Casualty Patterns 1980 .

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Street Safety Management in. UN-ESCWA Countries. Manual for the Good ... GRSP learning as of late: SSATP collaboration. PIARC Togo Western Africa Road security ...
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Subside Elsenaar GRSP Senior Advisor Former Road Safety Director NL Member of the PIARC Committee Road Safety Chairman Dutch Road Victims Association

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Scope of the Problem Fatality Trends 1980 – 1995

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Business Government GRSP Civil Society another, more extensive way to deal with street wellbeing Improved Road Safety

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12 Focus Country programs Global support Developing great practice and Knowledge-sharing 45 Members, see yearly report Principal exercises 2006

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Seat belt crusade Costa Rica & Hungary, Romania, Russia

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"A" Degree Driver, Poland Disco program 15 biggest urban communities in Poland Most prevalent disco in these urban areas July – September 2004 9000 members

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Advocacy Conferences (PIARC) and shows

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Good Practice Guides Helmets – WHO Seat belts – FIA-F, with GRSP Alcohol – GRSP Management/lead office – World Bank Data frameworks – WHO Speed Management - GRSP UN Collaboration, WHO

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Road Safety Management in UN-ESCWA Countries Guide to the Good Practices Authors: Samar Abouraad, GRSP counsel Peter Elsenaar, GRSP senior counselor Egypt December 2006,

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Transfer of GRSP learning as of late : SSATP participation PIARC Togo Western Africa Road security Conference Nov 2006 PIARC Chile Road Safety Conference April 2007 (arranged) Evaluate another Latin American Focus nation: Argentina? Chile?

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Road Safety on Four Continents Conference October 2005 Warsaw November 14-17 2007 in Bangkok, call for papers untill 1-5-2007 Co-support TRB

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Road passings/100,000 populace 2005

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Poland assessment session 469 Proposed: RS4C midterm action at TRB, in blend with the Sunday RS Workshop Existing Sunday half day workshop: first world talking about third world\'s wellbeing Proposal: add third world adressing to first world about their great practice TRB 2007

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