Characterizing Standard Working Systems for Shea Handling.

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Greases, cleanser, pharmaceuticals, and so on. Various routines. Pits smoked worked in-water ... Cleanser making, deodorisation, and so forth. Simplicity of creation with ease. E.g. ...
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Characterizing Standard Operating Procedures for Shea Processing Peter Lovett WATH/Pro Karité

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Multiple business sectors Traditional spread Cultural & locational variety Edible, beauty care products, restorative, cleanser, and so forth Non-conventional consumable Cocoa Butter Improvers, margarines, and so forth Non-customary individual consideration Pomades, cleanser, pharmaceuticals, and so forth

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Multiple techniques Pits – smoked – manipulated in-water Piles – bubbled – singed – plied in-water Piles – bubbled – expeller Dried crude – sand-broiled – bubbled in-water Dried crude – squeezed

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Quality Parameters Free unsaturated fats Peroxide values Unsaponifiable substance & profile Melting point Humidity Impurities Color

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Consistency! SOP x SOP y 2 Free Fatty Acid % 1 0 Batch # Batch #

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Production cost versus market value Processing inputs Firewood, water, work, and so on Technology costs Extraction rate Refining cost Market request

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E.g. taken a toll versus value Drier Grinding factory Pressing machine Cost Sell Profit 500 600 100 550 600 50 700 750 50 1000 1200 200

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Standard Operating Procedures Need regulated procedure Understanding of every stage Timing Effect on quality Extraction rates Cost of every stage Expected "quality" at a given "consistency"

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Traditional SOPs E.g. SOP 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and so on To incorporate scope of conventional techniques Expected` Degraded oil Wide "consistency" territory Cultural request Large market

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Mid-range SOPs Produces a standard item great consistency Medium oil quality, e.g. FFA 3-4% Probably advance refining expected Soap making, deodorisation, and so on Ease of creation requiring little to no effort E.g. portions for fare, national cleanser generation

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Top extent SOPs High set-up cost preparing, driers, presses, and so on Niche showcases High consistency High "Quality @ Quantity" (e.g. <1% FFA) Certification most likely requested by business sector Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals

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Key inquiries - Quality Provenance profiles Unsaponifiables Effect of collection & fluid extraction Cause of peroxide development amid bubbling Levels of PAHs & elective strategies Economic, proficient drying techniques

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Market driven Offer quality parameters Assess market request quality, amount & value Finalize quality guidelines Certification strategies Networks to permit free market access Offer SOPs to makers & purchasers…

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