Casual Learning utilizing Cell phones.

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Of these reactions, more than 100 portrayed casual learning with cell phones ... Does the versatile availability, area mindfulness and intense open ...
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Casual Learning utilizing Mobile Devices Gill Clough Handheld Learning Conference – Oct. 2006

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Informal learning Informal learning can be characterized as: Learning in which both objectives and procedures of learning are characterized by the learner, and where the learning is "arranged as opposed to pre-built up" (Vavoula, 2004) Up to 98% of grown-ups take part in casual learning (Tough, 1979) Adults spend a normal of 15h every week on casual learning ventures (Canadian Study: Livingston, 2000)

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Research Questions Are cell phones used to bolster casual learning? Does the community capability of cell phones decipher into shared learning?

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Method PDA and Smartphone fans selected from web discussions PDAStreet at Wormhole Creations PocketPC and Smartphone discussions at PocketPC Forums at Handheld Learning gathering at and PDA User Forum on the OU understudy site Participants welcomed to finish a web poll

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Responses Over 200 reactions Of these reactions, more than 100 portrayed casual learning with cell phones Are cell phones used to bolster casual learning? Yes Research Question 1

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Informal learning exercises

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Mobile Learning Framework Based on practical system for versatile learning - Patten et al., 2006

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Typology of Informal Learning (Vavoula, 2004)

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Intentional casual learning Retrieving reference material identifying with particular connection "Downloadable online or on location: - Museum, zoo or aquarium visit account and extended show data. - Sightseeing, same thing." "Exploring data on areas I mean to visit on vacation." "Downloading sites and other documentation to have while out with family for reference." Parallels formal exploration situations, for example, the electronically guided exhibition hall visits portrayed by Hsi (2003).

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Intentional casual learning (cont.) Access to learning material to utilize while out "Have downloaded OU course material to my PDA and utilized it when voyaging" "Ebooks, I download music hypothesis books and philosopy books to keep with me and read on the transport or when I\'m out." "I utilize it to download papers that I might be keen on from pro applications (Merck Medicus Mobile, Avantgo and so forth) and from RSS channels. This is robotized each morning and I check everything on the train to work."

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Intentional Informal Learning (cont.) "I make cheat sheets utilizing the notes application. To do this, i first work out the inquiry or "front side of the flashcard" on the note. At that point i make a recording of the "back side of the flashcard" and put a connection to the recording right beside the initial segment. At that point, you take a gander at the initial segment, say your answer, then check it with the voice recorded right reply." "Composition an installed compiler … and the greater part of my applications straightforwardly in my gadget, as a side interest and a ceaseless learning process in programming information. A definitive information being for me to compose a compiler ("an application to construct other applications").

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Intentional casual learning (cont.) Recording notes, sound, pictures for later reflection "Take pictures of outlines, models and members to help maintenance of information from a workshop/course", or "pictures of electronic parts indicating association formats" "took photos of the material plans with treo, composed notes...." "Making notes, keeping data with me so i can change it regularly".

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Unintentional casual learning Mobile availability gives arranged access to data "I likewise much of the time gaze things upward with Google if something arouses my advantage. eg getting some answers concerning a band I listen, or around a spot I saw on TV." "This week I gazed upward the sharp history of Pink Floyd while viewing Live8 on TV." "I do a ton of casual learning through (and that incorporates utilizing it on my cell phone). I might consider a subject and afterward I can rapidly get out my telephone and turn the topic upward on the web"

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Unintentional casual learning (cont.) "I took in the historical backdrop of sodas subsequent to checking who claimed 7-UP amid supper. I found out about the Ironman Triathlon in the wake of watching the Tour de France. I turned upward the best cattle rustler on the planet in the wake of seeing something on TV (Ty Warner). At whatever point an inquiry comes up some place, I whip out my pda and find it." "Surfing the web where a portable workstation is illogical (e.g. in bed - how sad!)."

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Research Question 2 Does the communitarian capability of cell phones decipher into shared learning? Inquired as to whether they utilized their gadget to speak with others: 100% Smartphone clients reacted "yes" Of which 19% said they did cooperative casual learning 80% PDA clients reacted "yes" Of which 21% reported synergistic casual learning

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Collaborative exercises Weblogs Can be redesigned by more than one individual Wikis Group site, cooperatively kept up Web gatherings Themed sites kept up by overseers containing strings to which individuals may contribute Beaming F2F data sharing utilizing infra-red

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Collaborative exercises " I routinely contribute, additionally, to Palm PDA discussions (at; again to gain from others furthermore to add my own experience to the group\'s information" "...forums are likewise an extraordinary asset for pooling aggregate information and encounters"

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Future Directions Devices have all the more intense capacities: GPRS & wifi for web & correspondence GPS for area based exercises Higher quality cameras Does the portable network, area mindfulness and effective open components bolster learners in casual science learning, and if so how? What is the pretended by co-operatively made virtual information vaults in casual science learning?

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Gill Clough Institute of Educational Technology The Open University Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA Supervisors: Professor Eileen Scanlon Dr Ann Jones Dr Patrick McAndrew

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Bibliography Hsi, H. (2003) " A Study of User Experiences Mediated by Nomadic Web Content in a Museum \', Journal of Computer Assisted Learning , vol. 19, pp . 308-319. Livingston, D. (2000) " Exploring the Icebergs of Adult Learning: Findings of the main Canadian Survey of Informal Learning Practices \', [online]. Accessible from: masses/(Accessed October 10, 2006) Patten, B., Arnedillo Sanchez, I. also, Tangney, B. (2006) Computers & Education, 46, 294-308. Intense, A. (1979) The Adult\'s Learning Projects, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Ontario. Vavoula, G. (2004), " KLeOS: A Knowledge and Learning Organization System in Support of Lifelong Learning. " PhD Thesis, Birmingham, University of Birmingham.

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