Capacity Before Form: Designing the Ideal Library Classroom .

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Function Before Form: Designing the Ideal Library Classroom. Diane Dallis Carrie Donovan. LOEX 36 th National Conference Librarian as Architect: Planning, Building, & Renewing Oak Brook, IL May 3, 2008. Function & Form. Outcomes. Think about how you teach
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Work Before Form: Designing the Ideal Library Classroom Diane Dallis Carrie Donovan LOEX 36 th National Conference Librarian as Architect: Planning, Building, & Renewing Oak Brook, IL May 3, 2008

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Function & Form

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Outcomes Think about how you show Envision classrooms that will encourage your showing Establish shared criteria for perfect library classroom Design the perfect library classroom floor arrange Create a group of specialists

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How We Got Here IU Libraries Instructional Space Committee Charged in 2007 to audit library classrooms and recognize requirements for enhanced showing spaces

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Step 1: Gather Info Identify current utilize/area of classrooms Survey curators\' instructional space needs Consider grounds rules for outlining classrooms Review of the writing

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Step 2: Discuss/Design Determine perfect situation Considerations, constraints, and so forth Realize reasonable choice Reconsider, repurpose, update

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Step 3: Make Recommendations Needs/needs Reuse/Recycle Knock down/drag out … the outcomes: Awareness Expectations Consequences

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Library Classroom Paradigm Our educating is distinctive Library guideline is a riddle to numerous The perfect classroom relies on upon your point of view Experts regularly need sensible arrangements

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Embrace Your Inner Expert Librarians as plan specialists – have no dread!

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Classroom Contradictions Big desires for little spaces Doing a lot with close to nothing

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Classroom Therapy (dialog) What do you adore about your classroom? What do you battle with when you educate? What is lost from your classroom?

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Thinking Moment Describe the showing style(s) would you embrace for the accompanying situation: Students in a magazine composing course are requested that investigate web 2.0 advancements and compose a paper clarifying and legitimizing the helpfulness of these advances for correspondents. Consider: what you need to convey what you need understudies to figure out how you need to move how you need understudies to interface with each other, you, sources, and so forth

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Activity Together with your gathering of kindred specialists, utilize the bundle gave to plan your optimal educating space.

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Unanswered Questions Budget Technology Shared Space Physical Constraints Pedagogical Differences

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Continuing the Conversation Diane: Carrie:

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