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CDMA2000. [the other 3G Standard] Subside Dahl Verizon Remote Walnut River, Ca. 3G ? UMTS. To begin with things first
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CDMA2000 [the other 3G Standard] Peter Dahl Verizon Wireless Walnut Creek, Ca. Dwindle A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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3G ≠ UMTS First things first… . Subside A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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There is an option… CDMA2000 1xRTT – uses same range as IS95 CDMA (1.25MHz) 1xRTT – has twofold the voice limit of IS95 CDMA. 1xRTT – meets ITU criteria for a 3G standard. 1xRTT – top burst rate 153.6Kbps (run of the mill 40-60Kbps). 1xRTT – incorporates Mobile IPv4 as a major aspect of the particular. Development Path 1xRTTRelA – crest burst rate 307.2Mbps. 1xEVDO – crest burst rate 2.4Mbps. 1xEVDV – top burst rate 2.4Mbps, and twofold the voice limit. 3xRTT – same range needs as UMTS (5MHz), identical information throughput. Dwindle A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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Standards and Carriers… Standards Bodies 3GPP2 – really take the necessary steps. EIA/TIA – elastic stamp and distribute the docs. CDG – determine interoperability criteria. Bearers US: Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS. Asia: KDDI, SK Telecom, China Unicom. Europe: Ukraine ? Diminish A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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HLR Visited AAA Home AAA cdma2000 Network Architecture PSTN BSC (cdma2000-1x) MSC/VLR SS7 Network IOS Multi-mode BTS Voice 1x - 1xEV-DO Data RNC (1xEV-DO) PDSN/FA R-P HA IP Network Abbreviations AAA Authentications, Authorization and Accounting HA Home Agent FA Foreign Agent IOS Interoperability Standard R-P Radio Packet Interface RNC Radio Network Controller PDSN Packet Data Serving Node Home cdma2000 Network Visited cdma2000 Network Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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Mobile IP enrollment Once a MN has asked for Mobile IP benefit and got an Agent Advertisement message, it must perform Mobile IP enlistment. Enlistment Takes put through a two message trade : MN sends Registration Request Message ( RRQ ) to FA validates the MN by sending an Access Request Message to the AAA after getting RRQ. On the off chance that AAA verifies MN, the RRQ is passed onto the HA. The HA reacts with a Registration Reply Message ( RRP ). 4 3 HA 4 FA 2 1 AAA MN The RRQ and RRP involve the Mobile IP enrollment prepare Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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Return information way AAAh HA PDSN WLAN and CDMA2000 – Key Enablers ? 1. "PDSN-lite" PDSN usefulness for WLAN associated MNs Foreign WLAN Network 1xRTT Home Network Outgoing information way IEEE 802.11a/b/g AP 2. Portability Client Interface and versatility administration (MIPv4) Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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Some Goals… Seamless wandering (no client association). One pass verification (gauges important ?). Strong encryption on the "nearby connection". Worldwide ability (.11 is 3G freethinker). WLAN (really interface layer) rationalist. Single bearer can\'t claim a noteworthy number of problem areas, so meandering assentions will be required. Diminish A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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… and recollect 3G ≠ UMTS Peter A. Dahl, Verizon Wireless

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