodlums out of game and the internet gaming industry. Safeguarding the honesty, trust and notoriety of all games to guarantee a protected and secure environment for everyone

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