Championing Nanotech Development: Lessons Learned.

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Championing Nanotech Advancement: Lessons Learned Displayed by Christine Peterson VP, Foreknowledge Organization Quickening Change 2004 November 2004 © Premonition Foundation 2004 What is nanotechnology?
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Championing Nanotech Innovation: Lessons Learned Presented by Christine Peterson Vice President, Foresight Institute Accelerating Change 2004 November 2004 © Foresight Institute 2004

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What is nanotechnology? Making and utilizing structures, gadgets, and frameworks that have valuable properties and capacities as a result of their structure at the 1 to 100 nanometer estimate Today, same as science and materials science (hot advertising term) Longer-term: joins with mechanical designing to give atomic assembling

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Funding levels rising U.S. Nanotech Initiative $3.7 billion more than 4 years (in addition to military) approved European Union and Japan gov’ts spending generally like U.S. Other Asian countries, Australia, Israel likewise contending. India needs in. China has expense point of interest Increasing sums being spent in private segment; figures shift generally; can defend any number

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Near-term items (< 5 yrs): Mostly materials Drug conveyance, medicinal inserts, sensors (bio & concoction), sunlight based vitality (photovoltaic or direct hydrogen generation), batteries, shows & e-paper, nanotube and nanoparticle composites, impetuses, coatings, amalgams, protection (warm & electrical), channels, pastes, abrasives, greases, paints, energizes & explosives, materials, hard drives, PC memory, optical segments, and so forth. Not an incorporated “industry” — incremental items in numerous businesses

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Near-term: Nanoparticles Just one division of today’s nanotech Positive sample: gold-covered particles with organic usefulness tie to tumor cells and after that warmed, to treat growth Concerns about undesirable reactions. Late result: control of lethality by outline Regulatory offices need mindfulness and mastery: natural insurance (EPA), word related wellbeing (OSHA), sustenance and medication (FDA). Procedure has started, not finish. Like regulation of new chemicals

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Tools for looking ahead to cutting edge nanotech Laws of material science Laws of financial aspects Laws of human instinct Result: innovative development as far as possible permitted by nature Process does not bring about a period appraisal Does result in fourth era nanotech: nanoscale gainful frameworks

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Feynman, 1959 “The standards of physical science, to the extent I can see, don\'t talk against the likelihood of moving things molecule by particle. It is not an endeavor to disregard any laws; it is something, on a fundamental level, that should be possible; however practically speaking, it has not been done in light of the fact that we are excessively big.” There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom

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Molecular assembling better approach for review matter Today, can have nuclear exactness or huge complex structures, not both Want both in the meantime Goal: Direct control down to sub-atomic level, not roundabout control as today (e.g. drugs, surgery) for results of any size Can change/repair structure of every single physical thing including human body

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Basis of cutting edge nanotech: Molecular machines Found in nature (e.g. sub-atomic engines) Now figuring out how to plan and fabricate new sub-atomic machine frameworks Goal: nanosystems for assembling complex, molecularly exact results of any size (from cubic-micron centralized computers to plane carrying warships) Digital-style control of matter: designing it as today we compose a CD

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Differential rigging (cutaway)

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Standard disarrays about sub-atomic machine pictures Mistaken for artist’s originations (“pretty pictures”) Mistaken for last, unchanging outlines, which—if not idealize now—invalidate sub-atomic machine frameworks idea Actually: cases of outlines conceivable with today’s apparatuses in addition to moderate building suppositions: “something like this ought to work, after iteration”

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Fine movement controller, halfway

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Atom contact bearing model (~2 nanometers)

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Convergent get together utilizing exceptionally parallel frameworks

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Molecular assembling of nanosystems (fourth gen.) Extreme lessening in direct assembling expenses (excluding protection, lawful, IP authorizing, and so on) Extreme reduction in contamination: “zero waste” of materials, least utilization of vitality Extreme increment in gadget many-sided quality conceivable (e.g. restorative nanorobots)

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Lessons learned (1976-2004) The accompanying are a few lessons learned at every phase of the nanotech procedure to date Should be helpful for different zones of generous advancement Some things we did well and succeeded with — some we did wrong and paid the cost

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Extremely early research stage (late 70’s, mid 80’s), pre-focused Few will see, regardless of what you do Don’t stress over somebody taking your thoughts — nobody is focusing Call your new field by a name that nobody will need to rethink (not very provocative or non specific) Publish in refereed diaries Write specialized books Avoid the prevalent press and open

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Very early research stage (80’s), still pre-aggressive Hold invitational workshops to locate the couple of other people who “get it” Invitational to keep out the chips Teach a Stanford class on your work so that a Steve Jurvetson will go to and later store significant work Not a joke Publish procedures, refereed diaries articles Write specialized books Avoid the famous press and open

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Early research stage (mid 90’s), still pre-aggressive Engage with gov’t examination subsidizing procedure, play the amusement Lots of financing sources, evade those not intrigued Find exploration associates, esp. experimentalists, get subsidizing circle going Takes time, political abilities, solid stomach Hold invitational gatherings Publish procedures, refereed articles Write specialized books Avoid the well known press and open

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Early R&D stage (90’s to now) “Funding gap” Try DARPA Good fortunes

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Early commercialization stage (now) Probably better not to place nano in your organization name or item name Use the term just where it will assist Watch with excursion for administrative issues (nanoparticle report from Swiss Re) Try Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs?

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Maximizing social advantages of advancement Lowering direct expenses (industry, w/some administration contracts): In advancement Lowering IP expenses: Keep essential apparatuses as open source? Nonexclusive authorizing? (e.g., HTML) Preventing mischances (industry/government organization): Doable: more control empowers more obligation Reducing utilization in war, terrorism (basically government, w/industry participation): Very troublesome test Preserving flexibility and security in a world equipped for nanosurveillance

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Guidelines for Responsible Development Foresight Guidelines Version 4.0: Self Assessment Scorecards for Safer Development of Nanotechnology Scorecards for nanotech experts, industry, and government strategy Ongoing process: your remarks extraordinarily supported

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“Sounds like science fiction” If you’re attempting to look a long ways ahead, and what you see appears like sci-fi, it may not be right . Be that as it may, on the off chance that it doesn’t appear like sci-fi, it’s most likely off-base.

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For more data — primary site, incorporates extensive segment on Nanomedicine — searchable news site Abstracts for late first Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology, Oct. 22-24, 2004 Foresight

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