Car Industry.

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Car Industry  Nearness to existing and new creations offices of OEM and Level 1 organizations  Conventions and mastery in the business, two noteworthy subsectors – hardware and metal throwing  Alluring operational and start-up costs
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Car Industry  Proximity to existing and new preparations offices of OEM and Tier 1 organizations  Traditions and mastery in the business, two noteworthy subsectors – hardware and metal throwing  Attractive operational and start-up expenses  Availability of inputs at aggressive costs  Low hazard

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Fasteners Car tires Castings, wheel covers Pistons, cylinder rings Car radiators, channels and Batteries, auto embellishments Wheel covers, non-ferrous metal castings Cogged wheels, castings Forgings, suspension Engines Cogged wheels, auto seats Steering instruments Driving axles, forgings, cogged wheels Steel, tires, elastic items, electronicscogged wheels Castings Forgings Generators, starters, auto knobs Cast-iron castings Section steel Section steel Bearings Forgings Batteries Fasteners , gadgets Automotiveparts Production Locations

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Credit Rating of Bulgaria has demonstrated higher speculation validity BB В-( stable standpoint ) by Standard&Poor’s ; BB В-( stable viewpoint ) by Fitch IBCA ; B а 1 ( stable standpoint ) by Moody’s ; BB В-( inspirational viewpoint ) by the Japan Credit Rating Agency June 2004 Standard&Poor’s gave a venture grade outside money rating

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Tax Reform – Budget 2005  Corporate duty : 15%  Income assessment rate: min - 10%; max - 24%  Increasing the amortization standard for new plant and gear : half  Expenditure on r esearch and improvement of the organizations are not subjects to tariff  Tax Preferences :  setting up new undertaking  extending of an endeavor  expanding the normal number of representatives

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Investment Categories Third class – all inclusive measures ( Euro 5 - 25 mln .)  Submission of data, arranged and handled ahead of time ;  Certificate, indicating the venture classification and the kind of authoritative administrations, gave by the focal and neighborhood official powers;  Minimum due dates. Second venture class ( Euro 25 - 50 mln .)  Individual authoritative administrations;  Individual data administrations;  Institutional backing. In the first place speculation classification ( above Euro 50 mln .)  Universal measures;  Institutional bolster;  State help for building up the fundamental components of specialized base.

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Requirements to financial specialists  Establishing another endeavor, growing or modernizing a current one  Term of undertaking usage – up to 3 years  Creating new occupations  Economic productivity

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Investment impetuses in Bulgaria  15% corporate wage charge in 2005  0% corporate duty in zones with above normal unemployment  Depreciation rates – 2 years for PCs and related hardware and 3 1/3 years for assembling gear  2-year VAT exception for imports of hardware, consumables and parts identified with speculation ventures esteemed over €â 5â million  0% capital increases charge  The most elevated section for individual wage assessment is 29% for month to month pay over €â 300  The Employment Agency’s Programs and measures for job of youngsters

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Innovation Strategy measures for invigorating imaginative and examination potential Stimuls for exploration, identified with industry and the co-operation among R&D units, colleges and business ;  Improvement of the advancements subsidizing, developing systems for drawing in private value/capital;  empowering execution of new advances;  support for the foundation of groups in areas, customary for our nation;  support for recently settled organizations and firms that grow effectively in perspective of up

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