Cardiovascular Counteractive action.

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Cardiovascular Avoidance Susie Bowles LPN Group Care Facilitator Washington State Community oriented Learning Session 3 September 11-12, 2006 Pomeroy Restorative Center Garfield Region Doctor's facility Region
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Cardiovascular Prevention Susie Bowles LPN Community Care Coordinator Washington State Collaborative Learning Session 3 September 11-12, 2006

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Pomeroy Medical Clinic Garfield County Hospital District Pomeroy Medical Clinic is an essential consideration Rural Health Clinic offering clinical consideration by arrangements and on a stroll in premise. Staffed by our group Physician, Dr. Syed Zafar, and our Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, Suzanne Grove and Sandy Marcy, the center offers an extensive variety of administrations to the occupants of Garfield County which right now number around 2400. Pomeroy is 30 miles west of the Clarkston-Lewiston Valley.

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Pomeroy Medical Clinic Team Members Senior Leader-Andrew Craigie, CEO System Leader-Syed Zafar MD, Medical Director Day-to-Day Leader-Susie Bowles, LPN, Community Care Coordinator Other Team Members-Suzanne Grove, ARNP; Sandy Marcy, ARNP; Judy Landkammer, RN; Kayleen Bye, RN; Kay Lockard, Clinic Support; Mary Allbright, Clinic Coordinator.

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Health System Organization Of Health Care Our society for our association is revolved around “ Caring for Generations”. Our main goal is to make a situation where it is workable for every person to encounter the mending touch of our group. Through our motivation, mission, qualities, and vision, we would like to accomplish precisely that: Caring for Generations!

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Purpose – Why We Exist Our motivation is to serve others via Caring for Generations.

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Our Purpose Is Caring For Generations Caring for Generations implies that we resolve to approach each endeavor in a manner that distinctions the past\'s knowledge, lives with the present\'s substances, and keeps up a dream for what\'s to come. We trust that a supportable social insurance framework is based on an establishment of uncompromising qualities. We trust that trustworthiness is kept up through the dedication of eras of individuals to serve eras of individuals who add to eras of practical social insurance. Nurturing Generations additionally mirrors the quality we put on crew. We perceive that in our little group there is a glow and validity that is extremely exceptional and deserving of celebrating. Watching over Generations values the family, recognizes the legacy of our association, our group and the relationship of both. Together we share a rich history, an industrious regard for the present and an interest for what\'s to come.

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Mission – What We Do Our mission is to make a domain where it is workable for every person to encounter the recuperating touch of our group.

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Mission - Experience The experience is a great deal more than the consideration a man gets from our group. Experience identifies with each part of our association with the patient, occupant, family, and group. Maybe it begins with that first telephone call before they even touch base in our building and moves through each part of what we do; what it looked like, felt, sounded, and even noticed. The experience is for everybody including the group.

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Mission - Healing Healing results from what we think, say, and do. At last we try to diminish the weight of damage, ailment, and human feebleness for every person. Recuperating likewise stretches out to family, staff, and group. We act as accomplices with the person to help recuperate the entire individual; physically, inwardly, socially, rationally, and profoundly.

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Mission - Touch Touch is more than physical touch. Individuals are touched by numerous things in their surroundings. Touch incorporates: the sound of words, music, wind, the odor of new heated pie, hot espresso, a spring rain, the physical touch of a warm cover, a delicate hand, hair brush through your hair, even the enthusiastic touch of a grin, a wink, or a kind word. Touch sways us.

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Mission - Community The group is every one of us: inhabitants, patients, family, staff, our town and area of the state. It is the uncommon spot we identify with as home. It is the place we need to be. Our country group is the spot we feel generally welcome. Our group is a warm and enchanting spot where individuals care, where you can simply discover a companion, and individuals know your name.

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Values – Who We Are We esteem: 1) Caring 2) Loyalty 3) Quality 4) Safety 5) Family Our qualities are our code of ethics and morals that characterize what our association remains for, has confidence in, and considers worthy in our journey to accomplish our vision. They are the standard by which we measure each action we attempt and the establishment on which we stand.

