Cell phones for Control of Universal Mixed media.

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Human Computer Interaction Institute. School of Computer Science. Carnegie Mellon ... of other media gadgets, as opposed to simply being another contraption to ace? ...
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Human Computer Interaction Institute School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University Mobile Devices for Control of Ubiquitous Multimedia Brad A. Myers bam@cs.cmu.edu http://www.pebbles.hcii.cmu.edu/

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Handheld Devices Typically, handheld gadgets for: Communication As an "Individual Information Manager" As an "Individual Digital Assistant" As a PC substitution "PocketPC" As a media player Handheld Devices for Remote Control of different gadgets and media Remote Control of PCs Remote Control of machines

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Problem Appliances are excessively mind boggling

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Problem Too numerous remotes

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Problem April 29, 1991

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Approach Use an individual handheld gadget as an Interface to the PC and to the Appliances

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History of Communication ParcTab – constant correspondence Early "coordinators" – no correspondence Newton – additional expense for synchronization Palm – HotSync once every day WindowsCE/PocketPC – ActiveSync once per day

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Now, Handhelds are Communicating Toshiba e740 802.11 BlueTooth Cell-telephone system (G3) HP iPaq 3870 Microsoft SmartPhone

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Pebbles Project Performed as a feature of the Pebbles Project Overall objective: Use of various gadgets in the meantime Palm and desktop PC Mobile Phone and " Smart Home" Multiple handhelds in a meeting Pocket PC and apparatuses Multiple clients with their gadgets Single client with numerous gadgets

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Pebbles is: P E B L E S DAs for ntry of oth ytes and ocations from xternal ources. http://www.pebbles.hcii.edu/

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Pebbles for MultiMedia How will handheld gadgets fit into the client\'s general media space? Where does media originate from? Where is the media is shown? How is the media controlled? In what capacity can handheld gadgets enhance the client interfaces of other media gadgets, as opposed to simply being another contraption to ace?

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Controlling a PC Remote Commander Slide Show Commander Command Post of the Future Shortcutter http://www.pebbles.hcii.edu/

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Remote Commander Allow PDAs to control a PC Can be utilized with any application Uses the standard (single) cursor Don\'t need to bounce up and get mouse All mouse and console capacities Use PDA like touchpad Graffiti or our own pop-up console Word forecast and consummation

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PocketPC rendition Get PC\'s screen onto PocketPC Full view, or coordinated zooming Scroll with iPaq\'s catches Control or scrawl

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For People with Muscular Disabilities Using handhelds as interface to PCs People with Muscular Dystrophy have fine-engine control yet lose gross engine control Difficulties with mouse and console, however stylus OK So utilize Remote Commander as PC\'s console and mouse

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Alphabet for Accurate Gestures Use a square gap in a layout to build precision Just as simple to learn as Graffiti ™ 18% more exact for capable fledglings ( p <.02) Patent Pending Also works with joystick

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Power Point Control Use PC to give the presentation Use hand-held to control the PC Two-way correspondence Hand-held shows picture of slide, notes, clock

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SlideShow Commander, cont. See rundown of slide titles Scribble Tap on-screen catches and hyper-joins Preview different slides Control exhibitions

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Control at a Distance Controlling a PC from over the room Meetings, and so forth. Utilize a laser pointer? Ponders

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Command Post of the Future Share media & control over numerous gadgets Big shows, discourse, motion And handhelds

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CPOF, cont. Gives remote control of fundamental PC battleboard from handhelds Also, private drill-down of open data Small forms of guide and information representations on handhelds Interact locally, and show changes and explanations when prepared

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Shortcutter User-made boards of controls Create custom interfaces and expansions to PC applications And then bring them with you Direct control for alter, then set properties PocketPC or Palm

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Shortcutter Widgets Buttons Virtual Joy stick Virtual Knob Sliders Mouse cushion Gesture board

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Scenarios of Use Lean-back mail perusing Controlling media players … and numerous others

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Controlling Appliances PhD examination of Jeffrey Nichols Assisted by students and MS understudies http://www.pebbles.hcii.edu/puc/

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Problem Too numerous mind boggling gadgets, each with its own particular peculiar interface Stereo framework Telephones ATM Fax machine Photocopier Hotel wake up timer Increasingly mechanized Low convenience

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Existing "widespread" controls Pre-modified at the industrial facility with a subset, Or, relentlessly hand-customized by the client

