Capital de la Provincia de GRANADA .

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GRANADA. Capital de la Provincia de GRANADA. Presentaci ó n Jeanine Carr. Andaluc í a. GRANADA. THE MOORS AND GRANADA .
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GRANADA Capital de la Provincia de GRANADA Presentaci ó n Jeanine Carr

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Andaluc í a GRANADA

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THE MOORS AND GRANADA . In 711 , los Moros, Arabs and Berbers from North Africa attacked Spain and had vanquished nearly the whole Peninsula from the Visigoths by 718. With them they brought Islam. Just some precipitous northern areas remained Cristianos. The Moslems had a more propelled culture than a large portion of Europe. They were progressed in Mathematics ( Algebra ), drug, space science and saved the works of awesome works of art from Greece and Rome. They constructed stunning design of royal residences and mosques and embellished with horseshoe curves, mosaic, bind carvings, Arabic composition from the Koran. By the eleventh century there were question among the pioneers, and the force of los Moros was separated in weaker states. Before the end of the thirteenth century the northern Christianos had reconquered the land and pushed los Moros back southward into the area of Granada (from the word, pomegranate). Later los Reyes Católicos Fernando e Isabel crushed los Moros at their last fortification in Granada. They assumed control over the sublime Moorish arquitectura and La Alhambra (the red fortification) where we can at present visit today El Patio de los Leones and the brilliant greenery enclosures: el Generalife . Los Reyes Católicos who crushed the Moros are covered in the Holy Chapel of the Cathedral of Granada. Later on el rey Carlos V de Habsburgo from the Netherlands had a Spanish Italian Renaissance royal residence based on the grounds de la Alhambra. He never moved in.

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Vista de la Catedral de Granada

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La Catedral de Granada

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Los Mausoleos de Fernando e Isabel Los Reyes Cat ó licos Dentro de la Capilla Real Al lado de la Catedral de Granada

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FERDINAND AND ISABEL THE REUNIFICATION = LA RECONQUISTA Isabel had acquired the kingdom of Castilla y León . She later wedded Fernando from Aragón y Navarra. Their union began la Reconquista. They needed to reunify Spain under one single Catholic confidence. The Spanish banner demonstrates the seals of Castilla y León on top of the insignias of Aragón y Navarra at the base. They began the Inquisition to expulse the non Christians and utilized los Judios to crush los Moros in their fortification of Granada in 1492 . They helped the eradication of the Jews through the notorious auto-da-fé, open blazing of the Marranos (conversos who continued rehearsing their Judaism in mystery). For their yearning to bring together Spain under the flag of Christianity, the Pope presented to them the title of Reyes Católicos. They are covered in the Cathedral of Granada That same year 1492 , they supported the primary excursion of Cristobal Colón to the New World.

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The Alhambra complex sits on a slope at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain run in Granada, Spain. The Alhambra is comprised of three particular zones: a stronghold known as the Alcazaba , broad greenhouses called the Generalife , and the illustrious royal residence . The Alcazaba, parts of which date to the eleventh century, is the most established part of the complex. Amid the thirteenth and fourteenth hundreds of years, Spain\'s Moorish rulers manufactured the Generalife and the illustrious royal residence in the Islamic compositional style. This photograph confronts the Alcazaba, with parts of the regal castle appearing out of sight.

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Panorama de la Alhambra Al fondo, el Palacio de Verano La estructura masiva cuadrada del Palacio de Carlos V

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La Alhambra La ú ltima fortaleza de los Moros hasta 1492 Al pie de la Sierra Nevada De estilo á rabe Vista al norte

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La Alhambra, Vista al Sur

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Vista del Patio de los Leones

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El Patio de los Leones

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Detalle del Patio Cada columna es diferente Hay arcos á rabes con columnas simples, dobles y triples

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Detalle de la dome de la Sala de las Hermanas

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Decoraci ó n á rabe con l í neas geom é tricas y texto del Cor á n

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Vista del Generalife

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EL Generalife El jard í n de rosas

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El Jard í n de la Acequia con el Palacio de Verano o Pavili ó n del Norte

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El Palacio Cuadrado de Carlos V Estilo del Renacimiento

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La Tuna de Granada

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Las Tunas de la Universidad de Granada

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