Caribbean Studies module 1 .

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Caribbean Studies module 1. Caribbean Society & Culture. Location and definition of the Caribbean region. Geographic location Names of territories Sub-regions: Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, western Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, The Bahamas
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Caribbean Studies module 1 Caribbean Society & Culture

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Location and meaning of the Caribbean district Geographic area Names of regions Sub-locales: Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, western Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, The Bahamas Position of the Caribbean in connection to the Caribbean ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the mainland arrive masses.

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Definitions of the Caribbean Geographical Geological Historical Political Caribbean personality and culture

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Characteristics of society Shared regular reason A characterized regional space Continuity after some time and space Citizenship inside a space

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Culture Learned conduct basic to every single individual Norms and qualities which give a manual for conduct Institutions which recommend conduct

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Characteristics of Caribbean Society and Culture Cultural assorted qualities Positive and antagonistic impacts of social differences Ethnic and social contrasts Accommodation made among various ethnic gatherings as for space, political and monetary influence and social perceivability

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Social Stratification Plantation society and its effect on Caribbean social stratification (race, shading, cash) Education as reason for new class arrangement and upward versatility (social portability) Concepts, for example, plantocracy, intellectuals, white collar class, bourgeoise, common laborers, underclass, standing

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Hybridization Factors, for example, racial admixture and shading in the development of Caribbean culture and culture, terms like mulatto, mestizo, dougla, transculturation, creole Erasure, maintenance and restoration of social practices

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Impact of Historical Processes Migratory developments and the foundation of examples of settlement by various gatherings inside the Caribbean from pre-Columbian circumstances to the present The advancement of frameworks of generation: encomienda, bondage, indentureship, the ranch framework

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History cont\' Responses of Caribbean individuals to mistreatment and genocide: resistance, improvement of worker gatherings Movements towards freedom Political emancipation

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Political liberation Adult suffrage Internal self-government Economic liberation Entrepreneurial exercises, including shopkeeping and reserve funds social orders

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Geographical effect on society and culture Plate tectonics Definition Location and development of the Caribbean plate Earthquakes and volcanoes: social relocation sea tempests

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Geographical effect cont\' Soils – disintegration, preservation Coral reefs – beach front insurance, supportability of angling industry dry seasons

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Impact of societal organizations Family Education Religion Justice System

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Caribbean-Global Interactions Consumption designs: products and enterprises Creative expressions: celebrations, music, theater expressions, culinary practices Education: effect of expansionism; the data age, dialect; educational modules changes, for instance, showing Caribbean Studies in colleges in the UK

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Global communications: Political impacts Westminster System: Constitutional government (Jamaica, Barbados and Bahamas) Rule of law Electoral process: first-past-the post framework Caribbean commitment to the political existence of the host groups of Europe and north America

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Global effect proceeded with Labor: impact of transitory work Sport-cricket, soccer, ball, olympic style sports Religion – conventional and non-customary religious practices Mass Media Tourism

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Caribbean impacts on additional provincial nations Important political issues made inside nations of Europe and North America by nearness of huge quantities of Caribbean individuals (for instance, effect of Haitians and Cubans living in Florida upon the legislative issues of that State)

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Caribbean affect abroad cont\' The effect of Caribbean celebrations like Notting Hill Carnival in the United Kingdom, Labor Day in Brooklyn, Carnival in Miami and Caribana in Canada on the economies of the regions where they happen; the effect of transient work on the economies of the nations of North America

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Caribbean affect abroad cont\' The effect of celebrations and music of the Caribbean (for instance, fair, calypso, reggae, Punta, salsa, zouk), upon the celebrations, music, exhibitions and road parades of the nations of North America, Europe, Africa and Japan Impact of Rastafarianism Influence of Caribbean culinary practices

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