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Chaucer. Text and Contexts. Wife of Bath’s Tale: A Woman’s Perspective. Wife of Bath’s Tale: A Woman’s Perspective. Wife of Bath’s Tale: Comparison with Knight’s Tale. Wife of Bath’s Tale: Begins with a rape. Wife of Bath’s Tale: The rapist is granted a reprieve.
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Chaucer Text and Contexts

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: A Woman\'s Perspective

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: A Woman\'s Perspective

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: Comparison with Knight\'s Tale

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: Begins with an assault

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The attacker is allowed a relief

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The attacker is conceded a respite

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale Elves, Incubi, and Friars In th\' olde dayes of the kyng arthour, Of which that britons speken welcome respect, Al was this land fulfild of fayerye. 860 The mythical person queene, with hir joly compaignye Daunced ful ofte in numerous a grene mede. This was the olde feeling, as I rede; I speke of manye hundred yeres back.

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: Elves, Incubi, and Friars But now kan no man se none mythical beings mo, 865 For now the grete charitee and petitions Of lymytours and othere hooly freres, That serchen each lond and each streem, As thikke as bits in the sonne-beem, Blessynge halles, chambres, kichenes, boures, 870 Citees, burghes, castels, hye toures, Thropes, bernes, shipnes, dayeryes - This maketh that ther ben no fayeryes. For ther as wont to walken was a mythical being, Ther walketh now the lymytour hymself 875 In undermeles and in morwenynges, And seyth his matyns and his hooly thynges

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight assaults the house keeper As he gooth in his lymytacioun. Wommen may go now saufly up and doun. In each bussh or under each tree 880 Ther is twelve oother incubus however he, And he ne wol doon fix yet disrespect. Thus bifel it that this kyng arthour Hadde in his hous a hearty bacheler, That on a day cam ridynge fro ryver; 885 And happed that, allone as he was conceived, He saugh a mayde walkynge hym biforn, Of which mayde anon, maugree hir notice, By verray constrain, he rafte procure maydenhed;

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight is brought before the lord For which oppressioun was swich noise 890 And swich pursute unto the kyng arthour, That dampned was this knyght for to be deed, By cours of lawe, and sholde han lost his regard - Paraventure swich was the statut tho - But that the queene and othere ladyes mo 895 So longe preyeden the kyng of effortlessness, Til he his lyf hym graunted in the place, And yaf hym to the queene, al at hir wille, To chese wheither she wolde hym spare or spille. The queene thanketh the kyng with al hir myght, 900 And after this accordingly spak she to the knyght,

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The ruler sends the knight on a mission Whan that she saugh hir tyme, upon a day: Thou standest yet, quod she, in swich exhibit That of thy lyf yet hastow no suretee. I grante thee lyf, if thou kanst tellen me 905 What thyng is it that wommen moost desiren. Be war, and keep thy nekke-shelter from iren! Furthermore, if thou kanst nat tellen it anon, Yet wol I yeve thee leve for to gon A twelf-month and a day, to seche and leere 910 An answere suffisant in this mateere; And suretee wol I han, er that thou pace, Thy body for to yelden in this place.

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight\'s mission Wo was this knyght, and sorwefully he siketh; But what! he may nat do al as hym liketh. 915 And at the laste he chees hym for to wende, And come agayn, comfortable yeres ende, With swich answere as God wolde hym purveye; And taketh his leve, and wendeth foam his weye. He seketh each hous and each place 920 Where as he hopeth for to fynde elegance, To lerne what thyng wommen loven moost; But he ne koude arryven in no coost Wher as he myghte fynde in this mateere Two animals accordynge in-feere.

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: What ladies need 925 Somme seyde wommen loven best richesse, Somme seyde respect, somme seyde jolynesse, Somme riche cluster, somme seyden desire abedde, And oftetyme to be wydwe and wedde. Somme seyde that oure hertes been moost esed 930 Whan that we ben yflatered and yplesed. He gooth ful ny the sothe, I wol nat lye. A man shal wynne us best with flaterye; And with participation, and with bisynesse, Been we ylymed, bothe moore and lesse. 935 And somme seyen that we loven best For to be free, and do all right or,

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: Women can\'t keep a mystery And that no man repreve us of oure bad habit, But seye that we be astute, and no thyng nyce. For trewely ther is twelve of us alle, 940 If any wight wol clawe us on the galle, That we nel kike, for he seith us sooth. Measure, and he shal fynde it that so dooth; For, be we never so horrible withinne, We wol been holden insightful and clene of synne. 945 And somme seyn that welcome delit han we For to been holden stable, and eek secree, And in o purpos stedefastly to dwelle, And nat biwreye thyng that men us telle. However, that story is nat worth a rake-stele.

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The story of Midas\' ears

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight meets the old lady This knyght, of which my story is exceptionally, Than that he saugh he myghte nat come therby, 985 This is to seye, what wommen adore moost, Withinne his brest ful sorweful was the goost. In any case, hoom he gooth, he myghte nat sojourne; The day was come that homward moste he tourne. What\'s more, in his wey it happed hym to ryde, 990 In al this care, under a timberland syde, Wher as he saugh upon a daunce go Of ladyes foure and twenty, but then mo; Toward the whiche daunce he drow ful yerne, with the expectation that som wysdom sholde he lerne.

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight meets the old lady 995 But certeinly, er he cam completely there, Vanysshed was this daunce, he nyste where. No animal saugh he that bar lyf, Save on the grene he saugh sittynge a wyf - A fouler wight ther may no man devyse. 1000 Agayn the knyght this olde wyf gan ryse, And seyde, sire knyght, heer forward ne lith no wey. Tel me what that ye seken, by youre fey! Paraventure it might the bettre be; Thise olde society kan muchel thyng, quod she. 1005 My leeve mooder, quod this knyght, certeyn I nam yet deed, yet in the event that that I kan seyn What thyng it is that wommen moost covet.

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight\'s triumph and the old woman\'s craving

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The recently marries 1095 Ye faren lyk a man had lost his mind. What is my overlaid? for goddes adore, tel me it, And it shal been amende, on the off chance that I may. Revised? quod this knyght, allas! nay, nay! It wol nat been altered nevere mo. 1100 Thou craftsmanship so loothly, thus oold likewise, And therto comen of so lough a kynde, That litel ponder is thogh I walwe and wynde. So wolde God myn herte wolde breste! Is this, quod she, the reason for youre unreste? 1105 Ye, certeinly, quod he, no big surprise is. Presently, sire, quod she, I koude amende al this,

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: " Crist wole we clayme of hym oure gentillesse" If that me liste, er it were dayes thre, So wel ye myghte bere yow unto me. In any case, for ye speken of swich gentillesse 1110 As is slid out of old richesse, That therfore sholden ye be gentil men, Swich pomposity is nat worth a hen. Looke that\'s identity moost vertuous alway, Pryvee and apert, and moost entendeth ay 1115 To do the gentil dedes that he kan; Taak hym for the grettest gentil man. Crist wole we clayme of hym oure gentillesse, Nat of oure eldres for contract old richesse.

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight\'s triumph and the old woman\'s longing

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Wife of Bath\'s Tale: The knight\'s decision But nathelees, syn I knowe youre delit, I shal fulfille youre common appetit. Chese now, quod she, oon of thise thynges tweye: 1220 To han me foul and old til that I deye, And be to yow a trewe, humble wyf, And nevere yow displese in al my lyf; Or elles ye wol han me yong and reasonable, And take youre aventure of the repair 1225 That shal be to youre hous by reason for me, Or in som oother place, may wel be. Presently chese yourselven, wheither that yow like

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