Catch Gadgets and Video Encoding Measures.

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Feature Capture and Editing. Catch Devices and Video Encoding Standards. B.Sc. (Hons) Multimedia Computing. Media Technologies. Plan. Gadgets Connectivity Compression/Decompression (CODECS) Export groups MPEG-4 Cinipac Sorenson Spark Deployment Support for Legacy Formats.
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Video Capture and Editing Capture Devices and Video Encoding Standards B.Sc. (Hons) Multimedia Computing Media Technologies

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Agenda Devices Connectivity Compression/Decompression (CODECS) Export designs MPEG-4 Cinipac Sorenson Spark Deployment Support for Legacy Formats B.Sc. (Hons) Multimedia Computing Media Technologies

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Capture Devices PCI Card (PC) FireWire port on Mac( Developed by Apple) & PC USB Port Video Camera Web Camera

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Connectivity SCART Plugs and Sockets Phono Leads (RCA) Video in Audio in left Audio in right

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Connectivity Audio Left (White) Video (Yellow) S-VHS Audio Right (Red)

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The Serial Digital Interface "Firewire" Originally created by Apple as the IEE1394 Serial Digital Interface Refereed to as FireWire Simple and profoundly productive technique for not just exchanging computerized signals between gadgets Most Camcorders have DVout which can be associated with PC Firewire Port through fitting lead Two connector sizes, four pin - Camcorder, and six pin - PC

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The Serial Digital Interface "Firewire" Connection amongst PC and camcorder empowers clients to control the camcorder playback Where reasonably prepared DV-in camcorders are available - recording capacities utilizing the on-screen controls of the proper project

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Compression & Decompression "CODECS" Need CODEC on framework to play motion picture or concentrate compacted information to stack into an altering application ( Premiere) and so forth. Some CODECS not very much bolstered crosswise over stages MPEG is best for sight and sound Sorenson by means of Flash MX best arrangement

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Export Formats Cinepac (Radius) MPEG Sorenson Spark Video for Windows (Indeo) File sorts: avi (Windows) mpg. (MPEG) Mov (Quicktime)

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Deployment Compromises required to bring asset prerequisites of video inside capacities of conveyance medium ( e.g systems) and low-end machines Reduce outline size - down specimen to quarter outline size - i.e. 320x240 pixels Reduce test rate (12 or 15 fps is OK for smooth movement, glint not an issue on PC Reduce shading profundity

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Support for Legacy Formats Betamax Video 8 VHS Director Final Cut Video Transfer Interface Devices

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References Digital Multimedia second Edition Chapman N. Chapman J. Wiley. 2004 (Hons) Multimedia Computing Media Technologies

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