Central command Operation.

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Universal Headquarters: Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. Lions Clubs International was set up in 1917in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In 1971, LCI HQ was moved to Oak Brook, Illinois, 20 miles west of downtown Chicago.. Universal Headquarters: Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. About 300 LCI and LCIF partners work here, giving assets and backing to the1.35 million Lions club membersaround the
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Central command Operation

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International Headquarters Administration Peter Lynch Senior Executive Administrator

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International Headquarters Administration

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Administrative Officer Scott Drumheller Executive Administrator, General Counsel & Secretary Oversight of the District and Club Service & Leadership Development Group, Convention Division, Legal Division and International Secretary, ISAAME office Represents LCI at discussions and different occasions if Sr. EA is not accessible or when asked for by officers

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Executive Administrator

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Legal Division Responsible for LCI\'s administration and legitimate operations Counsels and educates Board with respect to Directors and contact to the Constitution & By-Laws Committee Guides Lions on established, arrangement and parliamentary matters Facilitates inward debate determination strategies Administers overall risk, property and mischance protection programs Registers and keeps up the affiliation\'s trademarks Coordinates support and confirmation of possibility for worldwide office

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what number contracts does the Legal Division audit every year? 109 242 196 225 10 Countdown

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Convention Division Gloria Geske Division Manager

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Convention (and gatherings) Division Works with host Lions to arrange universal tradition for around 15,000 Lions Works 5 years out on tradition offers Multi-year arranging required for every Handles enlistment, lodging, transports, display lobby & worldwide show Manages coordinations for DGE Seminar Plans executive gatherings & different gatherings Manages LCI worldwide travel program

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Do you know the quantity of rooms booked amid the International Convention in Hamburg? 3,263 2,963 6,335 2,868 10 Countdown

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District and Club Services & Leadership Development Group Aligns divisions supporting Lions field structure, preparing and overhauling all positions from club officers on up

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Group Manager Group Manager, District and Club Service & Leadership Development Group Division Manager, Leadership Division

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Leadership Division Manages preparing and administration improvement programs for Lions overall Leadership Institutes, including Advanced, Emerging, Faculty Development and Regional District Governors-choose Training including DGE Seminar Leadership Resource Center (on the web) Curriculum & Funding Support Programs Global Leadership Team Facilitation & Support

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Do you know what number of Lions were prepared by means of Lions Leadership Institute programs amid 2012-2013 ? 12 988 3,946 despite everything we\'re checking them 10 Countdown

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District and Club Administration Division Mindy Marks Division Manager

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District and Club Administration Division Supports the compelling organization and operations of areas and clubs Assists locale and clubs worldwide in 11 official dialects – principle purpose of contact for all clubs, zones, areas and regions Handles a large number of request every week – from District Officer Bios reports to the Excellence Awards Also bolsters key activities to advance club and region achievement: District and Club Resource Center, Club Health Assessment, and Certified Guiding Lion program

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Do you know what number of words are deciphered by District & Club once a day? 51,540 36,800 25,063 5,789 10 Countdown

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Administrative Officer Maryellen Skerik LCI\'s CFO/Treasurer Oversee and coordinate fund/bookkeeping capacities, data innovation, club supplies, HR, and offices support

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Treasury, Financial and Business Operations Group Aligns divisions identified with back & \'back office\' frameworks

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Finance Division Oversee whole Finance capacity of the affiliation, keeping up the trustworthiness of the affiliation\'s bookkeeping frameworks while giving different monetary administrations to individuals.

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Do you know what number of ledgers the affiliation and establishment have consolidated? 25 45 2 74 10 Countdown

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Information Technology Division Kevin Lin Division Manager

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Information Technology Division The Information Technology Division arranges, sorts out and controls the general exercises of specialized administrations all through the whole association. This incorporates specialized foundation, database, applications, handle change, participation information organization, business insight and reporting for enrollment, benefit movement, LCIF and fund. The division handles all participation reports and is in charge of keeping up all club and officer records.

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by and large what number of participation exchanges happen every year? 207,100 833,000 1.05 million 436,000 10 Countdown

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Club Supplies and Distribution Division Noel Mason Department Manager

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Club Supplies Division Responsible for deals, advertising, stock and conveyance of club supplies around the world. Oversees overall permitting programs. Deals with the affiliation\'s acquisition office.

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Do you know what number of requests Club Supplies sends every year? 40,000 32,000 25,000 20,000 10 Countdown

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Membership, Service Programs & Communications Group Aligns divisions subject to interchanges and with shared interests: more individuals = more administration = more pr

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Group Manager Ken G Kabira Group Manager Membership, Service Activities & Communications

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Extension and Membership Division Susan Haney Division Manager

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Extension and Membership Division Responsible for the organization of all participation development and expansion programs Develop and advance the contracting of new clubs including family, grounds clubs, club branch Regional created enrollment procedures Develops and circulates enlistment materials, part fulfillment assets, and honors Manage Global Membership Team (GMT) Manage and Administer new projects, for example, Club Excellence Process (Pro and Lite) Just Ask! Participation Satisfaction Collaborate with Task Force on ladies and family enrollment

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Do you know what number of new clubs by and large are sanctioned every year? 1,400 1,600 1,700 800 10 Countdown

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Public Relations & Communications Division Dane La Joye Division Manager

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Public Relations & Communications Division Coordinates and incorporates correspondence programs enveloping advertising, inner and outside interchanges, online networking, and LION Magazine.

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Do you know what number of companions Lions have on Facebook? 20,000 92,000 40,000 65,000 10 Countdown

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Service Activities Division Caryn Adolph Division Manager

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Service Activities Division Empowers Lions to serve their groups and address philanthropic issues Supports Global Service Action battles and exceptional activities (e.g. Perusing Action Program, tree planting) Manages programs and creates assets to help Lions serve (youngsters, youth, locate, diabetes, the earth, calamity readiness and alleviation, and so forth.) Uses information got through the online Lions Service Activity Report to evaluate the effect of Lions work and screen worldwide administration patterns Operates Leo Program (Over 6,400 clubs - as of now the biggest number of Leo clubs in the program\'s 56-year history) Develops organizations and coordinated efforts to raise perceivability and extend Lions administration and its effect

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Do you know what number of administration exercises Lions report every month? 5,000 35,000 15,000 45,000 10 Countdown

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Lions Clubs International Foundation A lawfully isolate substance, completely impose excluded Created in 1968 as LCI\'s worldwide establishment and philanthropic arm

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Lions Clubs International Foundation Rebecca Daou Division Manager

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Lions Clubs International Foundation Lions Clubs International Foundation is the helpful arm of the affiliation Supports Lions compassionate endeavors overall Raises $30 to $50 million yearly Develops associations and outside subsidizing connections Four mainstays of administration: Sight, Disaster, Youth and Humanitarian Needs, which incorporates measles Spear-headed new Gates organization

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Do you know the quantity of allow applications and recommendations got every year? 500 200 350 450 10 Countdown

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