Cape Town: Prepared to have the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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Procurement of syndicated substance to FIFA TV and different systems ... Concurrence with FIFA on what may be considered suitable con-aggressive Trading ...
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Cape Town: Ready to have the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ 2010 Operational Readiness: February 2010

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: HOST CITY: CAPE TOWN POSITIONING City of Cape Town 5 Year Plan (IDP) " While Infrastructure drove development is a noteworthy advancement subject over the period, it is similarly essential that area marking and showcasing remain an imperative target: financial specialists and guests should be kept intrigued." Host City 2010 Objectives Maximum open advantage and enduring legacy: Infrastructure Economic Opportunities Environment Desirable destination for speculators and travelers Leveraging long haul monetary development

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2010 FWC: A CATALYST FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 2010 Economic Development Program is an element of the more extensive Economic Development Strategy of the City Event utilized as an impetus to deliberately advertise/position Cape Town as an alluring destination for: Trade Investment Leisure Events Conferences, and so on Implementation of moral business rehearses builds our engaging quality tor further exchange and venture therefore adding to the more drawn out term supportability of our economy 2010 is an influence point for expanded human capital improvement in the SMME and Informal division (Intensification of the current business bolster administrations) Current Infrastructure speculations are basic empowering agents for nearby financial advancement exercises: expands versatility/access, and so forth Commitment to SMME inclusion in the occasion: 30-40 % of city spend dispensed to SMME\'s

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Economic Development

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Economic Development

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Informal Trading/Vending: Some Considerations Finality on the Commercial Restriction Zones with FIFA and LOC Traders affected by impression (discovering win-win results) Agreement with FIFA on what might be regarded fitting con-aggressive Trading Opportunities and Products inside limited locales Weather, Spectator numbers and profile of guests Product: Demand and Supply prerequisites Perception that present City Informal Trading Bylaws and methods are suspended all through the city amid 2010 Enforcement of the present business related enactment and RPP: eg Counterfeit Goods Act, Merchandise Marks Act, Intellectual Property Right Acts Balancing road distributing exercises with Safety and Security Requirements All open doors will be promoted in people in general space, guaranteeing decency

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2010 Tourism Strategy To pull in whatever number vacationers as could reasonably be expected To expand spending To extend the guest stay To guarantee rehash visits To set up destination want FOR HOST CITY CAPE TOWN FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA 2010 

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2010 Tourism

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2010 Tourism

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2010 Arts and Culture

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2010 Health

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2010 Social Development

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2010 Sport Development

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