Change and Responsibility QUALITY Evaluation IN DUTCH Colleges.

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Change and Responsibility QUALITY Appraisal IN DUTCH Colleges. Ton Vroeijenstijn Relationship of Colleges in the Netherlands. VSNU. Qualities 'DUTCH MODEL '. Colleges in charge of value and QA VSNU follows up for the benefit of the colleges
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Change & ACCOUNTABILITY QUALITY ASSESSMENT IN DUTCH UNIVERSITIES Ton Vroeijenstijn Association of Universities in the Netherlands VSNU

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CHARACTERISTICS ‘DUTCH MODEL ’ Universities in charge of value and QA VSNU follows up for the benefit of the colleges outer legitimization by part inspectorate across the country similar project arranged covers all projects patterned self assessment + outside appraisal open report no immediate connection with financing VSNU

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PLAYERS IN THE GAME Universities and the VSNU inspectorate Minister of Education, Culture & Science parliament superintendents understudies VSNU

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DIVISION OF RESPONSIBILITIES QUALITY ASSESSMENT Inspectorate Minister Meta-assessment Evaluation subsequent VSNU Departments Universities

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Purpose of appraisal Internal capacity: Quality affirmation Improvement seat stamping self regulation External capacity: Accountability understanding into quality knowledge into differences lobby mark for quality VSNU

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BASIC ELEMENTS self appraisal outside audit open report keep an eye on evaluation by inspectorate mind follow up by inspectorate VSNU

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Quality pointers 1 Goals and points the system the showing\'s association/learning procedure last theory/research task pass rates/dropout Student directing and prompt VSNU

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Quality pointers 2 Feasibility of the project Qualifications of the staff Facilities outside contacts Internal quality certification global measurement the graduate VSNU

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THE PROCESS Formal declaration self evaluation by the office site visit master board of trustees open report meta-assessment by inspectorate in the long run “yellow cards” beware of follow up following 2 years VSNU

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THE SELF EVALUATION is illustrative as well as explanatory and basic searches for how to take care of issues it is never a PR record VSNU

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COMPOSITION OF THE REVIEW COMMITTEE Experts in the field work market nonnatives educationalist understudy VSNU

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FUNCTIONS OF THE REVIEW COMMITTEE Consultant quality change input to the workforce dialog with the personnel motivating force for inward quality administration Accountant/controller legitimisation inside quality administration responsibility VSNU

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THE SYSTEM OF EQA IN THE YEAR 2000 Improvement & responsibility Diversity rather than consistency How to make quality more noticeable? Accreditation or not? More adaptability and tailor made evaluations The universal measurement of EQA

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