Catch and Limitation.

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Body trunk hold: swans. Hustling Pigeon Holds. One Handed Restraint. Towel Restraint: ... Winged creature Restraint. Bird on Table Restraint. See slide merry go round. Swan ...
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Catch and Restraint

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Risk Factors Raptors Feet Beaks Falcons>eagles>hawks=owls Psittacines: Beaks Cranes, Herons, Bitterns, Loons: Beaks Ratites: legs and feet

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Handler Protection Gloves Gauntlets Vests Goggles Ear Protection - psittacines Towels

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Raptors: Capture Methods Two-legged snatch One-legged get Over-the-wings get Humeral get

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Psittacine Capture Voluntary Towel

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Restraint Holds One-gave Passerines, little psittacines Raptors Head and Neck: mid to substantial psittacines Two legged hold: raptors Body trunk hold: swans Racing Pigeon Holds

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One Handed Restraint

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Towel Restraint: Cockatiel

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Head-in-Towel Restraint

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Trained Raptor Restraint

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Towel Restraint: Kestrel

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Between-the-Knees Restraint

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Large Raptor Restraint

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Long-legged Bird Restraint

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Eagle on Table Restraint See slide merry go round

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Swan Restraint

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Ostrich Restraint

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