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Our Approach Handheld is an "Individual Universal Controller" (PUC) Two-way correspondence Appliance portrays its capacities Handheld PUC Automatically makes interface Controls the apparatus Displays criticism about apparatus status Specifications Control Feedback

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Automatic Generation of UIs Benefits All interfaces reliable for a client With traditions of the handheld Even from different makers Addresses lodging wake up timer issue Can consider client inclinations Multiple modalities (GUI + Speech UI) A Hard Problem Previous programmed frameworks have not produced superb interfaces

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Research Challenges Automatic Design of Graphical User Interfaces Automatic Design of Speech User Interfaces Connection with genuine gadgets Through different conventions X-10, AV/C, HAVi, UPnP, and so on. Additionally, custom equipment and programming

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Hand-Generated Graphical Interfaces First, Hand-Designed PocketPC interfaces: AIWA Shelf Stereo (Tape,CD,Tuner) AT&T Telephone/Answering Machine Used Embedded Visual Basic Ensured quality with heuristic investigation and verbally process concentrates on Compared with maker\'s interfaces

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Results of Comparison Using PUC, clients took half less time & made half less mistakes All distinctions are critical ( p < 0.05)

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Current PUC Specification Language XML Full documentation for the particular dialect and convention: http://www.pebbles.hcii.cmu.edu/puc/Contains test determination for a stereo

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Properties of PUC Language State variables & summons Each can have different names Useful when insufficient room Typed variables Base sorts: Boolean, string, listed, numbers, settled point, drifting point, and so forth. Discretionary names for qualities Hierarchical Structure Groups

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Dependency Information Crucial for top notch interfaces Expressed as <active-if> conditions Operations: Equals, Less-Than, Greater-Than Combined Logically AND, OR Used for: Dynamic turning gray out Layout Widget choice

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Specifications Have working determinations for: Audiophase stereo X-10 lights control Sony CamCorder Windows Media Player Audio ReQuest equipment MP3 player WinAmp Media Player Elevator Parts of GMC Yukon Denali SUV Etc.

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Controller Generators iPaq PocketPC SmartPhone No touchscreen Desktop (TabletPC) Speech

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Examples of Generated GUIs Shelf stereo Windows Media Player

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Generating Speech Interfaces "All inclusive Speech Interface" (USI) venture Prof. Roni Rosenfeld of CMU http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~usi Creates sentence structure, dialect model and articulation word reference from PUC detail Pronunciation from names utilizing phonetic guidelines Can give different elocutions as marks to calibrating Will utilize reliance data to help with disambiguation and clarification Supports questions and talked input Paraphrases as affirmation

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"Connectors" give the interface to existing (and future) apparatuses If don\'t bolster particular dialect straightforwardly Custom equipment Custom programming Lutron Windows Media Player X-10 Light switches, and so forth. AV/C (standard convention) Sony CamCorder HAVi UPnP Axis Camera Adaptors

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Demonstration Sony CamCorder Windows Media Player Image library Two way correspondence: When state changes from application or apparatus, GUI is overhauled Can question state with discourse

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Current Work on PUC Controlling User "Encounters" One summon for various gadgets Play a DVD  sets DVD, link, TV Setting wake up timer  sets heat, espresso, auto Consistency for Users And client inclinations More gadgets UPnP Etc.

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For More Information Many papers on the Pebbles site On PUC and other work Most projects accessible for nothing downloading: SlideShow Commander is authorized for business deal See handango.com http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~pebbles

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Conclusions As more hardware are mechanized and conveying, cell phones can control them Handheld gadgets can enhance the client interfaces of everything else Not simply be another contraption to be scholarly

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Thanks to Pebbles Students This exploration performed by countless since 1997:

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The Pebbles examination is upheld by awards from: DARPA NSF Microsoft General Motors NEC Foundation Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse And gear stipends from: Hewlett Packard Lucent Technologies Lantronix, Inc. Lutron, Inc. Mitsubishi Palm Computing Symbol Technologies IBM SMART Technologies VividLogic Synergy Solutions Handango Thanks to Our Sponsors!

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Human Computer Interaction Institute School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University Thank You! Cell phones for Control of Ubiquitous Multimedia Brad A. Myers bam@cs.cmu.edu http://www.pebbles.hcii.cmu.edu/

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