ccTLD Administration, ICANN, and The general population Intrigue July 26, 2001.

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Yearnings of the administration
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ccTLD Management, ICANN, and the Public Interest July 26, 2001

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ccTLD Timeline February 1985 – .us (first ccTLD) made at USC March 1994 – RFC 1591 portrays ccTLD assignment strategies October 1998 – Death of Jon Postel December 1998 – ICANN expect the IANA capacity March 1999 – ICANN/IANA distributes ICP-1 May 1999 – ICANN formally perceives ccTLD supporters February 2000 – GAC distributes ccTLD Principles May 2000 – ICANN asks for willful commitments from ccTLD supervisors; gathers 48% of invoiced aggregate

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ICANN IANA capacity Root zone record (ISO-3166) .gov .com .name .mil .eg .nz .net .coop .edu .ng .cn .organization .exhibition hall .biz .air .ru .us .information .ace .int .cg .uy

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The root server framework ICANN IANA Root zone document B H C I A D J E K F L G M

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ICANN\'s associations with .com/.net/.organization/… v. ccTLDs

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ICP-1 Internet Domain Name System Structure and Delegation (ccTLD Administration and Delegation) Principles for Delegation: Desires of the legislature "considered important" "Fundamentally invested individuals in the area ought to concur that the proposed TLD chief is the fitting party." Operational ability Administrative/specialized contact; regulatory must dwell in the nation at issue Fair treatment to all gatherings in the space, under freely presented arrangements Duty on serve the group as a trustee; worries about "rights" and area "possession" unseemly < >

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GAC Principles for ccTLD Delegation/Administration ICANN ought to redelegate ccTLD administration quickly, where terms exist between the TLD supervisor and, endless supply of those terms ICANN ought to redelegate ccTLD administration promptly, where director government correspondence does not exist, upon an administration appearing and demand All future ccTLD re/designations ought to happen just in collaboration with significant governments Delegees ought not be liable to biased practices by ICANN or by governments < >

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CDT Policy Principles for ccTLD Administration Obligation to the requirements of clients, present and future Open, straightforward basic leadership Mechanisms for open effort, powerful representation, and responsibility to client premiums Support open administration destinations—e.g., empower Internet access, openness, assorted qualities, ease of use, instruction, moderateness, and so forth. Advance human rights, common freedoms, and just capability of the Internet Non-discriminative, openly posted arrangements

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Present Models of ccTLD Management ".com contender" - .television, .ws, .compact disc - Operated for worldwide use by a seaward seller, through contract with national governments Private affiliation - .jp, .uk, .de - Operated for national use by a relationship of specialized partners Non-benefit chairman - .ca, .nz - Operated for national use by a non-benefit relationship of individual individuals Direct government operation - .ng, .ar, .kh - Operated by an administration organization/service Academic/open administration operation - .us, .uy, .be - Operated by a college, or by college volunteers Private contractual worker - .gh, .mn, .ae - Run on a national premise as a revenue driven business

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CDT and the .us redelegation US Government Registry administrator Non-benefit strategy corp. .us ICANN Root zone record IANA

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