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Versatile Computer. Projector System. Administrator Training. Arranged by ... second Computer Audio Jack. second Computer Video Jack. Press Source catch to choose next source ...
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Center FOCUS

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Portable Computer Projector System Operator Training Prepared by Peter Richey August 29, 2002 First Presbyterian Church Wheaton, Illinois

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Infocus LP530 Projector

Slide 6

Laptop Computer

Slide 7

Stereo VHS VCR

Slide 8

70"x70" Screen

Slide 9

Fixed Height Cart – 40"

Slide 10

Tall Cart 49"

Slide 11

Projector Remote Control

Slide 12

VCR Remote Control

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Essential Steps

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Projector Start-up

Slide 16

Remove the Lens Cap

Slide 18

Projector – Top View

Slide 19

Press Power Button once to begin Power-up

Slide 20

Focus Ring Zoom Ring Leg Release Adjust front leveling leg

Slide 21

Power Standby Keystone Controls Projector – Top View

Slide 22

Power Page Down (forward) Page Up (in reverse) Keystone Controls Standby Projector Remote Control

Slide 23

Projector Remote Control 2 AAA Batteries

Slide 24

Computer Start-up

Slide 25

Laptop Computer (Front perspective) Cover discharge

Slide 26

Laptop Computer Power Switch Glide Pad Mouse

Slide 27

Laptop Computer Power Button Power up (boot) the PC and log on. Begin presentation program.

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Screen Setup

Slide 30

Carry Handle Leg Release

Slide 31

Leg Release and Deploy legs

Slide 32

Upper Screen Release Knob

Slide 33

Stem Upper Screen Release Knob Raise Stem while hauling out Upper Screen Release Knob

Slide 34

Top of Projector Screen Stem Latch Pin securing screen Stem

Slide 35

Turn screen lodging to even. Raise screen and snare on top of stem. .

Slide 36

Adjust base of screen tallness while hauling out Carry Handle Release Knob.

Slide 37

Focus Ring Zoom Ring Leg Release Adjust zoom and core interest. Re-alter level as required.

Slide 38

Adjust Keystone utilizing Remote or Projector controls.

Slide 39

Shutting Down

Slide 40

Press Power Button once to begin Power-Down arrangement.

Slide 41

Close presentation. Log off and Shutdown.

Slide 42

Retract Leveling Leg.

Slide 43

Replace Lens Cap

Slide 45

Collapse Screen.

Slide 46

Tall Cart Setup

Slide 47

Tall Cart prepared for use.

Slide 48

Tall Cart prepared for capacity or transport.

Slide 49

Tall Cart (Rear perspective)

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Upper Shelf Horizontal Latch Pins Vertical Release Lever Upper Shelf Release Knob

Slide 51

Release Upper Shelf Knob, and swing rack up.

Slide 52

Squeeze Horizontal Latch Pins

Slide 53

Release Horizontal Latch Pins to Secure Shelf in Horizontal Position.

Slide 54

Upper Shelf prepared to utilize.

Slide 55

Lower Shelf Vertical Set Knob (Turn) Lower Shelf Horizontal Latch Knob (Pull)

Slide 56

Lower Shelf Horizontal Latch Knob

Slide 57

Tall Cart prepared to utilize.

Slide 61

Extreme Keystone Correction

Slide 62

Use Projector Screen Stem Extension.

Slide 64

Lighting Considerations

Slide 65

Stewart Hall with sunshine and simulated lights.

Slide 66

Ministry Center with some sunlight as it were.

Slide 67

Ministry Center with sunlight and full simulated lights.

Slide 68

Ministry Center with sunshine and full fake lights.

Slide 69

Ministry Center with just full manufactured lights. Shades down.

Slide 70

Ministry Center with just full counterfeit lights. Shades down.

Slide 71

Stewart Hall Light Controls

Slide 72

Wall Switches

Slide 73

HI LO ON OFF Class Room transfers Hallway

Slide 74

Location of individual classroom switches

Slide 76

Individual classroom switches

Slide 77

Alternate Video Sources VCR, 2 nd Computer

Slide 78

Main Computer Audio Cable Main Computer Video and USB Cable VCR Cable (3) second Computer Video Jack second Computer Audio Jack Projector Rear View

Slide 79

Press Source catch to choose next source

Slide 80

Press Data or Video catches to choose next source

Slide 81

Stereo VHS VCR

Slide 82

VCR Remote Control

Slide 83

Stereo VHS VCR (back perspective) VCR Cable (3)

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Slide 85

Online form is on Computer Hard Disk and CDROM.

Slide 86

Computer Cabling and Controls

Slide 87

Laptop Computer (back perspective) Network Printer Phone USB (Remote Mouse Control) Video Power

Slide 88

Laptop Computer (front perspective) Volume Audio Out

Slide 89

Laptop Computer (front perspective) DVD/CD Controls Reverse Play/Pause Stop Forward

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