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Values – 1) Caring We have faith in being accessible to address the issues of others. We accept there is no more prominent blessing than the endowment of dedicating oneself to the administration of humanity. We focus on being trustworthy and responsible. We mindfully listen and affectionately give of ourselves in the administration to others. We exhibit empathy, shared appreciation and poise for the person by the work of our hands, articulation of our self, and the words we talk. We Care.

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Vision – 2) Loyalty We trust in common regard, joint effort, and collaboration. We respect the singular\'s dedication to be responsible, reliable, and put the needs of others over their own. We will dependably try to give more and preferable of ourselves over was anticipated from us. We are loyal in our dedication to cooperating and lifting others up with consolation and sympathy. We Are Loyal.

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Vision – 3) Quality We have confidence in consistent learning and change. We trust that extraordinary execution obliges exclusive requirements, steady correspondence, and solid instruments and routines. We are committed to looking for benchmark execution that is profitable, productive, and the outcomes are the best esteem to the people we serve. We esteem Quality.

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Value – 4) Safety We have faith in making and keeping up a protected situation to live and work in. We trust that security obliges duty, information, and safe conduct. We are devoted to holding fast to safe practices and judgment skills. We keep our eyes transparent pay special mind to others. We will dependably keep up a domain that is spotless, deliberate, and in great repair. We are ingenious without relinquishing security. We generally set aside an ideal opportunity to finish great correspondence and astute activities. We are Safe.

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Value – 5) Family We have faith in the solace and assurance of our crew. We respect the feeling of having a place that unites every one of us as people; inhabitants, family, staff, and group. We respect the delights and distresses of the examples of life; and we trust each other as crew. We show admiration and empathy while we partake in the encounters of life; the giggling, festival, distresses, and agony. We try to be honest, tolerating, tender, and kind. We are Family.

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Vision – Where Are We Going Our vision is to characterize the nation healing center experience. “Creating Home & Building Community”

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Creating Home & Building Community Garfield County Hospital District will set the Critical Access Hospital Benchmarks in patient consideration, operational magnificence, and money related execution. We will characterize the nation healing center experience. Our main goal is our specialty to satisfy the vision that is tied down to our motivation. Our central goal is the “doing” part of our association, our motivation is the “being”, and our vision is the “seeing”. Our vision is future centered and characterizes what we need to be. It gives a steady ability to know east from west to manage our association. It paints a photo in each person’s psyche of where we need to be later on. Our vision imparts our course to everybody.

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Registry System In Use We have been utilizing the CDEMS program with each cooperative exertion that we have partaken in. Right now we have three Diabetes registries, the Adult Preventive Health Services, and in addition the Cardiovascular Prevention individuals all populated in the CDEMS program.

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Cardiovascular Prevention Pilot Population The individuals being checked all through this collective have gone to the center at any rate once inside of the previous year unless documentation the patient has exchanged to another facility, moved from the territory, or passed away. These individuals: 1. Try not to have Diabetes; 2. Are beyond 18 years old; 3. Have current BPs of 140/90 or above;

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AND/OR They have one or a greater amount of the accompanying discoveries: 1. Complete Cholesterol > 240 mg/dL 2. LDL is > 160 mg/dL 3. Triglycerides > 200 mg/dL 4. HDL < 40 mg/dL. (The general population in this populace can be in the Adult Preventative gathering likewise which obliges twofold entering data into CDEMS. The general population in the Diabetes gatherings can likewise be in the Adult Preventive registry. Diabetes and Cardiovascular individuals can\'t be taken after together.)

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Aim Statement Introduction Pomeroy Medical Clinic will actualize the Chronic Care Model for those patients who are at danger for cardiovascular sickness. We will execute this model keeping in mind the end goal to give quantifiable enhanced consideration to our patients.

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Aim Statement Measures We will go for finishing the accompanying with our patients: 90% will have their latest LDL < 160 mg/dL; 60% will have a BP < 140/90 mmHg; 95% will have documentation of Diabetes Screening; 30% will have a recorded self-administration objective; 80% of tobacco clients will be offered discontinuance directing; 30% will have an archived Framingham Risk Score; half will have latest HDL > 40 mg/dL.

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Aim Statement Conclusion Effective changes will be spread to the remaining patients inside of the year the progre

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