Casualty Preparation.

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Reason: Deceased Failed to Control Motorcycle; Struck Concrete Curb and Concrete ... a game bicycle course. Little Rock AFB has a game bicycle course ...
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Casualty Briefing

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Deceased Member 19 y.o. Male A1C Date/Time of Mishap: 24 Sep 08/1630L Type Of Mishap: PMV2 (cruiser) casualty Assignment: Andrews AFB, MD Marital Status: Single Hobbies: Playing Rock Band Video Game Best Described as: Quiet Airman; Everyone Enjoyed Working With Him Time in administration: 13 months No authoritative or disciplinary issues

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Incident Rode 20 miles in 30 minutes with Two Other Motorcycle Drivers (Both More Experienced) 1610 –1615: Witness Stated Three Riders "Not Acting Reckless" 1615 - Three Riders Proceed onto entrance ramp in Formation No Problems Noted Prior to entrance ramp Deceased rider looked "Extremely Uncomfortable" and "Shaky" in First Turn of entrance ramp; Wobbling Entering Third Turn, Speed 30-40 MPH Locked Rear Brake

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Incident Deceased Skidded Approx. 64 feet; Front Wheel Hit Curb and Concrete Mound at 27 MPH; Vaulted Forward, End-Over-End Deceased and Motorcycle Traveled 19 Feet into Oncoming Traffic Struck by Civilian Truck Traveling Apprx. 65 MPH Civilian Truck Struck Guardrail, Overturned onto Left Side Civilian Witness Called 911

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Mishap Scene

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Non-contributing Factors Weather –Clear Day, no Precipitation Personal Situation –Nothing Negative Road Condition –Dry, Excellent Surface Alcohol/Drugs –Toxicology Test Negative Safety Equipment –Wearing Proper PPE Driving Record –No Points/Restrictions (Except No Motorcycle Endorsement on Driver\'s License) Fatigue –Working Day Shift/Day Off Medical History –Nothing Significant

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Causal Factors CAUSE: Deceased Locked Rear Brake at Approximately 30-40 MPH; Skidded Approximately 64 Feet, Attempted to Regain Control, Unable To Do So. CAUSE: Deceased Failed to Control Motorcycle; Struck Concrete Curb and Concrete Mound, Vaulted Into Oncoming Traffic.

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Other Findings of Significance Vehicle Condition Purchased Motorcycle from Private Seller Motorcycle Had Been Dropped on Side by Previous Owner; Damaged Fairings Mechanical Issues Broken/Repaired Right Side Foot Stay –Approx. 17 Aug 08 Radiator Leak –Approx. 4 Sep 08 Tires - Six Years Old, Worn But Not Bald Nail in Front Tire –Date Unknown, repaired by expired on 23 Sep 08

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Other Findings of Significance Inexperience/Overconfidence in Ability Previous Experience - Rode Family\'s Sport Bikes Never Owned a Motorcycle Bought Large, Very Powerful Motorcycle –"I can deal with it" Dropped this Motorcycle Twice in 3 Week Period No Motorcycle Endorsement on License Did not Complete Motorcycle Safety Course Owned Motorcycle for 40 Days; in Possession for 25 Days

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Other Findings of Significance Supervision Four Supervisors Knew Deceased Had Motorcycle One Did Not Talk to Him About the Motorcycle Safety Course Three Told Him He Needed the Course, But Did Not Follow Up Motorcycle Safety Representative Did Not Know Deceased was a Rider Rosters Outdated/Poorly Maintained No Process in Place to Identify New Riders Not on In-preparing Checklist

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Recommendations Consider the Implementation/Use of a Sport Bike Course Andrews AFB did not have a game bicycle course Little Rock AFB has a game bicycle course Reinforce the Responsibility and Accountability of Supervisors SQ/CCs Must Really Dig into Each Program and Make Them Yours

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Wrap up Squadron Commander remarks

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