"Casa Umusozi" Blended Use Improvement Anik Nagpal, Overseeing Accomplice, Mara Capital Rwanda Venture Discussion, May 1.

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■ Europe ■ Center East ■ Africa ■ Asia "Casa Umusozi" Blended Use Improvement Anik Nagpal, Overseeing Accomplice, Mara Capital Rwanda Speculation Discussion, May 11 th , 2011 Outline About the Mara Amass The Land Opportunity in Kigali A Prologue to "Casa Umusozi"
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■ Europe ■ Middle East ■ Africa ■ Asia “Casa Umusozi” Mixed Use Development Anik Nagpal, Managing Partner, Mara Capital Rwanda Investment Forum, May 11 th , 2011

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Outline About the Mara Group The Real Estate Opportunity in Kigali An Introduction to “Casa Umusozi” Partnership Opportunities

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The Mara Group

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Who are we? The Mara Group has over a 100 year history in the locale. Operations compass 4 mainlands: Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia The Mara Brand: Innovation Integrity Seamless execution Key qualities: Identifying development divisions Forming the proper organizations Delivering turnkey arrangements and administrations to make esteem Mara Group has chosen by World Economic Forum\'s Community of Global Growth Companies (GGC) as a dynamic, high development organization in 2010

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Our Operations Our organizations operations compass over numerous businesses all through Africa, Middle East and India: Information innovation: Raps and Kensington IT Telecoms: Mara Telecoms & Quippo Raps Retail: Exim Uganda Manufacturing : Riley Packaging Real home: Kensington Real Estate – Kampala and Dubai Hospitality: Kingdom Kampala Financial administrations: Mara Financial Services & Mara Capital

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Mara Real Estate Kensington Krystal Development - Dubai

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Mara Real Estate Kingdom Kampala Development

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Mara Real Estate Kensington Housing Development Kampala

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The Real Estate Opportunity in Kigali

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Kigali Population Density Projected 2030 2006

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Kigali’s Real Estate Potential Diaspora settlements of USD 150 to 200 million every year Total lodging interest assessed at 25,000 to 30,000 units for every annum of which 10,000 is in Kigali Demand for other critical segments of land is solid: Hotels, healing centers, business office, schools, and shopping centers Sustained GDP development rate of 5%+ since 2002: Rwanda’s development area developed from USD 100M to USD 350M from 2003 to 2008

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“Casa Umusozi” A Landmark Master Planned Community in the Heart of Kigali

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Site area Indicative area of Project Site

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Project Concept Casa Umusozi is a Mixed-Use, Masterplanned Community Development Total Investment is approx. USD 75 Million more than 4 years Key Components: Affordable Housing: Single Family Villas Multi Family Apartment Blocks Commercial workplaces Retail – Shopping Centers with Cinema Hospitality – 3-4 Star Hotel Education Health Care

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The Proposed Project Master Plan Layout Multi Dwelling Apartments Offices Hospitality Commercial Retail

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The Project will be actualized in Four to Six Phases and will includes four sorts of diverse lodging units. 40% of the area will be devoted to keeping up Greenspaces and the characteristic wetlands that exist on the Plot. Stage One is planned to start in 1Q 2011, with Masterplan endorsements coming at the in 4Q 2010. It is imagined in the ground breaking strategy that the lodging unit sorts will be extendable going from 80sq.m. to 150sq.m., giving end home purchasers the chance to manage the cost of littler units and later on augment them once they have the important account to do as such.

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Impressions of Medium Density Housing

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Impressions of Medium Density Housing

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Impressions of the Medium Density Housing

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Partnership Opportunities

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Partnership Opportunities Mara Capital is at present looking for DEVELOPMENT accomplices in the accompanying regions: Hotel shopping center/Cinema Education suppliers Mara Capital is likewise looking for FINANCIAL accomplices – both DEBT and EQUITY Partners - on a specific premise. Home loan Financiers for End Users

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Anik Nagpal, Managing Partner, Mara Capital Tel: +97150 1493 163 OR +250-782-018-488 Email: anik@mara-capital.com Prashant Manek, Mara Financial Services Tel: +256-754-604-922 OR + 44-774-034-7600 Email: prashant@mara-group.co

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