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Famous Journalists. Newspaper Magnate Horace Greeley. was an American newspaper editor, reformer and politician. His New York Tribune was the most influential newspaper of the period 1840-1870. Greeley used it to promote the Whig and Republican parties.
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Popular Journalists

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Newspaper Magnate Horace Greeley was an American daily paper proofreader, reformer and legislator. His New York Tribune was the most powerful daily paper of the period 1840-1870. Greeley utilized it to advance the Whig and Republican gatherings.

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Newspaper Magnate William Randolph Hearst In 1887 he assumed control administration of a daily paper which his dad had acknowledged as installment of a betting obligation - The San Francisco Examiner He procured the best gear and the most skilled scholars of the time. Inside a couple of years, his paper overwhelmed the San Francisco showcase. In 1895, Hearst purchased the flopping New York Morning Journal, contracting authors like Stephen Crane and Julian Hawthorne and going into a straight on flow war with his previous tutor, Joseph Pulitzer, proprietor of the New York World, from whom he "stole" Richard F. Outcault, the designer of shading funnies.

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Newspaper Magnate Joseph Pulitzer was an American distributer best known for setting up the Pulitzer Prizes and (alongside William Randolph Hearst) for beginning yellow news coverage bought the New York World , a daily paper that had been losing $40,000 a year Pulitzer moved its concentration to human-intrigue stories, embarrassment, and melodrama.

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Nellie Bly Investigative Reporter 1900\'s An early investigative columnist She spearheaded covert reporting .

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Ida Tarbel Investigative Journalist was a creator and columnist her renowned depiction of the improper business practices of the Standard Oil Company set up her as a pioneer of investigative news coverage

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Bob Woodward Investigative Reporter revealed the Watergate embarrassment that prompted to President Richard Nixon\'s acquiescence Historical journalistic association with Carl Bernstein Worked as a correspondent for The Washington Post .

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Richard Outcault Cartoonist During late 1800\'s Outcault was the maker of the arrangement The Yellow Kid. He is viewed as the creator of the present day funny cartoon.

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Walt Disney Animator (Cartoonist) was an American film maker, executive, screenwriter, voice performer, and artist . He and his staff made some of the world\'s most famous vivified properties, including the one many consider Disney\'s modify sense of self, Mickey Mouse .

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E.B. White Created THE Style Guide was an American writer, writer, and noted exposition beautician He is most acclaimed today for an essayists\' style control, The Elements of Style He likewise composed Charlotte\'s Web

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Howard Cosell Broadcast Journalist 1960\'s was an outstanding and persuasive games columnist on American TV His rough identity and inclination to talk his mind made him, as indicated by one survey, both the most-loved and most-detested TV correspondent in the nation.

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Barbara Walters Broadcast Journalist Barbara Walters was host of \'20/20\' and \'The View.\' Walters ventured down to concentrate on her \'Barbara Walters Specials.\'

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Peter Jennings Broadcast Journalist was a Canadian-American lead reporter the ABC organize from the 1980s to the 2000s. He had moored ABC World News Tonight since 1978 and was the sole stay from 1983 through April 2005.

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Katie Couric Broadcast Correspondent In 1990, she joined Today as national journalist , turning into a co-have in February 1991 In 1992, she started filling in as a teammate at Dateline NBC , where her reports show up consistently.

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Walter Cronkite Broadcast Journalist is an American writer, best referred to for his work as a TV news anchorman . Amid his residency at CBS Evening News he was frequently refered to in viewer sentiment surveys as " the most trusted man in America," because of his accomplished foundation and expert mien .

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David Brinkley Broadcast Journalist was an American TV reporter for NBC and, later, ABC From 1956 through 1970 he co-secured NBC\'s evening news program The Huntley–Brinkley Report with Chet Huntley .

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Dan Rather Broadcast Journalist Rather is an American writer, who served as stay of the CBS Evening News from March 9, 1981, until March 9, 2005.

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Tom Brokaw Broadcast Journalist is a TV writer and the previous NBC News anchorman and overseeing editorial manager of the program NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.

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War Correspondent Martha Gellhorn was an American author and writer considered one of the best war reporters of the twentieth century .

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Charles Kuralt Columnist He created the normal "On the Road" human-premium portion for the CBS Evening News

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Jack Anderson Columnist was an American daily paper editorialist and is viewed as one of the fathers of present day investigative news-casting won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for his examination on mystery American strategy basic leadership between the United States and Pakistan amid the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War of 1971.

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Maureen Dowd Columnist is a feature writer for The New York Times and a writer. She won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for her arrangement of segments on the Monica Lewinsky outrage .

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Scandals in Journalism Unethical Reporting Remember the morals of news coverage: Seek reality.

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Janet Cooke (outrage) Janet Cooke was a journalist for the Washington Post amid the mid 1980s. In 1980 her story, "Jimmy\'s World", around a 8 year old heroin fiend, started a furious 17-day scouring of Washington, D.C. looking for kid addicts: none was found. The article won a 1981 Pulitzer Prize for news coverage. In a matter of seconds a while later, Cooke admitted that "Jimmy" was a manufacture, guaranteeing that he was a composite of a few youngster addicts, and gave back the prize. She likewise confessed to having cushioned her resume and surrendered from the Post.

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NBC Dateline (1992) outrage In a November 1992 section on its Dateline news program called "Waiting to Explode", NBC demonstrated a General Motors truck detonating after a low-speed side impact with another auto. The blast, however, was really produced by concealed remote-controlled ignitable gadgets. GM sued and in the end won a settlement.

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Stephen Glass (1998) embarrassment Stephen Glass was a columnist and partner manager for The New Republic magazine amid the late 1990s. On May 8, 1998, Forbes Magazine gave The New Republic prove that Glass totally created the story "Hack Heaven", an article around a 15-year-old PC programmer who breaks into an expansive organization\'s PC framework and is then offered a vocation by the organization. Glass was let go, and an inward examination discovered that 27 of 41 articles he had composed for the magazine contained manufactured material.

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Mike Barnicle (embarrassment) Mike Barnicle was a long-lasting columnist for the Boston Globe who was expelled from his position. Barnicle was blamed for disregarding a few standards of reporting, yet was expelled from the Globe when it was found he created cites from guardians of a wiped out youngster.

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