Check Station 500 Deals Presentation Susan Ruler, WW Showcasing, Archive Imaging Dispersed Catch Items.

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Examine Station 500 Deals Presentation Susan Lord, WW Advertising, Archive Imaging Appropriated Catch Items Substance System Checking Diagram … . Presenting the Output Station 500… … Key Components.… … Item Visit… … .… … Esteem and Advantages… …
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Output Station 500 Sales Presentation Susan King, WW Marketing, Document Imaging Distributed Capture Products

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CONTENTS Network Scanning Overview ………. Presenting the Scan Station 500…… Key Features.………………………… Product Tour……….………………… Value and Benefits…………………… Competitive Advantage………………. Designs and Specifications…… KODAK Service and Support………….. pp 3-5 pp 6-9 pp 10,11 pp 12,13 pp 14-19 pp 20-25 pp 26-29 p 30

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Network Scanning – a groundwork Network scanners are half breed gadgets, joining a desktop scanner and a PC into a solitary standalone machine The first system scanner was produced quite a while prior, essentially as a fax substitution Driven by business sector acknowledgment, system scanner arrangements have become significantly, and highlight/usefulness keeps on growing From fax substitution to multi-destination adaptability to backoffice incorporation Vertical applications being composed by ISVs Flexible work process configuration bundles likewise being coordinated Ease of utilization is regularly the top reason clients pick system examining

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Network Scanning – Moves Into the Mainstream Market Requirements Evolve More than only a “sender” Leverage corporate tending to Leverage corporate security/validation Enable crossing over of innovations ONE BUTTON SIMPLE ! Kodak Scan Station 100 kept on developing and acquaint new elements and usefulness with meet, surpass and set new levels of client desires.

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Network Scanning – Moves Into the Mainstream Organizations move far from the MFP Cost successful/adaptability/security True multi-tasking (concurrent fax and email) Higher picture quality/OCR and PDF capacity More hearty record nourishing Integration of archive administration and complex client needs Market Adoption Fueled by development in Distributed Capture Adds worth to report administration Improve client administration/interchanges Remote system organization Workflow Integration “While much is yet to be expert, the new (system scanner) models…are particularly solid and will eventually encourage a more fast advancement of this market”. Susan Moyse, 2008 Document Scanning Forecast

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Introducing the Kodak Scan Station 500

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The KODAK Scan Station 500 …with a simple to-utilize, multipurpose sweep send arrangement that empowers clients to share paper archives over your current office system. You can convey a wide range of reports rapidly, wherever they’re needed…

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With The Kodak Scan Station 500…. It’s as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3 ! Output once – for all destinations Add discretionary Voice Attachment Share internationally – in seconds!

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Kodak Scan Station 500 Simultaneously! Send to network or desktop Send to email Send to printer Save to convenient USB drives Send to FTP areas Send a FAX Receive a FAX

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Scan Station 500 – Key Features All the same elements as the Kodak Scan Station 100 Plus, and … Improved paper taking care of, in light of the Kodak i1200 stage 20% Faster Throughput (30 ppm versus 25) Larger 8” 16:9 perspective proportion shading LCD 32% littler foot shaped impression Voice Attachment highlight for simple customized informing Ultrasonic Multi-sustain Detection Improved powerful modern outline A4 or A3 Flatbed scanner and material console accessible Internal FAX/Modem Content-based clear Page Removal Increased feeder limit – 75 page! Expanded obligation cycle - 1,500/day Whisper Quiet” operation

