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CHALLENGES FACING SPORT AND POSSIBLE REMEDIES General perspective through the eyes of Lydia Monyepao Who is Lydia Monyepao? Spoilt little rich girl? Model C aka cheese girl? Ghetto from the townships? Rural, traditional? Ordinary… What do I stand for? Notes:
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Difficulties FACING SPORT AND POSSIBLE REMEDIES General point of view through the eyes of Lydia Monyepao

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Who is Lydia Monyepao? Spoilt minimal rich young lady? Model C otherwise known as cheddar young lady? Ghetto from the townships? Rustic, conventional? Ordinary… What do I remain for? Notes: I didn't get where I am today in light of the fact that somebody did me a favour… You don’t must be conceived extraordinary or know certain individuals to get some place in life! Diligent work dependably pays off!

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Birth – Pimville, Soweto Family – 5 kin Cyferkuil – rustic, close Bela Swarisanang Primary School Bophuthatswana International School of Bop/SA Academies Sport & confinements Facilities Goals Gauteng Education RAU (UJ) versus Wits BCom Sport versus Accounting Athletics versus Football versus Basketball SASSU CUCSA International World Student Games versus Olympics History of a country young lady

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Lessons learnt Hard work Discipline Leadership Commitment Self inspiration Teamwork Integrity (genuineness/reasonableness) Relationships Passion

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Facilities Provincial School/University Township/Rural/Suburbs Financial imperatives School University Sponsors - females Discrimination = imbalance Color Institutional Exposure Other donning codes Gender Media Development (at all levels) Pace - moderate Other brandishing codes Location Representation at global level Olympics, Commonwealth, World Cups, and so forth Incentives Amateur versus proficient Female footballers Leagues: USSASA/SASSU/Premier Research What fulfills a competitor? Challenges I confronted

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Possible Consequences Youth lost enthusiasm for game Movies Parties Video diversions, and so on No open air sport Crime Drug misuse Unprotected sex HIV/AIDS Teenage pregnancy Lost dreams

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Education Values learnt on games field Raising taught & instructed sportswomen & men Future pioneers Positive good examples Support Financially = supports Institutions - grants Gender Family Development Merit Assist in taking out disparity in game Rural regions/townships Gender No segregation/boundaries Fair determination forms Institutions Gender Sports Academies High Performance Center Other foundations Clubs/recreational focuses Possible Remedies

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Conclusion It is our obligation as a country to guarantee that we raise young men and young ladies who are instructed and restrained . These are our future pioneers ! We would have fizzled them in the event that we can't make a domain that urges them to be as well as can be expected be in both game and instruction , regardless of where they originate from, regardless of the shade of their skin. I assume that we will discover solutions for the difficulties confronted by game that won't just advantage Gauteng as a common yet South Africa all in all. I trust that the issues tended to in this course in the following two days don't simply stay inside of the dividers of the CSIR however that move is made and we execute what has been talked about going ahead.

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