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Cases. Notes on the Nominative and Accusative Case. Cases. Nominative Case. Nominative Case. In English, called the “subjective” case Used for the subject of sentences. Used for predicate nominatives/nouns (a.k.a., subjective complement). Predicate Nominatives.
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Cases Notes on the Nominative and Accusative Case

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Cases Nominative Case

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Nominative Case In English, called the "subjective" case Used for the subject of sentences. Utilized for predicate nominatives/things (a.k.a., subjective supplement)

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Predicate Nominatives A predicate nominative is the second part of a "condition," with a connecting verb working as the equivalents sign, e.g., That man is the sheep of God. That man = sheep of God

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Predicate Adjectives Like predicate nominatives, these descriptive words are in the nominative case. That man is despairing . Predicate modifiers are an indistinguishable sex and number from the subject.

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Appositives Nouns in pairing to a subject or predicate nominative are likewise in the nominative case. My dad, the lord of Bulgaria , regularly appreciates organic product with a mellow cheddar and wheat saltines. subject: father appositive: lord

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Nominative Endings Feminine, first declension: - a , - ae by means of (nominative solitary) viae (nominative plural)

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Nominative Endings Masculine, second declension: - us *, - ī amicus (nominative particular) am īcī (nominative plural) * Most second-declension manly things end in – us in the nominative solitary. Be that as it may, the – us isn\'t a case finishing, and the nominative particular structures must be remembered.

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Nominative Endings Neuter, second declension: - um , - ī English subordinates keeping up these endings educational modules, educational program bacterium, microscopic organisms candle holder, candelabra—not candelabras! stratum, strata

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alumna graduated class former student graduated class reception apparatus recieving wires prickly plant desert flora candle holder candelabra center foci recipe formulae organism growths hatchling hatchlings medium media reminder memoranda thousand years centuries cloud nebulae core cores ovum ova span radii submission referenda range spectra boost jolts stratum strata syllabus syllabi symposium symposia vertebra vertebrae English Nouns with First and Second Declension Endings

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Cases Accusative Case

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Accusative Case In English, called the "goal" case. The accusative case has two essential capacities: it is the situation of direct questions and the objects of a few relational words. Relational words are said to oversee a specific case.

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Accusative of Extent of Time Used without a relational word in Latin, yet frequently converted into English with a relational word, e.g., We held up (for) seven days.

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On Names of Towns & Cities manly plural, e.g., Coriol ī Kor-ree-ŏh-lee ladylike particular, e.g., R ō mama Rō-mah female plural, e.g., Cannae Kahn-near fix solitary, e.g., M īsēnum Mee-say-num

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Plural Forms, Singular Things Plural types of Latin place names ought not be excessively interesting for us. Think about, e.g., scissors, pants, shorts, forceps, pants, goggles, night robe (These are at times called "paired things," because of the fact that they are thought to have two sections.)

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Plural Nouns & Verbs Names of spots having a plural frame take a plural verb in Latin, however not in English. Corioli sunt boni . Corioli is great. The verb sunt is third individual plural, generally deciphered as "may be."

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Plural Nouns & Adjectives concur with the thing they adjust in number , sexual orientation , and case . Femina bona , "the great lady" Amīcus reward , "a great companion" Amīcī bonī , "great companions" Amīcī sunt bonī . Companions are great.

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Vocabulary amīcus, - ī, m., "companion" For things, the nominative particular shape and the genitive solitary completion are given. For the time being, you ought to concentrate on remembering the nominative solitary frame, the sexual orientation, and a shine.

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Vocabulary through, - ae , f., "way" oppidum, - ī, n., "town" īnsula, - ae, f., "island"

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