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Features Galore!! Stunning! Remote Configuration – Simplifies Maintenance Perfect Page – Eliminates need to sort reports Voice Attachment – records and sends your message in a WAV document Network Connectivity – No requirement for programming, links, PCs Capture Both Sides of Doc in a Single Pass – Scan archives quicker USB Port – Easy to make custom setups for clients Color, grayscale or Black and White Images – Scans records and photographs A3 and A4 Flatbed Accessory – Scan delicate and huge archives High determination touch screen Graphical User Interface – Simplifies client preparing Image sneak peak – positive affirmation that your archives were examined accurately Content based clear page evacuation – Eliminates post handling and report sorting LDAP Address lookup – Compatible with corporate email location books Transaction Logs – Track all utilization Scan Tasks – No requirement for clients to physically change settings Batch checking – Add Pages to Job – Scan a bigger number of pages than fit in the feeder FAST pressing so as to file – capacity to check a solitary catch File Naming – clients can name filtered records in a manner that sounds good to them On-screen console – Eliminates the requirement for outside consoles Tactile console extra – Users can pick the console that fits their work process Custom Email subject – Users can enter important email subject Custom Email addresses – can enter email addresses simply like at your workstation. Custom FAX numbers – Use it simply like a FAX machine Disable checking to blaze drive – Prevents touchy information from being taken off site User Authentication – Use standard Windows confirmation to permit access

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4 USB ports Input plate extender Cover discharge catch Input plate Side aides Power catch USB Port Stop catch Touch screen Output plate board Microphone Output plate extender Go catch Kodak Scan Station 500 – Quick Tour

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Refreshed GUI and Display Design New shading plan and expanded shine!

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Value Propositions, Customer Profile and Business Benefits

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Value Propositions End Users Intuitive and bother free approach to certainly send data electronically  â â â â  Robust and solid with best-in-class picture quality and pace  â â â â  User-accommodating interface with huge c o l o r touch screen and discretionary console  â â â â  Voice Attachment highlight to customize messages Program regular employment settings for efficient comfort IT/Office Managers/SMB Owners Improve profitability by disposing of the need to fax, mail and record paper reports      Shorten process duration and enhance income through moment exchange of advanced information Meet/conform to regulations (i.e. HIPPA) Easy to convey and can be overseen remotely      Minimal end client preparing obliged and insignificant requirement for nearby IT bolster      A suite of security elements intended to give genuine feelings of serenity

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Value Propositions Resellers Participate in the developing system scanner market with a best-in-class item Newly planned duplex system scanner with famous end client components assembled in Exceptional quality over contender offerings (HP, Fujitsu and Canon) Accessories offer extra income (console, A3 and A4 flatbed) The Scan Station 520EX (‘White Box’ variant) offers chance to offer client arrangements, possibly at higher edges ISVs The Scan Station 520EX permits ISVs to offer new checking booth arrangements customized for particular vertical markets Fulfill one of a kind client needs by banding together with a demonstrated industry pioneer

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Customer Profile

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Benefits for your Business Improve exchange time and income Walk-up simple, begin filtering and sending so as to impart to negligible preparing Improve work process time-discriminating data to numerous gatherings all the while Reduce expenses Leverage existing system printers/copiers and diminish higher per-page consumables connected with low-volume MFP’s Re-direct print employments to accessible system printers/copiers and wipe out holding up Eliminate duplicating, faxing, mailing and stockpiling accuses Comply of regulations Process reports quicker to meet administrative due dates HIPPA laws for therapeutic record privacy Provide obliged data before administrative due dates through electronic quests versus looking paper records

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Benefits for your Business: Provide for calamity recuperation Archive reports electronically utilizing your system envelope structure Rely on different or reinforcement off-site servers instead of gambling paper documents put away in a solitary area Save office space Replace file organizers with electronic document organizers - free up office space

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The Competition

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65 - 75% piece of the overall industry 7-10% piece of the pie HP 9250c Digital Sender US List: $3,100 Fujitsu fi-6010N US List: 2,995 Canon ScanFront 220 US List $1,999 5-9% piece of the pie Top Three Competitors * Kodak Scan Station 100/100 Plus has 5-9% piece of the overall industry

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Kodak Scan Station 500 –versus – HP 9250c Digital Sender

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Kodak Scan Station 500 –versus – Fujitsu 6010N Scanner

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Kodak Scan Station 500 –versus – Canon ScanFront 220

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Network Scanners versus Multi Function Printers (MFP’s)

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Kodak Scan Station Configurations

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Scan St

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